Monday, January 31, 2005

Fireball sighted near Madrid, Spain (January 2005) Posted by Hello

Friday, January 28, 2005

New promotional poster for Wild Smoke blues/rock band (based in Hamilton, Ontario) - (ignore dots between the w's) - January 2005 Posted by Hello

Now THIS is really scary! (Chicken soup being cooked in a hollowed-out pumpkin) Posted by Hello

Picture taken just outside St. Martin's, NB (1977) Posted by Hello

PEI (1977) Posted by Hello

Perce Rock, NB (1976) Posted by Hello

First morning in Moncton (no snow the night before) - 1975 Posted by Hello

"Moncton or Bust" (1974) Posted by Hello

Don Berryman - Bay of Fundy (1975) Posted by Hello

Phil Kott, Don Berryman and Paul Augustyn (of Powerhouse) Posted by Hello

Powerhouse's Paul Augustyn (wearing Frank Zappa T-Shirt) and Don Berryman on vocals - Harry's Roadhouse - Hamilton - 1988  Posted by Hello

Powerhouse (from left) - Dave Aldham, Phil Kott, Mitch DeVeto, Paul Augustyn, Don Berryman, Greg Smith and John Willett (1988)
 Posted by Hello

Powerhouse - 1988 Posted by Hello

Powerhouse brass section - Paul Augustyn on saxophone, Don Berryman on trombone and John Willett on trumpet (1988) Posted by Hello

Powerhouse (Don Berryman on trombone and John Willett on trumpet) (1988) Posted by Hello

Brass Union (John Hannah - drums, vocals (deceased, May 8, 1989), Terry Bramhall - bass, John Willett - trumpet, vocals, Bruce Lee - Hammond B3, vocals, Cliff Hunt - trumpet, vocals, Len Blum - lead guitar, vocals, Don Berryman - trombone, Darrell Nameth - alto & tenor sax, Bruce Wilson - rhythm guitar, vocals)
 Posted by Hello

Brass Union (1970) Posted by Hello

Hamilton's Brass Union (1969) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Banner for CHMR 93.5 FM - Campus radio station at Memorial University (MUN) in St. John's, Newfoundland ( Posted by Hello

Hamilton's Cartridge Family - 2004 Posted by Hello

Hamilton's Don Berryman purple-ized (playing with the Cartridge Family, a.k.a....) Posted by Hello

Don Berryman on mandolin - Kitchener - 2004 Posted by Hello

Don Berryman on acoustic bass guitar - Kitchener - 2004 Posted by Hello

Don Berryman @ Chateau de Burnt Hughson (Hamilton) Posted by Hello

Don Berryman (on his Red "Rolly"), now replaced by a Golden Roland. Posted by Hello