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Jan. 3 - 2-7 AM EST:

Featuring the music of G'Jai (of Detroit, MI), Gayle Ackroyd (of Guelph, ON), Sass Jordan (formerly of Montreal, QC), Rita Chiarelli (formerly of Hamilton, ON), Normann (of the Greater Ottawa Area, ON), Steve Goldberger (of Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON), Vince Halfhide & (the late) Larry "The Bird" Mootham (of Ottawa, ON), Raven [Humphres] of the Greater Seattle Area, Marshall Lawrence (of Edmonton, AB), and many more.

Jan. 17 - 2 AM EST:

Featuring a live interview and musical extravaganza from Ottawa musician Robert Farrell

Streaming live online at:

Happy 2011, everyone!


Monday, December 20, 2010



Programmed and Hosted by D.D. Rocker/Misty Blue 1955

HOUR 1 (2:00 – 3:00) – Cee Cee James – Station ID + Muddy Waters Theme Song
Blues Alliance (f. Doug Skoog & Laurie Johnson) – “It’s 2 AM”
Georgette Fry (Let Me Drive) – “Gifted Hands”
Burrito Deluxe (Disciples of the Truth) – “Wrong Side of Town”
John Pippus (This City) – “This City”
Harry Manx (Dog My Cat) – “Bring That Thing”
Ian Siegal (Swagger) – “Mortal Coil Shuffle”
Velvet Underground with Lou Reed (Velvet Underground Live) – “Heroin”
Chris Antonik (Chris Antonik) – “Almost Free”
Terry Blersh (Terry Blersh) – “Walkin’”
James Rogers (Red Light Party) – “Bull Jive”
James Rogers (Red Light Party) – “I Won’t Ever Come Home”

HOUR 2 (3:00-4:00)

James Rogers (Red Light Party) – “All Meant to Be”
Ann Rabson (Struttin’ My Stuff) – “Careless Boogie”
Lin Duffy (Lin Duffy) – “Call Me”
Mike Aiken (Mike Aiken) – “Jump Up”
Saint Mad (Waiting to Start) – “Not for a Long Time”
Saint Mad (Waiting to Start) – “Can’t Let Go”
Jamie Browning Band (Immoral of the Story) – “Come What May”
JP Riemens (Redneck Lullaby) – “Speed and Gasoline”
Exene Cervenka (Somewhere Gone) – “Sound of Coming Down”
Greg Zlap (w/Ian Siegal) (Road Movie(s)) – “Now I Am the Blues”
Guitar Shorty (Watch Your Back) – “A Little Less Conversation”
Mark Riley (Confessions of a Madman) – “Sing the Blues”
The Steph Pappas Experience (Not on the Map)
– “Got the Feeling to Take to the Highway”
Steph Pappas Experience (Not on the Map) – “The Lombard Street Rendition”
The Steph Pappas Experience (Not on the Map) – “Trouble Trouble”

HOUR 3 (4:00-5:00)

Riot & His Rhythm Devils (Riot & His Rhythm Devils) – “Finding the Blues”
Riot & His R. Devils (Riot & His Rhythm Devils) – “I’ll Make It Somehow”
Roy Orbison (The Last Concert) – “Mean Woman Blues”
The Jays (The Jays) – “Keys to the Highway”
Terry Gillespie (Big Money) – “Big Money”
Denis Parker (Snowman Blues) – “All I Want is to Travel”
Denis Parker (Snowman Blues) – “I Done Got Over It”
Denis Parker (Snowman Blues) – “Snowman Blues”
Murray McLauchlan (Best of: Songs from…) – “Down by The Henry Moore”
Robin Rogers (Treat Me Right) – “Drunkards Alley”
Robin Rogers (Treat Me Right) – “Moan”
Robin Rogers (Treat Me Right) – “Dark Love”
Robin Rogers (Treat Me Right) – “Ain’t No Use”
Mark Riley (Confessions of a Madman) – “Steel Blues”

HOUR 4 (5:00-6:00)

Guy Del Villano [indie mp3, from “Making Necrophiliac”] – “Bad Actor Blues”
Guy Del Villano [indie mp3, from “Making Necrophiliac”] – “Desiree’s Song”
Ray Materick (Hamilton Hometown Christmas) – “Santa’s Lament”
Sonny Del-Rio (Hamilton Hometown Christmas) – “The Christmas Song”
Ron Sexsmith (A Niagara Falls Christmas Tapestry) – “I Heard the Bells”
Madhatters and Saint Michael Celestial Singers (A Niagara Falls Christmas Tapestry)
– “O Holy Night”
Rick Richardson (w/Stevie Skreebs & Greg Fraser of Brighton Rock)
(A Niagara Falls Christmas Tapestry) – “Greensleeves”
Razorbacks (w/Dave Wanless of Svengali) (A Niagara Falls Christmas Tapestry)
– “We Three Kings”
Treblaires (A Niagara Falls Christmas Tapestry) – “Holly and the Ivy”
The Caverners (A Niagara Falls Christmas Tapestry) – “Frosty the Snowman”
Moe V. (A Niagara Falls Christmas Tapestry) – “Jingle Bell Rock”
The Ants (A Niagara Falls Christmas Tapestry) – “Deck the Halls”
Jerome Godboo (Humdinger) – “Wounded Healer”
Jerome Godboo (Rooting Out My Devils) – “7th Day”
Jerome Godboo (Humdinger) – “Xmas Storm”


HOUR 5 (6:00-7:00)

Triumph (Just a Game) – “Suitcase Blues”
Matt Andersen (Spirit of Christmas) – “The Lonely Shepherd”
Matt Andersen (Spirit of Christmas) – “Little Toy Trains”
Matt Andersen (Spirit of Christmas) – “Hobo Christmas Train”
Matt Andersen (Spirit of Christmas) – “Country Christmas Blues”
Marty Grebb (Luna Chica Christmas) – “The Very Best Christmas”
Jesse & Noah Bellamy (Luna Chica Christmas) – “I Want Texas for Christmas”
RJ Moneypenney [1617 Virtual Christmas] – “Reason for the Season”
RJ Moneypenney [1617 Virtual Christmas] – “Two Thousand Years Ago”
Audra Raulyns (Audra Raulyns) – “Santa Baby”
The Sidecats [Indie mp3] – “Santa’s Back”
The Sidecats (Makin’ Tracks) – “Cow Cat”
The Sidecats (Makin’ Tracks) – “Bean Me Up”
Big Chill (A Chill in the Air) – “Wine”
John Mayall (Back to the Roots) – “Goodbye December”


Well, I got my manuscript "evaluated" and have, again, been admonished because: produce a great autobiography, one must tell their story the way Hollywood tells it. With flare. With drama. With excitement. With suspense. Personal stories are not merely sequences of events; they have an overall form, which requires [quoting Aristotle] ...a beginning, a middle, and an end. (And not necessarily in that order!)

An autobiography, by definition, is a story that narrates the course of the author's life, so how can there truly be an "end" until the author is dead? And how can the author write about the end of their life if they are dead?

A memoir, on the other hand, only relates a portion of the author's history. Beginning the story with my birth (and that of my twin brother) was essential to give the reader a brief introduction to my personal family background and logically follows my development into womanhood. Since I'm still alive and kicking, I had to "end" the book somewhere; otherwise, it would never be finished.

The evaluator bourgeoisly prefers the modern, cookie-cutter "flashback" method of relating a tale, and goes on to state:

Perhaps if the author had started at the end. Showed herself to be a sane and thriving person [who, me??] and then went back through how she got to where she is today [struggling to hold an English-only job in a bilingual wasteland, wasting countless hours volunteering to play wannabe-DJ, and still taking abuse, now from a total stranger] it might be more palatable.

The evaluator also expresses disappointment that there is very little humour. How funny is it to have your life threatened, to be raped, assaulted, stalked to the point of arson, repeatedly financially abused, and then ultimately cast into an apparently permanent state of depression and paranoia, even after several decades have passed?

Believe me, I have tried, with relentless effort, to "get over it" and get on with my "pursuit of happiness". The fact that I am still alive to tell the tale is proof in itself. The fact that I have not yet succeeded in these efforts only reinforces why the story needs to be told. Because it's not just mine; it can be claimed by any and every person (but particularly women) who has ever suffered from abuse, violence, or even simply a lack of respect as a human being.

Eventually I will find someone in the publishing industry who understands how it's not only possible but common for an abused person to be stripped of any emotion other than a lingering but silent rage (but not much sense of drama or excitement, the initial instigator).


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We'll rock your socks off!


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Upcoming show will feature West Coast blues - memorial nods to the late Dave Conant and the late Isaac Scott, and spotlights on Nick Vigarino, Becki Sue & her Big Rockin' Daddies!, Alice Stuart & The Formerlys, and Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce. Additional features on Aerosmith, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Hamilton's Powerhouse (a.k.a. Chicago Transit), Toronto's David Rotundo, Jaggedy Ann of Las Vegas, NV, and many more rock & blues.