Saturday, February 25, 2012


Programmed and hosted by D.D. Rocker/Misty Blue 1955

HOUR 1 (2:00-3:00)

1) Teenage Head (Frantic City) – “Let’s Shake (New Version)” (2:51)

2) Teenage Head (Frantic City) – “Those Things You Do” (3:05)

3) The Dave Rave Group (Everyday Magic) – “Help Me Please” (2:53)

4) Dave Rave (Live with What You Know) – “Rain Song” (2:47)

5) Dave Rave (Live with What You Know) – “Strawberry Wine” (2:42)

6) Dave Rave (Good Sponge Sampler, Vol. 1) – “Looking Out My Front Door” (2:48)

7) Kim Deschamps (Take Me Away) – “For the Moment” (4:15)

8) Gary Kendall (w/ Suzie Vinnick) (Dusty & Pearl) – “We’ll Be Allright” (2:37)

9) Gary Kendall (Dusty & Pearl) – “All Dressed Up” (3:02)

10) The Kat Kings (The Winning Hand) – “Got Some Dough” (2:27)

11) Downchild (Come On In) – “Droppin’ Like Flies” (5:45)

12) Downchild (w/ Peter Jeffrey and Pentti Glan) (Come On In) – “Now You’re Hooked” (4:52)

13) Downchild (w/ David Gogo and Peter Jeffrey) (Come On In) – “How Long” (6:18)

14) Downchild (w/ Jeff Healey and P. Jeffrey) (Come On In) – “Don’t Leave It Too Long” (4:01)

15) James Cotton (Giant) – “With the Quickness” (2:34)

16) David Rotundo and the Blue Canadians (Blowin’ for Broke) – “Butt Bustin’ Boogie” (2:24)

HOUR 2 (3:00-4:00)

1) Carlos Del Junco (Mongrel Mash) – “Li’l Laptop” (6:58)

2) Biscuit Miller (Blues with a Smile) – “Walk with You, Babe” (4:12)

3) Mulholland Drive (Mulholland Drive) – “Working Man’s Blues” (3:03)

4) Robert Farrell (Heretic) – “Heretic” (3:13)

5) John Cipollina (Raven) – “The Truth” (4:02)

6) Walter Trout (Deep Trout) – “Put It Right Back” (6:05)

7) Albert Castiglia (Keepin’ On) – “Cadillac Assembly Line” (5:01)

8) Sean Chambers (Long Island Blues Warehouse) – “Danger Zone” (3:23)

9) Johnny Blood (Love Me or Die) – “Who Put the Boogie in the Beat?” (5:02)

10) Anni Piper (Chasin’ Tail) – “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” (7:15)

11) Philip Sayce (Steamroller) – “Steamroller” (3:17)

12) Todd Wolfe (Stripped Down at Bang Palace) – “Mississippi Queen” (3:44)

HOUR 3 (4:00-5:00)

1) The Possibles (The Possibles EP) – “Blooming” (3:46)

2) Sidney York (Apocalyptic Radio Cynic) – “Mile High Love” (3:35)

3) JOANovARC (JOANovARC) – “Work” (3:18)

4) Dirty Names (Sweat Box) – “On Again Off Again” (3:29)

5) The Bangles (Sweetheart of the Sun) – “Anna Lee” (3:31)

6) Pat Savage (Wind and Fire) – “I Got to Ride” (3:45)

7) Michael Thomas Band (Future Past) – “End Game” (4:44)

8) Bryon Tosoff [indie mp3] – “The Last Laugh” (3:06)

9) Teddy Presberg (Apocalypse Yesterday) – “El Fin” (2:55)

10) The Gemini Ritual (Heroin) – “Found a New Way” (4:29)

11) Primal Rock Rebellion (Awoken Broken) – “I See Lights” (4:59)

12) Jimmy Bowskill (Jimmy Bowskill Live) – “Walk in My Shadows” (3:12)

13) Brock Zeman (Me Then You) – “Season of Sleep” (3:38)

14) Richie Sambora (Stranger in This Town) – “One Light Burning” (5:51)

HOUR 4 (5:00-6:00) – SHE SAID, HE SAID

1) Big Mama Thornton (Sassy Mama) – “Sassy Mama” (4:33)

2) Nick Moss (Here I Am) – “Candy Nation” (4:50)

3) Koko Taylor (Old School) – “Money Is the Name of the Game” (6:48)

4) Clarence Gatemouth Brown (Timeless) – “For Now So Long” (5:50)

5) Sue Foley (Ten Days in November) – “Long Way to Go” (5:59)

6) Arsen Shomakhov (On the Move) – “When I Get Drunk” (4:25)

7) Nicole Hart (Treasure) – “Treasure” (5:50)

8) Rusty Zinn (The Chill) – “Ladies Choice” (5:24)

9) Joss Stone (Mind, Body and Soul) – “Right to be Wrong” (4:40)

10) Goddo (12 Gauge Goddo: Blasts from the Past) – “Quicksand” (4:29)

D.D.’s Blues Notes


1) Chris Adams (Intimacy) – “Under the Shadows” (3:03)

2) Chris Adams (Intimacy) – “Intimacy” (3:33)

3) Chris Adams (Intimacy) – “Piano” (4:56)

4) Chris Adams (w/ Bob Keeton) (Intimacy) – “Dust in the Wind” (4:03)

5) Chris Adams (Under the Northern Lights) – “The Lights” (1:24)

6) Chris Adams (Intimacy) – “From Spain with Love” (3:20)

7) Chico Schwall [indie mp3] – “Howlin’ Blues” (2:41)

8) Chantel McGregor (Like No Other) – “Cat Song” (2:16)

9) Heaven’s Radio (Rendez-vous – Active) – “Theme” (2:33)


Sunday, February 19, 2012


Programmed and hosted by D.D. Rocker/Misty Blue 1955

HOUR 1 (2:00-3:00)

Toni Childs (Live in Sydney, 2011) – “Death” (5:11) (dedicated to Amy, Etta, Whitney)

Leahy (Lakefield) – “A Love Never Known” (4:14)

Suzie Vinnick (Me 'n' Mabel) – “Sometimes I Think I Can Fly” (4:40)

Blue Hoo (In Dog Years) – “Black Water” (3:43)

Rita Chiarelli (Music from the Big House) – “These Four Walls” (4:30)

Anne McCue (Broken Promise Land) – “Ol Black Sky” (5:23)

The Sue Orfield Band (Bonk!) – “Hang On” (5:17)

Marianne Faithfull (Broken English) – “Brain Drain” (4:16)

Miss Angel and the Homewreckers (Blues in the Alley) – “Fever” (4:31)

Alice Stuart and the Formerlys (Freedom) – “Everyone Knows” (4:01)

Kat Maslich-Bode (The Road of 6 EP) – “Sky Falls” (3:58)

Cee Cee James [indie mp3] – “Someday I'll Be Going Home” (6:44)

HOUR 2 (3:00-4:00)

Ndidi Onukwulu (No, I Never) – “Water” (3:04)

Beverly McClellan (Fear Nothing) – “Lyin’ To” (4:38)

Kirsten Thien (Delicious) – “Taxi Love” (4:51)

Sarah Melody [indie mp3] – “Tell Me Forever” (4:13)

Thread (In My Dreams) – “Suggestion Box” (3:49)

Gena Perala (This Ain’t Pretty) – “American Way” (4:28)

Anne Castellano & Hugh Birdsall (Good Sponge Sampler, Vol. 1) – “Every Time You Cry” (2:41)

Lauren Agnelli (Good Sponge Sampler, Vol. 1) – “Love Wears a Crown” (3:11)

Nancy Parent (Good Sponge Sampler, Vol. 1) – “Memo” (2:20)

Camryn Wessner (Temporary) – “Polaroid” (3:50)

Amanda Rheaume (Light of Another Day) – “Let Yourself Breathe” (4:20)

Cheryl Casselman (Any Road North) – “Sit Back Relax” (2:13)

The Sue Menhart Band (Good Sponge Sampler, Vol. 1) – “18 Again” (4:23)

Kristin Faulconer (f. Ray Herrera from Fear Factory) (Phoenix) – “Slow Down” (3:34)

HOUR 3 (4:00-5:00)

JoanovArc [indie mp3] – “Say Sayonara” (3:34)

Dream Aria [indie mp3] – “Abstract Relations” (3:34)

10” [Ten Inch] Maria (All Girl All the Time) – “2 Wheels are Better” (3:50)

Ash Riot (This Time I’ll Forgive You…Again) – “Glamour Glamour” (3:02)

Sedrick (Birthday) – “Rather” (1:48)

Alien Surfers Babes (Alien Surfer Babes) – “Jesus vs. Godzilla” (4:50)

The Human Value (Push and Pull) – “Spite” (3:03)

Claudia (Claudia) – “I Can Be” (4:20)

Versailles (Sacrifice) – “Take My Life” (4:20)

Issa (The Storm) – “Black Clouds” (6:14)

Iva “Dragonfly” Gluhak [indie mp3] – “I Don’t Wanna Be” (3:38)

El Fuego [indie mp3] – “Break You” (4:29)

Uncles Kadilac (UK High Baby!) – “Knock Out” (4:01)

Zabeth Dkos (Unsigned Undefined Unapologetic) – “Sunday Love” (4:03)

HOUR 4 (5:00-6:00)

Shakura S’Aida (Brown Sugar) – “Sweet Spot” (3:00)

Stacy Jones Band (Long Time Comin’) – “Whatcha Gonna Do” (3:02)

Summer and the Sinners (Boogie with the Devil) – “Big Town Playboy” (3:56)

Little Sista (Revolution) – “Buttercup” (2:55)

Treasa Levasseur (w/ Wroxton All-Stars) (Broad) – “We Should Dance” (3:41)

(Ben and Ken Whiteley, Bucky Berger, Sean Cotton, Amoy & Ciceal Levy)

Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa (Don’t Explain) – “Chocolate Jesus” (2:40)

Sunday Wilde (What Man? Oh, THAT Man!) – “Show Me a Man” (3:29)

Angel and the Bad Boys (Second Hand Blues) – “Turtle Blues” (4:46)

Hip Shakin Mama & The Leg Men (Reclaim Your Land) – “Funkalicious Sugar Blue” (5:13)

Kathi McDonald & Rich Kirch (Nothin’ but Trouble) – “Trouble” (5:17)

Polly O’Keary and Rhythm Method (Gather ’Round) – “The Loudest Thing” (8:31)

Cowboy Junkies (The Trinity Session Revisited) – “Working on a Building” (6:39)

D.D.’s Blues Notes

HOUR 5 (6:00-7:00)

Beyond the Bridge (The Old Man and the Spirit) – “World of Wonders” (5:11)

Amanda Bloom (The History of Things to Come) – “The History of Things to Come” (8:06)

Trillium (Alloy) – “Slow It Down” (4:43)

Kathleen Edwards (Voyageur) – “A Soft Place to Land” (4:26)

Nadine Stern (Nadine Stern) – “To Have Loved and Lost You” (2:46)

Meaghan Blanchard (Chasin’ Lonely Again) – “Gotta Let” (6:37)

Chris Ayries (Momentum) – “The Calling” (4:27)

Good Lovelies (Let the Rain Fall) – “Mrs. T.” (3:58)

Christine Havrilla (In My Chair) – “Take Another Look” (4:26)

Back Door Slam (I’ll Get Mine) – “No Expectations” (3:39)

Stephen Fearing (That's How I Walk) – “Meghan Hayden's” (1:05)

Heaven's Radio (Rendez-Vous - Active) – "Theme" (2:33)



Who Is This Guy and What Does He Want?

Hey there... my name is JW-Jones. I am from Ottawa, Canada, and my band is excited to be releasing our 7th CD, called SEVENTH HOUR. Mmmm... has a nice ring to it, eh? We've toured 17 countries and 4 continents, and through our travels we've made some cool friends.

Dan Aykroyd calls us "an amazing blues band", wrote the liner notes for one of our CDs, and even intros our promo video -


50% of ALL donations go to CYSTIC FIBROSIS -- Plus you receive PERKS!

I have personal friends battling this fatal disease and have been involved with fund-raising through Ottawa events such as the Ottawa Senators 65 Roses Gala, golf tournaments, and the Great Strides Walk for CF.

[This is an opportunity to support this young artist, and also give to charity at the same time, split 50/50. For those of you that are interested in supporting CF directly, and not through this campaign for JW-Jones, please visit]

Real music requires your support! In a time where so much has gone to the digital world, we're playing real grooves through tube-amps and Hammond organs to keep everything right in the music world. We've been playing blues, rock'n'roll, and swing for over a decade. Though we're slowly moving up the food chain, we can't do it without your help.

We're looking to raise a total of $6,000 (don't forget, half goes to Cystic Fibrosis) to cover the costs of manufacturing and shipping of promo CDs to radio, television, venues, and blues societies that will help us create a buzz about this wicked project. It's not cheap to get the CD into the hands of each contact, but it's important! They are the people that make it possible for us to continue writing, recording, and playing live music... and we like making music... to entertaining good folks like you!

The best part about Indie GoGo is that no pledge goes unrewarded! On the right-hand side of the screen - - you will notice a list of "perks" that we will offer in return for pledging your support.

We hope to reach our goal... so please read over all of the info, check out our photos and videos, and feel free to comment on whatever you feel is worthy while you're at it!

Other Ways You Can Help

One of the best things that you can do to help us reach this goal is to spread the word to as many people as possible! In this fancy modern age, word of mouth is the best messenger - so please pass this along through Facebook, Twitter, etc. We can make this happen!



Canada's Top Touring Bluesman, JW-Jones, is moving up with a boundary-breaking CD.

On his 7th release, aptly titled Seventh Hour, Jones has teamed up with multi-Juno award-winning artist/producer, Steve Dawson, to mix the album.

Previous releases have featured legendary guests Hubert Sumlin (Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters) and David "Fathead" Newman (Ray Charles); heavy-hitters Kim Wilson (Fabulous Thunderbirds) and Charlie Musselwhite; two of the most innovative guitarists of our time, Little Charlie Baty and Junior Watson; and Canadian billboard favorite Colin James. Jones has cut records from Hollywood to Sun Studios in Memphis.

Guitar World magazine featured a CD called Guitar Masters Vol. 2 that put Jones alongside guitar stars B.B. King, Jimmy Page, and Carlos Santana, among others, and he recently landed an endorsement deal with Gibson guitars.

After performing in 17 countries, 4 continents, and releasing 6 critically acclaimed discs, it's time for a change. No famous guests. No fancy studios. This is JW-Jones and his band doing what they do best - right at home, recorded in J-Dub's living room by his go-to engineer for the last decade, Jason Jaknunas. Tracked on a crisp fall weekend, this cool release is sure to stir up some discussion about where his music is going, as he soars in a vibrant new direction.

Shattering visual boundaries is also an integral part of this project. Art director and commercial photographer Mitch Lenet (Panasonic, Subaru, Bell) has developed a concept for this package with cutting edge-technology that is guaranteed to turn heads in the music and fashion world. Cyrus Hogg brings it all to life with the graphic design.

While keeping one foot firmly planted in the roots he came from, Jones believes that appealing to a younger audience is the most important way to ensure the evolution of blues-based music.

And without further adieu, here it is folks... 'Seventh Hour'. Play it loud.


Saturday, February 11, 2012


HOUR 1 (2:00-3:00)

1) Trickbag (Tricknology) – “Heart of the City” (4:52)

2) Trickbag (Tricknology) – “Friends on Friday” (4:12)

3) Trickbag (Trickbag) – “Get It While It’s Hot” (4:07)

4) Crowbar (Bad Manors – Golden Hits, Vol. 1) – “House of Blue Lights” (2:48)

5) Crowbar (Larger than Life (and Live’r than You’ve Ever Been))

– “Oh, What a Feeling/Power to the People” (9:28)

6) King Biscuit Boy (with Crowbar) (Official Music) – “Cookin’ Little Baby” (2:42)

7) King Biscuit Boy (with Crowbar) (Official Music) – “Don’t Go No Further” (3:48)

8) J.B. Ritchie (Power Blues) – “You Don’t Gotta” (4:47)

9) J.B. Ritchie (Power Blues) – “Nervous Breakdown” (4:38)

10) J.B. Ritchie (Power Blues) – “Trouble No More” (4:16)

11) Scott Bradbury (Callin’ All Blues) – “Don’t Turn Your Back on the Blues” (2:58)

12) Scott Bradbury (Callin’ All Blues) – “Callin’ All Blues” (2:41)

13) Scott Bradbury (Calling All Blues) – “Light Fuse Get Away” (2:49)

HOUR 2 (3:00-4:00)

1) Second Sight (Misery) – “Fumier” (3:30)

2) Johnny Blood (Love Me or Die) – “Cashasa” (4:35)

3) Long John Hunter (One Foot in Texas) – “In Love with a Stranger” (3:45)

4) Scott Holt (Dark of the Night) – “Dark of the Night” (4:01)

5) Second Sight (Misery) – “Blue Rainbow” (6:03)

6) Bryant Carter (Bryant C Project) – “Hey Joe” (6:15)

7) Terry Hanck (I Keep on Holdin’ On) – “I Keep on Holdin’ On” (4:04)

8) Chicago Kingsnakes (Blues for Kids’ Sake) – “Blues Island” (5:38)

9) Lightning Hopkins (Nothin’ But the Blues) – “Nothin’ But the Blues” (2:22)

10) Brian Gauci (Guitar Romp) – “The Backstroke” (5:30)

11) Too Slim & The Taildraggers (Shiver) – “Bucerius” (4:31)

12) Big Daddy Blues (Big Daddy Blues) – “Midnight” (5:23)

HOUR 3 (4:00-5:00)

1) The 88 (This Must Be Love) – “After All” (3:22)

2) Sunstorm (Emotional Fire) – “Lay Down Your Arms” (3:56)

3) Cutting Edge Band (Cutting Edge Goes Back to College) – “She Wore Red” (6:42)

4) Reynaud’s Phenomenon (They Know We’re Coming) – “They Know We’re Coming” (4:37)

5) Nine Below Zero (This Is the Blues, Vol. 2) – “Nine Below Zero” (3:58)

6) Wicked Grin (Down to the Corner) – “Boom Boom” (5:34)

7) Johnny Sansone (Crescent City Moon) – “Give Me a Dollar” (3:07)

8) Jack Bruce/Dick Heckstall-Smith/Clem Clempson/Ronnie Leahy/Neal Wilkonson

(This Is the Blues, Vol. 2) – “Send for Me” (3:30)

9) Mud Dog (SUN) – “Stop the Show” (3:28)

10) Mr. Big (Live from the Living Room) – “Still Ain’t Enough for Me” (3:33)

11) Mr. Big (Live from the Living Room) – “Voodoo Kiss” (4:22)

12) Jimmy George (Hotel Motel) – “Superindividual” (4:14)

13) Jimmy George (Hotel Motel) – “Token Celtic Drinking Song” (2:25)

HOUR 4 (5:00-6:00)

1) The Howlers (Into Something) – “Don’t Be Messin with My Bread” (4:19)

2) Rick Holmstrom (Late in the Night) – “On the Vine” (3:28)

3) Ray Harris (Poorly Kept Secrets) – “Thunderbird” (3:53)

4) Ray Harris (Poorly Kept Secrets) – “Devil’s Advocate” (4:15)

5) Murray McLauchlan (Greatest Hits) – “Honky Red” (4:28)

6) Shirlena Johnson [indie mp3] – “Break 6 Chains” (3:48)

7) Catherine Taddo (Under Your Hood) – “Watch It Flow” (3:30)

8) Mark Hummell (Ain’t Easy No More) – “Big Easy (Ain’t Easy No More)” (4:12)

9) Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo (Walk Thru the Fire) – “Too Hot to Handle” (3:45)

10) Tony D Band (Jook Joint) – “Fat City Blues” (6:48)

11) John Hiatt (Crossing Muddy Waters) – “Crossing Muddy Waters” (4:05)

12) Ray Bonneville (Bad Man’s Blood) – “Good Times” (3:57)

13) David Francey (Waking Hour) – “Waking Hour” (3:28)

D.D.’s Blues Notes

HOUR 5 (6:00-7:00)

1) Odetta (Looking for a Home – Thanks to Leadbelly) – “Bourgeois Blues” (4:34)

2) Bonnie Raitt (Silver Lining) – “Gnawin’ on It” (4:45)

3) Bonnie Raitt (Silver Lining) – “Monkey Business” (3:35)

4) Bonnie Raitt (Luck of the Draw) – “Slow Ride” (3:59)

5) Bonnie Raitt (Luck of the Draw) – “I Can’t Make You Love Me” (5:33)

6) Etta James (Love’s Been Rough on Me) – “Love’s Been Rough on Me” (3:10)

7) Etta James (Love’s Been Rough on Me) – “The Rock” (3:34)

8) Etta James (Love’s Been Rough on Me) – “Cry like a Rainy Day” (5:21)

9) Etta James (Love’s Been Rough on Me) – “Love It or Leave It Alone” (5:29)

10) Georgia Gryhmes (Clouds Clear to Sun EP) – “Whatever!” (4:51)

11) Joan Osborne (Early Recordings) – “Get Up Jack” (4:21)


Wednesday, February 08, 2012



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 7, 2012

CONTACT: Bill Giardini:
p.o. box 60234
chicago, illinois 60660
773-973-7736/773-973-2088 (fax)


"Clenched-fist blues passion, searing guitar and powerful, soulful vocals." -The Washington Post

Award-winning guitar slinger, passionate vocalist and gifted songwriter Joe Louis Walker, currently celebrating the release of his Alligator Records debut, HELLFIRE, will perform at Peter's Players in Gravenhurst on Saturday, March 17, 2012.

The Wall Street Journal celebrates HELLFIRE's "appealing immediacy" and says, "Walker's raspy, powerhouse voice is out front while his stinging guitar cuts through the uncluttered arrangements."

Walker has been releasing groundbreaking music since 1986 and has toured -- and continues to tour -- worldwide. He has won four Blues Music Awards (BMA) and has been nominated for 44 more, including a nomination for a 2012 BMA for Contemporary Blues Male Artist Of The Year. Walker's also recorded as a guest with some of the blues world's best-known artists, including appearances on Grammy-winning records by B.B. King and James Cotton.

The New York Times raves, "Walker is a singer with a Cadillac of a voice. He delivers no-nonsense, gutsy blues. His guitar solos are fast, wiry and incisive, moaning with bluesy despair." Rolling Stone simply calls him "ferocious."

Concert information is as follows:

Date: Saturday, March 17, 2012
Venue: Peter's Players
Address: 830 Muskoka Rd. South
City: Gravenhurst, ON, Canada
Phone: 705-687-2117
Showtime: 8:00pm
Ticket price: $85

HELLFIRE was produced by songwriter/drummer Tom Hambridge (producer of Buddy Guy's two most recent Grammy-winning CDs, Skin Deep and Living Proof). Walker, who wrote or co-wrote seven of the CD's eleven tracks, says it's the hardest rocking and most deeply soulful album of his career. His blistering blues guitar playing and gospel-tinged vocals effortlessly blend throughout the album.

Joe Louis Walker was born in San Francisco on Christmas Day of 1949. His parents were both from the South and they brought their love of blues with them when they headed west. Joe's dad played blues piano, and his mom played B.B. King records. Walker picked up the guitar as a child, and by the time he was 16 was regularly backing touring blues artists rolling through town. San Francisco's music scene was quickly becoming a melting pot of blues, jazz and psychedelic rock, and Walker was right in the center of it.

As a 16-year-old,Walker was the house guitarist at San Francisco's famed musical playground, The Matrix, where he played with or opened shows for everyone from Lightnin' Hopkins to Jimi Hendrix to Thelonious Monk. He was also a regular at The Fillmore West. The blues legends Walker accompanied shared not only musical knowledge but also their personal wisdom with the teenage up-and-comer. Fred McDowell, Ike Turner, Albert King, Freddy King, Robert Jr. Lockwood, Lightnin' Hopkins and many others taught, fed, and chastised the youngster. Inspired by what he learned, Walker developed his own fiery, melodic, and always unpredictable guitar attack.

Walker met guitarist Michael Bloomfield in 1968 and the two became fast friends. Bloomfield helped push Walker's blues in a more rock-fueled direction, and he became the single biggest influence on Walker's sound. The two shared an apartment for years and remained close friends until Bloomfield's death in 1981. From 1975 to 1985, Walker performed nothing but gospel music, playing and singing as a member of The Spiritual Corinthians. In 1986, after Walker returned to playing the blues, Hightone Records released his debut CD, Cold Is The Night. Firmly rooted in blues, gospel, R&B and rock, the album caught the attention of music fans around the country.

With each subsequent release, Walker's audience continues to grow, as his touring schedule continues to expand. He's played major European festivals, including Northsea Jazz Festival, Glastonbury, Notodden and Montreux, as well as festivals in Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Ireland, Turkey and Brazil. He's appeared on national television, with performances on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, The Don Imus Show and Later With Jools Holland in the UK.

Fans and critics have been celebrating Walker for years. Blues Revue calls Walker "one of contemporary blues' most dynamic and innovative musicians, releasing consistently exciting music. No matter what he's singing, Walker's approach is soulful, heartfelt and spellbinding." Living Blues says, "His fretwork is indelibly stamped with his own trademark blend of emotional heat and impeccable precision -- even at his most flamboyant, Walker sounds as if he's playing ideas, not just notes."

Please contact Bill Giardini at for interviews, photos or additional biographical information.


Monday, February 06, 2012




How Doctors pick Anticonvulsant Medications & Co-Morbidities in Epilepsy

Speaker: Dr. Erick Sell - Neurologist

Date: Monday, February 6th, 2012

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Bronson Centre, 211 Bronson Ave.

Please check white notice board in main foyer on the left when you come in, for actual room #.

Feel Free to bring family members & friends as well!

We hope you are able to attend!

For more information contact the Epilepsy Ottawa-Carleton office at 613-594-9255,




Saturday, February 04, 2012


Programmed and hosted by D.D. Rocker/Misty Blue 1955

HOUR 1 (2:00-3:00)

1) Bill King (Soul of a Man) – “Soul of a Man” (3:42)

2) Bill Bourne and the Free Radio Band (Bluesland) – “Daily Bread” (6:05)

3) Bill Mumy (Until the Big Bang Whimpers) – “Real Good Thing” (4:16)

4) Bill Mumy (Until the Big Bang Whimpers) – “Wrestling with Survival” (3:10)

5) Bill Mumy (Until the Big Bang Whimpers) – “I Know the Way to Love You” (3:38)

6) Bill Mumy (Until the Big Bang Whimpers) – “Until the Big Bang Whimpers” (2:57)

7) The Dave Getz Breakaway (Can’t Be the Only One) – “Heavning” (4:01) (instr.)

8) The Dave Getz Breakaway (w/ Kathi McDonald, Andra Mitrovich and

Sonny Walker) (Can’t Be the Only One) – “Can’t Be the Only One” (4:18)

9) The Dave Getz Breakaway (w/ Kathi McDonald) (Can’t Be the Only One)

– “House on Fire” (4:15)

10) The Dave Getz Breakaway (w/ Lynn Asher and Amber Morris)

(Can’t Be the Only One) – “Waiting for You” (5:03)

11) Beverly McClellan (Fear Nothing) – “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” (4:33)

12) Beverly McClellan (f. Keb Mo) (Fear Nothing) – “Love Will Find a Way Out” (3:54)

13) Beverly McClellan (Fear Nothing) – “Can’t Hide Me” (3:48)

HOUR 2 (3:00-4:00)

1) Hound Dog Taylor (Alligator’s 40th Anniversary Collection) – “She’s Gone” (4:19)

2) Ratcliff Bailey (Appalachiaphobia) – “Sacrificial Lamb” (3:41)

3) Ratcliff Bailey (Appalachiaphobia) – “Back Into Memphis” (3:25)

4) Ratcliff Bailey [indie mp3] – “One More Mile” (3:44)

5) Rich and the Poor Boys (Small Change) – “Shake Your Money Maker” (2:42)

6) Erth Juce (Get Wet) – “Self-Made Man” (5:10)

7) Chris Murphy (Hotwired) – “Hold It Right There” (4:23)

8) Sugar Blue (Blue Blazes) – “I Ain’t Got You” (2:39)

9) Bobby Chouinard, Ray Gomez, Even Steven Levee, Troy Turner

(This Is the Blues, Vol. 4) – “Lazy Poker Blues” (2:50)

10) Dirty Names (Sweat Box) – “Puppy Love” (2:25)

11) Dirty Names (Sweat Box) – “Cadillac (She Moves)” (3:44)

12) Peter Karp (Shadows and Cracks) – “Goodbye Baby” (2:47)

13) Joe Louis Walker (Hellfire) – “Movin’ On” (4:36)

14) Deb Seitz (Blues for Kids’ Sake) – “Rock Me Right” (4:10)

15) Big Dog Mercer (Blues for Kids’ Sake) – “Alabama Wildman” (2:43)

16) Jim Allchin (Overclocked) – “Overclocked” (3:05)

HOUR 3 (4:00-5:00)

1) Negus (Dare to Dream) – “Dare to Dream” (4:33)

2) Goddo (12 Gauge – Blasts from the Past) – “Tough Times” (2:18)

3) Goddo (12 Gauge – Blasts from the Past) – “There Goes My Baby” (4:33)

4) Michael Thompson Band (Future Past) – “Gypsy Road” (4:45)

5) Mollo-Martin (Third Cage) – “Can’t Stay Here” (4:09)

6) Hippie Campfire (Chasing Shiny Objects) – “Spanking the Monkey” (4:45)

7) The Possibles (The Possibles EP) – “Barricade” (3:43)

8) Muffler Crunch (Arc Welder) – “Sea of Chaos” (3:39)

9) Soul in Stone (Soul in Stone EP) – “Hold on Tight” (2:43)

10) Nadine Stern (Nadine Stern) – “You Rule Me” (2:07)

11) Sebastian Bach (Kicking and Screaming) – “Kicking and Screaming” (3:18)

12) Sister Hyde (Sister Hyde) – “The Movers and the Shakers” (4:20)

13) Sister Hyde (Sister Hyde) – “Isolate” (3:03)

14) Sister Hyde (Sister Hyde) – “Corporate Guru” (2:50)

15) Royal Hunt (Show Me How to Live) – “An Empty Shell” (4:35)

HOUR 4 (5:00-6:00)

1) Chris Adams (House of Dreams) – “Serenity” (3:12) (instr.)

2) Jamie Willard (Pure of Heart) – “Pure of Heart” (5:37) (instr.)

3) Yes (f. Steve Howe) (Fly from Here) – “Solitaire (Solo Acoustic)” (3:30) (instr.)

4) Stephen Clay (w/ Cherish Flint) – “Desolation Angel” (4:02)

5) Harry Manx & Kevin Breit (Strictly Whatever) – “Note to Self” (2:12) (instr.)

6) Madison Violet (the good in goodbye) – “Colour in Grey” (3:24)

7) Daniel Lanois (Here Is What Is) – “Not Fighting Any More” (3:32)

8) Bruce Cockburn (w/ Annabelle Chvostek) (Small Source of Comfort) – “Boundless” (4:46)

9) David Gillis (When You’ve Got a Dream) – “Slam the Door” (3:44)

10) Catherine MacLellan (Silhouette) – “Stealin’” (3:26)

11) Terry Gillespie (Big Money) – “Blood on You” (3:29)

12) Alice Stuart and the Formerlys (Freedom) – “Rhythm Train” (4:39)

13) Maureen Brown (Be Close) – “Bad Boy” (3:33)

D.D.’s Blue Notes

HOUR 5 (6:00-7:00)

1) Treasa Levasseur (w/ The Daily Special) (Broad) – “Do Run” (4:06)

2) The Wailin’ Jennys (Bright Morning Stars) – “Swing Low Sail High” (4:02)

3) Ray Materick (Life and Times – Disc 2: ’70s stuff) – “Goodbye Again” (3:27)

4) Ray Materick (Life and Times – Disc 1: new stuff) – “Fleshpot” (4:33)

5) Layah Jane (Brightness & Bravery) – “Burning Low” (5:28)

6) Jason Loughlin (Peach Crate) – “Headless Body Topless Bar” (6:16)

7) Jason Loughlin (Peach Crate) – “Woody’s in the Hood” (3:30)

8) Treasa Levasseur (w/ Raoul & The Big Time) – “What We’re Worth” (2:51)

9) Mike Stevens & Matt Andersen (Push Record: Banff Sessions) – “Snow Plow” (4:06)

10) Mike Stevens & Matt Andersen (Push Record: Banff…) – “She Loves It All” (2:56)

11) Suzie Vinnick (Me ‘n’ Mabel) – “Save Me for Later” (3:26)

12) Brandon Isaak (Bluesman’s Plea) – “Hard Workin’ Woman” (2:58)

13) Sidney York (Apocalyptic Radio Cynic) – “Dick & Jane” (2:19)

14) Heaven’s Radio (Rendez-Vous – Active) – “Theme” (2:33)


Thursday, February 02, 2012


Please join us for a very special evening of live music with The Swing Sisters and Sherri Harding & The Heat.


Featuring the vocal talents of Paula McGowan, Laura Hillary and Sherri Harding performing a wide variety of music including swing (of course), beautiful ballads, disco and rhythm & blues.



The Heat will be serving up some fantastic Soul and Rockin' R&B music!


Providing the SWING and the HEAT:

Peter Beaudoin (bandleader/drums);

Ed Bimm (keyboard);

Gino Scaffidi (guitar);

Tom McMahon (bass); and,

Bernie Maisonneuve (backing and featured vocals).

WHEN: Sunday, February 19, 2012 ~ 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

WHERE: Greenfield’s Pub
900 Greenbank Rd (Barrhaven Mall - Greenbank @ Larkin)
(613) 823-9900

COVER: $10.00

Hope to see you there.

All the best,