Saturday, August 25, 2012


Programmed and Hosted by D.D. Rocker/Misty Blue 1955

1) Timo Gross [indie mp3] – “Free” (4:47)
2) Whitey (Lost Summer) – “People” (5:55)
3) WhiteCityLight (WhiteCityLight) – “Interference (Cinematic Mix)” (3:28)
4) Mark Sepic (Blue Mantra) – “Come Together” (3:51)
5) Little Feat (Rooster Rag) – “The Blues Keep Coming” (5:51)
6) Peter Karp and Sue Foley (Beyond the Crossroads) – “You’ve Got a Problem” (2:50)
7) Kelly Joe Phelps (Brother Sinner and The Whale) – “Brother Pilgrim” (3:00)

D.D.’s Blue Notes

The Portland-Jamestown-Winterbrook Recreation Committee is conducting a series of fundraising events for the purpose of building and maintaining a children’s playground in that area of Lethbridge, NL (northeast of Clarenville).  The site is to be named “The Jordan Wells Memorial Playground”.  Jordan passed away suddenly, at the age of 23, on February 29/12 in a drowning incident near Bloomfield, NL.  Online donations via PayPal can be made at any time at:

For more information, email:

Greater Toronto Area soul-blues-rocker Anthony Gomes, now based in St. Louis, Missouri, had a nasty experience earlier this week in Illinois, while driving his tour van, which suddenly caught on fire.  He lost a lot of gear, his music library, and most of his clothing. Fortunately he was able to save his guitars and sustained no bodily injuries.

Here in St. John’s, blues guitarist and vocalist Darrell Cooper has transferred his Acoustic Sunday Night Blues gig to the Bull and Barrel on George Street.  Unfortunately, this one doesn’t start any earlier than the previous one at the Fat Cat, but if you’re nocturnal AND you don’t have to work Monday mornings, this will suit you to a “T”.  Showtime is 11 p.m.-ish ’til everyone gets the boot.  Speaking of Darrell Cooper, I had the pleasure of interviewing him and Darrin “Boobie” Browne, another St. John’s guitarist, back in 2005, right here at CHMR when I was hosting “Patchwork Blues”.  I’ve since resurrected the recording, which includes three live blues tunes from the dynamic duo, which I’ll be playing on “Rockin’ the Blues from Canada” next Saturday, September 1st, just after 9 AM.

In other local blues news, CHMR’s Terry Parsons, long-time host of “Cosmic Debris”, “Blind Lemon Blues”, “Sunday Morning Hangover Cure”, and “The Songwriters” has arranged to bring Aussie bluesman 8 Ball Aitken to St. John’s for a couple of live performances.  This cat is quite the character, visually-speaking – imagine Loonie Tunes/Merrie Melodies’ Yosemite Sam wielding an electric guitar instead of a shotgun and you’ll get an idea.  Check out his vids on YouTube – including “Outback Booty Call”.

So far, there are three live performances scheduled in this area, and the door charge is $10 for each.   The first taking place at Distortion on George Street here in St. John’s, with special guest Chris Kirby, on Thursday, September 20.  Tickets are just $10 and go on sale Monday, September 3, 2012.   They are available at Fred's Records, DISTORTION, or at the door.

The second show takes place Friday, September 21, at S.S. MEIGLE in Seal Cove.  Advance tickets for this show are now available at the S.S. MEIGLE or at the door on the night of the show.

The following night, Saturday, September 22, he will be playing at Jay Jay’s in Whitbourne.  Those $10 tickets are available at the Jay Jay's as of September 3 or when you show up for the performance.

While 8 Ball Aitken is here in NL, he will be doing TV & Radio appearances, plus some Blues in the Schools visits!  Watch for news and updates on the shows, as they are announced here on CHMR, or you can join the Facebook group, 8 Ball Aitken in Newfoundland.  You can also send a friend invite to Terry Parsons at drcosmic.

If you dig the blues and would like to hang out with some like-minded people in St. John’s, I’ve started a virtual antisocial blues music conspiracy.  If this sounds like something you would like to be part of, or at least support in some way, visit

I’m D.D. Rocker (a.k.a. Misty Blue 1955) and you’re listening to “Rockin’ the Blues from Canada” on CHMR 93.5 FM, streaming live online at and on Rogers TV Channel 942.  Stay tuned for more tunes.

8) Hooyoosay [indie mp3] – “My Obsession” (3:05)
9) Never a Hero (Socially Awkward) – “Diaries from Rehab” (3:42)
10) Odoghan [indie mp3] – “Not Perfect” (3:12)
11) Deadline (Heading West) – “Dance with Style” (4:24)
12) Secret Illusion (Turn Back Time EP) – “Turn Back Time” (4:10)



Programmed and hosted by Honey Girl

1) Kathi McDonald and Rich Kirch (Nothin’ but Trouble) – “Talk to Me, Baby” (3:26)
2) Treasa Levasseur (w/Raoul & The Big Time) (Broad) – “A Little Pride” (3:07)
3) The 24th Street Wailers (Dirty Little Young’uns) – “Dear Brother” (5:36)
4) Odetta (Lookin for a Home – Thanks to Ledbelly) – “Bourgeois Blues” (4:33)
5) Debbie Davies (After the Fall) – “Little Broken Wing” (3:30)
6) Shakura S’Aida (Brown Sugar) – “This Is Not a Love Song” (5:06)
7) Chantel McGregor (Like No Other) – “I’m No Good for You” (4:47)
8) Billie Holiday [single] – “Billie’s Blues” (2:55)

Great Big Rock Jam Report:

The Portland-Jamestown-Winterbrook Recreation Committee is conducting a series of fundraising events for the purpose of building and maintaining a children’s playground in that area of Lethbridge, NL (northeast of Clarenville).  The site is to be named “The Jordan Wells Memorial Playground”.  Jordan passed away suddenly, at the age of 23, on February 29/12 in a drowning incident near Bloomfield, NL.  Online donations via PayPal can be made at any time at:

For more information, email:

Blueswoman Sunday Wilde of Atikokan, ON, is hard at work on her third CD, following her very popular, “What Man??  Oh, THAT Man!!” release.  She recently posted a live performance video of one of the songs from the upcoming disc, which I liked a lot, so I’m looking forward to hearing the entire recording.

West Coast band Sabrina Weeks and Swing Cat Bounce is gearing up for the “Bouncing the Boogie Blues Tour”, including dates at The Standeasy in Kingston,  the Southside Shuffle music festival in Port Credit, Ontario, Irene’s Pub in Ottawa, the Lavigne Pub in Lavigne (near North Bay) and the Monarch Pub in Toronto.

Ottawa’s Soma Simone and Jeckyl Hyde, now based in Toronto, are working on a new duet recording, entitled “Khroma Key”, which is being produced by Stuart Smith.

“Newfoundland Dreamgirls – A Tribute to Motown” is now on at the Masonic Temple on Cathedral Street in St. John’s.  Last Tuesday’s dinner and live musical show was sold out, but it’s on again this Tuesday, as well as on selected Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays right into November.  The star performers are Janet Cull, Dana Parsons, and Kelly-Ann Evans, all of Red Dress Entertainment, and they are backed by a full band, comprised of Bill Brennan, Sandy Morris, Scott Mansfield, and Mark Peddle.  Peter Halley, the artistic director, also co-wrote the musical with Kelly-Ann Evans.

Closing off this edition of the “Great Big Rock Jam Report” for this week, I’d just like to mention the second annual Who the Hell is Billy – Hillbilly Music Festival, happening from September 7-9 in Hillbilly Heaven, a.k.a. 263 Hambley Road, in Napanee, Ontario (not far from Ottawa).  It’s $30 for a weekend pass (camping included) or $15 per day at the door.  There are 35-plus country/roots acts from across North America, including burlesque siren Ginger St. James of Hamilton, Montreal’s boogie-woogie hillbilly band  Israel Proulx, the traveling ragtime show of Sheesham & Lotus, Ottawa’s Ray Harris and his BSOBs, greasy, world-traveling, hillbilly rocker Bloodshot Bill, country traditionalist OWEN MAYS, and J.T. & Nick Pickins of Liquorbox.  For more information, send an email mess to or call Damien Nelson at 647-391-4425.

If you are situated anywhere in the province of NL, and are interested in joining the very informal St. John’s Antisocial Blues Conspiracy, visit   I’m Honey Girl and I’ll be right back with more music from selected “Iron Maidens”.

9) The Donefors (Award-Winning Album) – “Carry” (3:49)
10) Steph Pappas (3 Wishes) – “Val” (3:30)
11) Anita Eccleston (jazzed) – “Summertime” (3:29)
12) Chantel McGregor (Like No Other) – “Cat Song” (2:16) (former closing theme)
13) Sue Foley (Queen Bee – The Antones Collection) – “Lightning’s Boogie” (1:45)
      (new closing theme)


Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Sabrina Weeks and Swing Cat Bounce

And their "Bouncing the Boogie Blues" Tour hits Ontario

It’s going to be a bouncing good time when recent Maple Blues Award recipient’s Sabrina Weeks and Swing Cat Bounce roll into Ontario for their eastern Canadian Bouncing the Boogie Blues Tour.  The band has been named the best new blues act in Canada for 2012 after winning the prestigious title of best new artist / group at the 2012 Maple Blues Awards. 

The tour includes stops in the following places:

September 7th:              The Kingston Blues Society present Sabrina Weeks & SCB at The Standeasy (RCHA Club).  Tickets are $10 each. Call 613-384-8168 for reservations.  Only 70 tickets will be sold, so call now.

September 8th:              Southside Shuffle – 5 p.m., Sherwood Stage, Port Credit, ON

September 9th:              Southside Shuffle – 1 p.m., Stone Bridge Stage, Port Credit.

For more info, check out

September 12th:            Irene’s Pub, Ottawa. Music starts at 8 p.m.

September 14th:            Lavigne Cavern, Lavigne. Music starts at 9 p.m.

September 15th:            Monarch’s Pub, Toronto.  Music starts at 4 p.m.

Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce is an act that needs to be seen.  Offering up a generous helping of the Swinging Bouncing Boogie Blues is what Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce do.  The show is dynamic, the players are exceptional, and the grooves drive until you’re swingin’, bouncin’ and getting’ your boogie on.  The songs are lighthearted with a twist of naughty, the melodies are infectious, and it is abundantly apparent when watching this group that they truly love what they are doing.   Hailing from British Columbia, Canada, this group collectively makes up over 100 years of musical expertise.  The band members include Sabrina Weeks, Mike Hilliard, Ed Hilliard, Bill White, and Ken Sell.

In 2010, Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce released its debut CD, Tales from Lenny’s Diner.  The CD debuted at #1 in Canada, #12 globally on the Roots Music Report Blues Music charts, peaking at #6 on the global blues charts in March 2011. Further, the CD made the top 100 RMR list for most radio plays globally for 2011.  Tales from Lenny’s Diner has been rated in the top 100 new CDs released in 2010/2011 according to the Real Blues “Top of the Charts” report and voted as the #1 CD released for 2010 by CFBX and best new artist for 2010 by the Blues Underground.  Also, their song “Bad Boys” charted at #2 on BB Kings Bluesville for March '11.  More, Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce have been nominated by BCIMA for the “Blues Album of the Year” Award in 2011.  Last but not least, Sabrina Weeks will be featured as one of the headliners for the prestigious Women in Blues Review being held at Massey Hall in Toronto in November.


Saturday, August 18, 2012


Programmed and Hosted by D.D. Rocker/Misty Blue 1955

The Lone Crows (The Lone Crows) – “Blues” (4:14)

River City Junction (Convergence) – “Midnight in May” (2:44)

Jacob Moon (Maybe Sunshine) – “Children of the World” (4:32)

Blacklist Union (Til Death Do Us Part) – “Blown Away” (3:51)

Anders Osborne (Black Eye Galaxy) – “Standing with Angels” (5:15)

Bill Bourne & The Free Radio Band (Bluesland – “Columbus Stockade Blues” (3:24)

Chris Mackay and the Toneshifters (Good Sponge Sampler, Vol. 1) – “Lena” (4:26)

Dogbite (Good Sponge Sampler, Vol. 1) – “Nothin’” (3:26)

Tommy Alto (I’m Coming Home) – “Highschool Heartbreaker” (2:45)

Loverboy (Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival) – “Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival” (4:25)

Electric River (Electric River) – “Babylon” (3:52)

The Duel (Soundtrack to the End of the World – The Zak Splash Story) – “Fake Like You” (4:45)

Heaven’s Radio (Rendez-Vous – Active) – “Theme” (2:10)



Programmed and Hosted by Honey Girl

Erin Gannon Simms [indie mp3] – “Only When It Rains” (4:53)

Alannah Myles (Black Velvet) – “Faces in the Crowd” (3:21)

Anne Cozean [indie mp3] – “Kinda Lost, Kinda Broken” (3:52)

Little Birdie ((I Left the City Burning) – “Don’t Really Matter” (2:12)

Natalia and Montuno (Moving North) – “Like a Dream” (3:31)

Kate Schrock (Invocation) – “Soul in U” (4:45)

Holly Beth Vincent (Joey’s Song, Vol. 2) – “Carefree” (1:43)

Rosanne Cash (Joey’s Song, Vol. 2) – “Seven Year Ache (Live from Zone C)” (3:17)

Carrie Elkin (Joey’s Song, Vol. 2) – “Jesse Likes Birds” (4:28)

The Sidecats (Makin’ Tracks) – “Jack’s Beanstalk” (3:22)

Evelyn Voigt (Candles in the Sand) – “Cat Jazz” (4:19)

The Sue Orfield Band (Nobody’s Lookin’) – “Mood Poison” (3:38)

Chantel McGregor (Like No Other) – “Cat Song” (2:16)


Sunday, August 12, 2012


When friends learned about guitar-maker Joe Yanuziello's accident involving a razor-sharp power jointer on his right hand, it was unanimously agreed that they would band together to create a benefit concert to help Joe get back on his feet.
The show will feature a "who's who" extracted from the extraordinary Toronto talent pool with styles ranging from blues, folk, pop to indie rock.

Tuesday, August 14, 8 PM

2261 Dundas St. W.
(416) 531-6604

Donations are accepted with sincere gratitude.

Michael and Louise Pickett
P.O. Box 346
Crystal Beach, ON  L0S 1B0


Saturday, August 11, 2012


Programmed and Hosted by D.D. Rocker/Misty Blue 1955

David Vest (f. Paul James) (East Meets West) – “Boogie Woogie Baby” (3:07)
David Vest (East Meets West) – “Black Dress” (4:39)
JW-Jones (Seventh Hour) – “So Long, I’m Gone” (2:34)
JW-Jones (Seventh Hour) – “Heartbreaker” (3:03)
JW-Jones (Seventh Hour) – “In a Song” (4:05)
JW-Jones (Seventh Hour) – “Do for You” (4:15)

D.D.’s Blue Notes

I’ve got to say that, since moving back to St. John’s at the end of April, I’ve been missing all of the matinee music shows that take place on the weekends in Ottawa, historically renowned for being very blues-friendly.  If you happen to be planning a trip to Canada’s capital, I recommend you check out the Atomic Rooster, The Rainbow Bistro, or Irene’s Pub, all of whom host live Saturday afternoon blues music, with the Rooster and the Rainbow also hosting Sunday blues matinees, as well.  My favourite gig to attend was at Irene’s, though, on Thursday evenings, when members of Heaven’s Radio host a weekly blues night, with special guest players, such as JW-Jones, Terry Gillespie (himself a co-founder of Heaven’s Radio), and Tony D, Steve Marriner, and/or Matt Sobb, of the hugely successful blues trio known as MonkeyJunk.

Speaking of The Rainbow, Jack de Keyzer, double Juno award-winning jazz-blues guitarist and producer for dozens of musicians, including The Blazers and Tracy K, will be playing there on Friday, August 24.  I know that Jack has toured in the Maritimes, but I’m not sure if he has ever made it to The Rock.  I first knew him as a rockabilly guitarist with The Bopcats, and he has also played with Robert Gordon, a somewhat famous rockabilly dude himself, but, like the late Jeff Healey, De Keyzer’s true love is jazz music.  In the meantime, he’s got a number of blues festival dates lined up right into autumn, before heading over to Europe in November.

Festival by the Marsh and Tantramarsh Blues Society are presenting Garrett Mason (son of Dutch) and the Keith Hallet Band tonight at 8 PM at George’s Roadhouse in Sackville, NB.  It’s an early show since Garrett also has a gig at the Dutch Mason Blues Festival, now on in Truro, NS, which brings us to the East Coast Blues Society in Halifax.  They have a recently revamped website at

I’ve been trying to start some sort of informal blues music “conspiracy” here in St. John’s for about a month, but so far have been met with complete indifference, apart from one local jazz musician I never heard back from after his initial query.  Ah, well, as Janis Joplin once sang, “I Guess I Got-ta Try…Just a Little Bit Harder”.  If anyone is interested, the barebones website is at

I’m D.D. Rocker (a.k.a. Misty Blue 1955) and you’re listening to “Rockin’ the Blues from Canada” on CHMR 93.5 FM.  Stay tuned for more tunes.

Marc Blackwell (Bring Me Trouble) – “Bring Me Trouble” (3:22)
The Some X Six Band (The Hoodoo Shake) – “The Hoodoo Shake” (3:59)
Paul McCartney & Wings (RAM) – “Monkberry Moon Delight” (5:25)
Secret Illusion (Turn Back Time EP) – “Silent Voices” (5:56)
Jason Loughlin (Peach Crate) – “Peach Crate” (2:53)
Heaven’s Radio (Rendez-Vous – Active) – “Theme” (2:10)


Programmed and Hosted by Honey Girl

Yanah (The Girl in the Picture) – “Where the Sad Winds Blow” (4:10)
Madison Violet (The Good in Goodbye – “Fallen by the Wayside” (3:26)
Gena Perala (This Ain’t Pretty) – “Homeless” (3:57)
Stevie Paige (Welcome to the Big Time) – “If You Don’t Love Me” (4:46)
Charlene Grant (That Would Be Me) – “Train Wreck” (3:09)
Sidney York (Apocalyptic Radio Cynic) – “Roll with Me” (2:59)
Soma (Soma) – “En Garde…Touche” (3:51)

Great Big Rock Jam Report

In current and upcoming events in St. John’s:

The Tuckamore Festival – Chamber Music in Newfoundland – is currently celebrating its 12th season, and continues until August 19.  There are two performances by young artists tonight at Petro Canada Hall, one at 7 p.m., featuring original composers, and the other at 8 p.m., with players performing classical pieces in chamber music and solo repertoire.  Included in the line-up of upcoming performances next week is Montreal-based Janina Fialkowska, who will be performing pieces by Schubert and Chopin on piano on Wed., Aug. 15, at 8 p.m., at DF Cook Recital Hall. 

The Craft Council Gallery, at 59 Duckworth St., is now celebrating its 40th year of operation, and today is the last day you can glimpse a display of work from across the province.  Beginning on August 25, the Craft Council Gallery, and its Annex Gallery, will be featuring the quilt work of Heidi Wagner, the hooked rugs of Sarah Feltham, and mixed-media sculptures by Nicole Russell-Pitcher. 

If you are into some outdoor fun, Le Centre Scolaire et Communautaire  des Grands-Vents at 65 Ridge Road, is having its BBQ Feast of Acadia tomorrow, Sunday, Aug. 12, from 12:30 to 3:00 p.m. 

For those of you who are interested in learning about famous women of Newfoundland and Labrador, visit, click on “Society, Economy & Culture”, and you’ll find a further link leading you to St. John’s Women’s History Walking Tour.  There are several tours that take place in different areas of the city, so you can select those that most appeal to you.

If you are situated anywhere in the province of NL and are interested in joining the very informal St. John’s Antisocial Blues Conspiracy, visit 

I’m Honey Girl, and I’ll be right back with more “Iron Maidens”, a program comprised of music composed and/or recorded by women determined to succeed in the industry alongside their male peers.  Playlist selections include male-female duos or band comprised of both genders.

Zabeth Dkos (Unsigned, Undefined, Unapologetic) – “Slave” (4:30)
Thread (Thread) – “Falling” (2:58)
Nadine Stern (Nadine Stern) – “Yes, I Can” (3:04)
Doll (Inside the Dollhouse) – “Sally Lost Her Shoe Laces” (3:52)
Sedrick [indie mp3] – “The Furies” (1:13)
Mae Moore (Bohemia) – “Ophelia” (4:57)
Chantel McGregor (Like No Other) – “Cat Song” (2:16)


Thursday, August 09, 2012


AirPlay Direct is proud to partner with The Joseph Gomoll Foundation and their independent record label, Hi How Are Ya?  Records in association with Omnivore Recordings.  They produce Joey's Song, a series of compilation CDs featuring rare and unreleased music from nationally and internationally known, award-winning artists.  The CDs are named in honor of Joey Gomoll, who passed away in March of 2010.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of Joey’s Song music and merchandise is donated to deserving charitable organizations which focus on seizure-related disorders or special needs children.

Artists on Joey’s Song Volume 2 include Rosanne Cash, Pete Droge, Sam Phillips, Mark Olson, Gary Louris and  many more.  Joey’s Songs for Kids Volume 2 features Martha Davis, The Knack, The Baseball Project, Sam Llanas, Freddy Johnson and the Handsome Family.
"We are proud to have this opportunity to partner with The Joseph Gomoll Foundation and Joey’s Song in getting  out the word out about the great work they are doing for children and also to bring the music of these great artists, who feel the same as we do about this cause, to our radio station members so they also can spread the word about Joey’s Song when they play these songs.” Michael Harnett, President - AirPlay Direct.
“Joey’s Song could not be more grateful for the support of AirPlay Direct.  They have spent untold personal time with us to ensure our account and releases were set up in a manner that will allow our message to reach as many people as possible.  AirPlay Direct’s platform is incredibly easy to use and provides tools that will allow us to track our success and build important relationships within the industry.  I would highly recommend their services to any artist or label.”  Kevin Baird, Executive Director - The Joseph Gomoll Foundation.
About the Joseph Gomoll Foundation/Joey’s Song:

The Joseph Gomoll Foundation was established to raise money and awareness for special needs children and all those who suffer from seizures disorders.  Our goal is to raise money that can be used for research, treatment and support of those affected by this terrible affliction.  The generous, talented artists who donated their art to Joey’s Song have made possible contributions to such diverse charities as The Epilepsy Foundation of America, C.U.R.E., The Dravet Syndrome Foundation, Gio’s Garden, Musicians on Call, and Orphans Resource International.  
Because music was the centerpiece of Joey’s world, there is no better way for us to raise money in his name than through music.  It is our hope that by producing the Joey’s Song series of CDs, we are able to take one family’s personal tragedy and make something good come from it.  We hope that those who listen to, and purchase, Joey’s Song will not only enjoy the incredible music, but will also feel good knowing that their purchase is helping others.  If you would like further information about Joey’s Song, please contact Kevin Baird at
AirPlay Direct’s e-based artist marketing, promotion and education platform allows artists, record labels, and music publishers to securely deliver broadcast-quality music and Digital Press Kits / DPKs to music industry professionals worldwide.  Our system allows radio programmers and film / TV music supervisors globally to connect to new music, create music calls, browse top downloaded artists, and immediately download music and related artist information.  AirPlay Direct recently introduced our genre-based APD Global Radio Indicator Charts™ which track the download activity that our member’s music receives from our world-wide radio panel. AirPlay Direct also publishes the digital/interactive publication, the Direct Buzz.  
For more information about AirPlay Direct visit
Contact:  Lynda A. Weingartz

Robert Weingartz | 231 Green Harbor Road, Suite 136 | Old Hickory, TN 37138

August 2012
FIELDCOTE MUSIC SERIES in Ancaster, Ont. Aug. 12th
HUGH'S ROOM in Toronto. Sept. 22
(Always a quick sellout!)
Get The Soundtrack!!
   Independence is alive and well in the USA!
50 dates and 25 states! That's what "I did this summer'. My journey to the USA with Music From The Big House took me from NY to Miama, California to Washington State, Indiana to New Orleans and much more. And the film continues to screen in many cities without me.
A very special 'welcome to the enewsletter' and 'thank you' to the countless new fans who came to see the film and hear me perform in their town.
And a very huge 'thank you' to the amazing folks, film buffs, music fans and artists, blues society and film society members, independent cinema owners, arts lovers and patrons. To the theater owners, employees and volunteers who through their passion and committment keep the many magical independent theaters beautifully restored and maintained, to all of you who support independent film and for that matter, independent music - I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I came back from the tour weary, yes, but mainly very encouraged energized about the fact that all across the U.S. independence in art LIVES. And for that I am truly grateful.  
The many great times, places and folks we met have been captured in photos, videos, reviews and fan comments and can all be found on the Rita's Facebook Official Fan Page.  
Judging by the response received on the tour, it won't be long before I'm once again States-bound and maybe coming to your town!
Best....Rita xx
Finally! Music From The Big House is now available on DVD for fans in Canada and the U.S.  Matson Films, the film's U.S. distributor, will be handling online purchases via their website. 
In addition to the full feature film, the DVD includes additional concert footage, bonus scenes and the These Four Walls video.
And please don't forget to get your copy of the Music From The Big House award winning soundtrack* produced by Rita Chiarelli and recorded LIVE in Angola Penitentiary. The CD includes some incredible additional live performances not included in the film. 
*Rita will be donating a portion of all proceeds from the sale of the soundtrack cd back to the music program at Angola Prison.
 Rita loves to hear from her fans! Drop her a line at
Enjoy the rest of your summer and be safe!


Sunday, August 05, 2012



Today - Sunday, August 5th

Cold Specks and Bry Webb - Sappyfest Mainstage - 5 PM

Day Passes $60 (Get you into all of SappyFest)

Tickets to individual Show - $20 - Available at the door (Subject to capacity)
Available at Thunder & Lightning Ltd. or Live Bait Theatre
or online:

Cold Specks is 23-year-old Al Spx from Etobicoke, ON, Canada. Already making critical waves in the U.K., with television performances on Later With Jools Holland and British media such as The Guardian, The Times, NME and more weighing in on the recent U.K. release of "Holland", Cold Specks is now ready to release her music here at home.

Describing her sound as "Doom Soul", Cold Specks' music is steeped in the musical traditions of the Deep South. No wonder then that Al cites the Lomax Field Recordings and James Carr as influences along with Bill Callahan and Tom Waits. With a voice that evokes the 'spirit feel' of Mahalia Jackson and the visceral tones of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Cold Specks' sparse arrangements and chain gang rhythms stop you dead in your tracks.


The Stacy Read Band
Friday, Aug. 10, at George's Roadhouse, Sackville, NB
Tickets are $10 at Tidewater Books

Introduced to the fiddle at an early age, Stacey Read said she was given plenty of opportunities to perform during her years when she was being taught by fiddling greats Ivan and Vivian Hicks. Read will be performing music from her first solo album in more than 12 years as well as other songs.
Entitled Not Forgotten, her recent CD is a tribute album that not only honours the old-time Canadian fiddling greats but is also in memory of her mother, Nancy, who passed away this past January. The album, which was recorded at local musician Ray Legere’s studio in April, features a mix of old-time fiddling tunes blended with several of her own original tunes, many of which were written last fall during her mother’s illness.


Saturday, Aug. 11, at 8 PM (please note the early start time)

Garrett Mason and the Keight Hallet Band
George's Roadhouse, Sackville, NB

Tickets are $12 in advance (at Ducky's), and $15 at the door

In order to accommodate Garrett's request to be able to play the late show at the Dutch Mason Blues Festival in Truro, NS, we are starting our show early, at 8 come early and prepare yourself for a hot evening of music and dancing...we promise you will not be disappointed, as George's is one of Garrett's favourite places to play in the Maritimes.


Saturday, August 04, 2012


Programmed and hosted by D.D. Rocker/Misty Blue 1955

Stephen Fearing (The Way I Walk) – “Meghan Hayden’s” (1:09)
Jimmy Bowskill (Nine) – “Nine” (2:03)
The Bills (Let ’em Run) – “When the Bucket Runs Dry” (3:12)
Jim Byrnes (Everywhere West) – “Bootlegger” (3:13)
Dwayne Cote & Duane Andrews (Dwayne Cote & Duane Andrews) – “The Princess” (3:04)
Back Door Slam (I’ll Get Mine) – “Blues in My Swing” (3:12)
Big Chill (A Chill in the Air) – “Wine” (3:08)
Mister Sam Bartlett (Evil Diane) – “Evil Diane” (3:14)
Tim Gibbons (Things Get Bad) – “Used to be a Pretty Boy” (3:08)
Dean Batstone (Love That Shine) – “Running Girl” (5:49)

D.D.’s Blue Notes

If any of you are going to be in the Hamilton area around the end of this month, Daniel Lanois and September Seventh Entertainment are presenting their annual Greenbelt Harvest Picnic at the Christie Lake Conservation Area, in Dundas, ON, on September 1st, starting at noon.  The performers will include Feist, Emmylou Harris, Daniel Lanois with Brian Blade, Gord Downie and The Sadies, Sarah Harmer, Jessie Cook, any many more.

There is a great interview article by Terry Mullins in the July 26 edition of Bluesblast Magazine on Lonnie Brooks, which also mentions that Lonnie and his sons Ronnie Baker Brooks and Wayne Baker Brooks are gearing up to record a family album under the banner of The Brooks Family Blues Dynasty.  That ought to be interesting to check out.

Toronto’s The 24th Street Wailers, a new generation of blues musicians who just returned from the Canadian West Coast, including a side-trip to Yellowknife, are now flitting around Ontario and Quebec before gradually heading east to St. Andrews, N.B., Charlottetown, P.E.I. (on a bill with the Ross Nielson Band), and then Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Sadly, there are no plans to cross over to our much forsaken Rock.  We really do seem to be a continent all on our own.  That being said, we’ve got lots of music going on here, anyway, what with the NL Folk Festival, The Buskers’ Festival, and much more, if you care to go looking for it.

I’m D.D. Rocker, aka Misty Blue 1955, and you’re listening to “Rockin’ the Blues from Canada” on CHMR 93.5 FM in St. John’s, NL.  Stay tuned for more rockin’ tunes.

Dave Rave (Good Sponge Sampler, Vol. 1) – “Looking Out My Front Door” (2:48)
Boobie Browne & the Onions (Birth of the Chickenpick) – “Two Eggs Any Style” (3:31)
David Brewer (Ghost Dance) – “Midnight Rider” (3:26)
Jimmy Bowskill (Jimmy Bowskill) – “Diamond Ring” (3:28)
Heaven’s Radio (Rendez-Vous – Active) – “Theme” (2:10)


Programmed and Hosted by Honey Girl
Charlotte-Anne Malischewski (w/ Duncan Cameron) [indie mp3] – "Le Jeune Militaire" (8:26)
Hobbyhorse (Break in the Clouds) – "Walking Away" (4:53)
Blackie and the Rodeo Kings (w/ Patti Scialfa) (Kings and Queens)
– "Shelter Me, Lord" (3:40)
Blackie and the Rodeo Kings (w/ Mary Margaret O'Hara) (Kings and Queens)
– "Heart A Mine" (3:59)
Blackie and the Rodeo Kings (w/ Sara Watkins) (Kings and Queens)
– "Another Free Woman Gets to Walk Away" (3:32)
Hangin' with Stogie [indie mp3] – "It Ain't Me, Babe" (2:58)

Great Big Rock Jam Report
The 2013 Kiwanis Music Festival Association of St. John's, touted as the largest music festival in Eastern Canada, is scheduled to run from February 17th to February 28th, 2013. The closing date to apply is October 27, 2012, and entry forms are now available at Long & McQuade on Kenmount Road, and Music Collection on Park Avenue, Mt. Pearl, and Torbay Road in St. John's. Entry submissions, at $10, are recommended to be hand-delivered with a personal cheque to the Festival Office at 90 O'Leary Avenue, Suite 210, northwest of the Avalon Mall. ALL entries which are late for any reason will be charged an additional penalty of $10 per day up to a maximum of 5 working days, after which no entries will be accepted. For application rules and regulations, go online to

Speaking of festivals, we've got a couple of them running concurrently this weekend in St. John's, i.e. the NL Folk Festival in Bannerman Park and the Busker Festival, taking place throughout the downtown core.

For those whose artist tendencies run more toward visual than audio expression, For the Love of Learning (a.k.a. FTLOL), an organization founded by Robin Grant, is looking for aspiring visual artists aged 15-35 to participate in their free arts workshops. Their artist-in-residence is on hand to instruct, encourage or leave you be, as you see fit. They have space and materials and all that is lacking is your enthusiasm and creativity. There is no charge, no registration, and no dress code, and the workshop takes place Wednesday to Friday, from 2:30-4:30 p.m., at 37 Cookstown Road, St. John's, starting August 8.

Tami Jean Fordham, wife of Kelly Jay of Crowbar, passed away suddenly last week, and as Kelly (based in Alberta) will be in Hamilton to play the Festival of Friends next weekend, there is going to be a Celebration of Life for Tami on Monday, August 13, at The Leander Boat Club @ 7:30 p.m., with Kelly in attendance. The performers already scheduled to play are Ian Thomas, Russell DeCarle (of Prairie Oyster) with Dennis Keldie and Steve Briggs, Tom Wilson (of Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, The Florida Razors, etc.), Harlan Pepper, Jesse O'Brien, Brian Griffiths, Alfie Smith, Dave King, Jude Johnson, and Kevin and Riley O'Donnell. There are no advance tickets, and the organizers are asking for a $10 donation at the door, with all proceeds going to Kelly and his children. The Leander only holds 400 people, so get there early.

If you are situated anywhere in the province of NL, and are interested in joining the very informal St. John's Antisocial Blues Conspiracy, visit

I'm Honey Girl and I'll be right back with more music from selected "Iron Maidens".

Nicole Taylor (Ambiguosexual) – "Reality TV" (2:07)
Ariana Gillis (Forget Me Not) – "Samuel Starr" (4:10)
Good2Go (Accessorize) – "Accessorize" (3:29)
The Jesse Greene Band (The Jesse Greene Band) – "Mojo Man" (3:30)
Tracy K and the Right Hand Band (Old, New, Borrowed & Blues)
– "Stop! Wait a Minute" (3:50)