Monday, March 28, 2011



Blackstone (On the Line) – “Qualified”

Merlin Moon [Preview single from Bohemian Side of the Sky] – “Empty Shell”

Bodine (Bodine) – “Into My Life”

Sweet & the Back Beat (Playing the Blues for You) – “Talk to Your Daughter”

John-Alex Mason (Jook Joint Thunderclap) – “Rolled and Tumbled”

Downchild (So Far – S2, #4) – “Bring It On Home”

Led Zeppelin (Led Zepp II – S2, #5) – “Bring It On Home”

Billy Boy Arnold (Crucial Harmonica Blues) – “Shake the Boogie”

Simpl3jack (Simpl3jack) – “At War with the Cherubs”

Rockit 88 Band (Rockit 88 Band) – “I Never Knew the Blues (Til I Lost You)”

Gregg Allman (Low Country Blues) – “Rolling Stone”


The Yarrow (Favor Fire) – “Every Day Is the Hardest, Every Night is the Longest”

The Yarrow (Favor Fire) – “Angels”

The Yarrow (Favor Fire) – “Worthless”

The Yarrow (Favor Fire) – “Things Fall Apart”

Van Morrison (T.B. Sheets) – “T.B. Sheets”

Teddy Presberg (Outcries from a Sea of Red) – “Saint Louis”

Houka Monks (Houka Monks) – “Here I Come”

North Mississippi All Stars (Keys to the Kingdom) – “New Orleans Walkin’ Dead”

Big Jeezus Truck (Mechanicsville) - “Keep on Drinkin’”

Sister Hyde (Sister Hyde) – “Isolate”

Vernon Neilly (Tribute to Stevie Wonder) – “I Wish”

Robert Farrell [indie mp] – “Back to Me”

Mark “Pocket” Goldberg (Off The Alleyway) – “No Mercy for the Wicked Blues”

Too Slim & Taildraggers (Tales of Sin & Redemption) – “Mississippi Moon”

Big Bopper (Shake – Rattle & Roll) – “Chantilly Lace”

Carl Perkins (Shake – Rattle & Roll) – “Blue Suede Shoes”

Chuck Berry (Shake – Rattle & Roll) – “Maybelline”

Eddie Cochran (Shake – Rattle & Roll) – “Twenty Flight Rock”

Big Joe Turner (Shake – Rattle & Roll) – “Shake, Rattle and Roll”

Guy Mitchell (Shake – Rattle & Roll) – “Rockabilly”

Jerry Lee Lewis (Shake – Rattle & Roll) – “High School Confidential”

Little Richard (Shake – Rattle & Roll) – “Long Tall Sally”

Shirley and Lee (Shake – Rattle & Roll) – “Let the Good Times Roll”

Smiley Lewis (Shake – Rattle & Roll) – “I Hear You Knocking”

Richie Valens (Shake – Rattle & Roll) – “La Bamba”

JP Riemens (Dirty Sunset) – “Waiting for the Boom”

Gary Allen (See If I Care) – “Drinkin’ Dark Whiskey”

Brantley Gilbert (Halfway to Heaven) – “Kick It in the Sticks”

D.O.A. (Talk – Action = 0) – “Consume! Consume!”

Blackball (D-Moralizing) – “Insult2Injury”

The Shakey Aches [Demo EP] – “Hits Me, Loves Me”

Goddo (12 Gauge Goddo – Blasts from the Past) – “Was It Something I Said?”

Jaimie Vernon (Time Enough at Last) – “You’ve Done It This Time”

Dave Rave (Live with What You Know) – “Siren Song #2”

John Hiatt (Bring the Family) – “Have a Little Faith in Me”

Shawn Brush & Friends (V.2) – “Beauty and the Beast”

Peter Karp (Shadows and Cracks) – “Air, Fuel and Fire”

Peter Karp (Shadows and Cracks) – “Shadows and Cracks”

Peter Karp (Shadows and Cracks) – “The Grave”

Peter Karp (Shadows and Cracks) – “I Ain’t Deep”

Big Walter Horton (w/ Carey Bell) (Crucial Harmonica Blues) – “Have Mercy”

Billy Branch & Junior Wells (Crucial Harmonica Blues) – “Broke and Hungry”

Marino (Blues for Lovers) – “Alone in the Dark”

Bruce Cockburn (w/ Annabelle Chvostek) (Small Source of Comfort) – “Driving Away”

Bruce Cockburn (Small Source of Comfort) – “Ancestors”

Bruce Cockburn (Small Source of Comfort) – “Comets of Kandahar”

Jamie Willard (Pure Silence) – “All God’s Tears”

Jamie Willard (Excelsis Deo) – “The Prodigal Son”

John Pippus (Born a Genius) – “Your Mouth is the Gun”

Wicked Grin (Down to the Corner) – “The Devil Came Knockin’”

Wicked Grin (Down to the Corner) – “Midnight Howl”

Wicked Grin (Down to the Corner) – “Rocket 88”

Jean Cabbie & The Secret Society – “Red Blues Skies”

Jon-Lee Band – “Pork Chops”

Gary Kendall Band [indie mp3] – “Sumlin’ Around”

Simpl3jack (Simpl3jack) – “Humanoid”


Sunday, March 27, 2011


Two-time Olympic Torch Bearer, TV personality, Cultural Ambassador and frontman 'Chairman' George brings his bouzouki and 4-piece Greek world music band Ouzo Power to Club Lambi in Montreal performing Rembetika, Greece's underground blues music, with influences drawn from across the rock music spectrum, for a CD release concert celebrating the band’s fourth CD, titled Ouzo Power Greatest Hits (Volume 1). Also features Fred Guignion (electric guitars, lap steel) , Joe Hincke (electric bass) and Ross Murray (drums, percussion). Special guests. A must see!


Ouzo Power performs Pou Sou Manga (Greek Reggae):

Buy Ouzo Power Music:

For information, email


Saturday, March 26, 2011



Can-Go Afar 4th Fundraising Event

Sunday, March 27th , 2011, at 5:00pm

Centurian Conference & Events Centre
170 Colonnade Rd, Ottawa, Ontario

The Can-Go Afar Foundation is cordially inviting our friends, our supporters and members of the public to join us in an unforgettable evening of African music, traditional Afar food and sword tribal dancing.

The word Africa stems from the Afar people whose language is just being recorded. The Afar are nomadic, herders of goats, cattle and camels, and transporters of salt. They live an ancient, traditional lifestyle.

The Afar triangle in Ethiopia encompasses the Danakil Depression, the hottest, lowest and most barren place on earth. The 2005 National Geographic Magazine cover story described it as one of the World’s cruelest places, where temperatures often reach 50 degrees. The Afar triangle is also the home of Lucy, one of the oldest humanoid fossils yet discovered (3.2 million years old).

The Can-Go Afar Foundation is a Canadian humanitarian organization working to raise funds, deliver worthy projects and advocate for the Afar people. Can-Go Afar works closely with the Afar community in Canada, as well as local NGOs in Ethiopia. Can-Go Afar has successfully implemented a pilot project to provide BioSand water filters (a Canadian technology) in the Afar Region. The project has been expanded to Phase II. The Foundation also funds primary education for orphaned and vulnerable children. It also provides post-secondary education bursaries for Afar students and delivers emergency aid to refugees and internally displaced Afar. Since its launch, Can-Go Afar has partnered with many individual supporters and business leaders in Canada as well as with local implementing partners in the Afar Region, Ethiopia. To read more about us and our projects please visit:

Last year Can-Go Afar, with the help if its friends and supporters in Canada, raised $50,000. Our goal this year is to raise $55,000, which will be used to continue to help the Afar People build a sustainable future by providing access to education, clean-water, and refugee and humanitarian aid.

Please join us in this special evening, where you will be treated to an eclectic mixture of authentic Afar cuisine cooked traditionally by Afar women from the Ottawa Afar community and served in the traditional manner on tribal carpets. Auction items shall include a guided humanitarian trip imbedded amongst the Afar tribe to the Afar Region in Ethiopia, tribal swords, authentic Afar artifacts, collectables and more. We need and appreciate your support.

Tickets are $100 each and a tax receipt will be provided for $75.

To order tickets, contact Anita at:


Friday, March 18, 2011


Dear friends,

We hope you can join us for our Purple Day event!

Purple Day for Epilepsy, 2011

On Parliament Hill!

Saturday, March 26th at 2pm
PD Logo.jpg

Help us to support Canadians living with

Epilepsy, on this global day of awareness.

Please meet on the paved area between the Centennial Flame and the main stairs leading to the Peace Tower.

Don’t forget to wear purple!

For more information on Purple Day nationally please visit

See you there!!


Pamela Murray

Executive Director

Epilepsy Ottawa-Carleton

Tel: 613-594-9255


Supporting individuals with epilepsy since 1987. EOC provides services to the city of Ottawa, Lanark and Renfrew counties, the city of Cornwall and counties of Stormont and Glengarry and the United Counties of Prescott and Russell. Please visit our Website for more information on our programs and support services.

Epilepsy Ottawa-Carleton

Please meet on the paved area between the Centennial Flame and the main stairs leading to the Peace Tower. Purple Day treats will be served. The first fifty participants who arrive wearing something purple will receive a free Purple Day T-Shirt!

We will also be taking a group photograph to commemorate Purple Day. Don’t forget to wear purple!

For more information, please call Epilepsy Ottawa-Carleton at: (613) 594-9255 or visit us:



March 26, 2011, 2pm to 3pm

Join us to commemorate Purple Day for Epilepsy, 2011

Help us to support Canadians living with Epilepsy, on this global day of awareness.

Purple Day for Epilepsy (Purple Day) was created in 2008 by a young student who lives with epilepsy - Cassidy Megan of Halifax, NS - to increase awareness and dispel myths about one of Canada’s most common neurological disorders.

Purple Day was launched internationally in 2009 and is held each year on March 26th around the world. The purple of the Lavender flower is the recognized colour for epilepsy.

For more information, please visit


Thursday, March 17, 2011


Theatre at the Pearl Co poster

Living Tall

2 Performances Only: Friday and Saturday, March 18 & 19 at 7:30pm.
$15 at the door.

Acclaimed theatre artist and teacher, Ker Wells, presents this absurd comedy
veering into existential crisis. Salesman Jeffrey Weaver's presentation is going
smoothly as he guides his audience through the steps of "Living Tall,"
his high-octane and delightfully strange motivational program for increasing sales
and earning respect in the business community. But Weaver can't escape an
incident that haunts him and threatens to knock him seriously off-message.
"Killer-Funny... with a mind-blowing performance by the amazing Ker Wells..."

Living Tall is an original three-way creative collaboration between veteran theatre artists
Ker Wells (performer) and Karin Randoja (Director), and Cleveland writer Michael Geither.

Ker Wells: A recent immigrant to Hamilton, Ker was a founding member
of two of the companies at the forefront of Canadian physical and devised theatre.
He has trained, performed and taught across Canada and in the U.S. and Europe,
and is a returning guest faculty member at the National Theatre School of Canada,
and the Humber College School of Performing Arts. Ker has just returned from a
6-week collaboration with U.S. and Mexican artists in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Darwinii: The Comeuppance of Man
2 Performances Only: Friday and Saturday, March 25 & 26 at 7:30pm.
$15 at the door.

A once in a lifetime chance to see a swashbuckling, one-man "tour de farce"
that deftly skewers everything you think you know about Darwin.
A unique and imaginative trip 'round Darwinism, deep time, evolution, and survival
of the fittest that's also serious fun.
With Brett Keyser, writer, director, and performing artist.
Darwinii was conceived by playwright Glen Berger and writer-performer Brett Keyser.
Darwinii was originally commissioned by the American Philosophical Society Museum.

Brett Keyser is a writer, director, and performing artist. His Philadelphia production
company Nightjar Apothecary presents theatrical investigations into the history and philosophy
of science that are stimulating, entertaining and always accessible.

Glen Berger is an award-winning playwright and co-author with Julie Taymor of the
Broadway musical Spiderman, Turn Off The Dark. He has won two Emmys for children's
television series and is head writer for the PBS series Fetch.

For tickets and info contact Barbara Milne

The Pearl Company / Art Bus

16 Steven Street, Hamilton, ON. 905 524-0606

Visit the Pearl Company on-line at



Visit THEZine on-line at


WHO: Jon Davis

WHAT: Personally triumphant song,


WEBSITES: To hear the song visit

YOUTUBE: To see the video visit

**Album and mp3 available upon request.

“…If you like James Taylor, I think you will absolutely love Jon Davis. Very, very nice voice... very, very fine album by a Montrealer.” ~ CBC Radio One (Daybreak)

TORONTO – FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2011 – Like hockey player Max Paccioretti, singer-songwriter and composer Jon Davis knows a thing or two about severe injury. He too suffered a debilitating head impairment and wrote a terrific song, “TRAUMATIC HEAD INJURY” to help in his recovery process.

It’s a devastating thing when sudden injury causes a long pause or even permanent diversion from one’s career or passion in life. The recovery period is long and arduous and there’s suddenly a lot of time to ponder the meaning of life.

Multi-talented Jon Davis was gearing up for a plum lead role in a professional musical theatre production, to begin right after earning his master's degree in music. Two days after graduating he hit his head and found himself in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury. Needless to say, he had to pull out of the production because of the risk of permanent brain damage if he were to dance and sing in the production.

Feeling very fortunate that he wasn’t completely incapacitated, and determined to use the long and difficult “down” time for a greater purpose, he wrote “Traumatic Head Injury”, and much of his debut album GOLDEN HUE, over the six-month recovery period. Jon explains, “The song talks about me longing to heal, move forward, and to get up and work hard on my career. Symptoms I had were of feeling feverish (but not actually having a fever), concentration difficulties and feeling like I had four or more beers in me all the time - but not in a good way. I was unable to walk for more than 30 minutes at a time because doing too much movement with a bruised brain put me in risk of permanent brain damage, due to too much blood flowing in the brain. It was very scary.”

Jon’s career has indeed moved steadily forward since, and he has performed at many Canadian festivals and venues, gaining fans and acclaim wherever he goes.


For more information, photos, interviews, mp3s, please contact:

Beverly Kreller


logoIrish 2000 Music & Arts Festival
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Save the Dates: Sept. 16 & 17, 2011
The BEST Irish Music Festival on the Planet!March 17, 2011

Our website is undergoing an extensive makeover. Thank you for your patience.
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Two Days, Non-Stop Music

Announcing Our 2011 Lineup

Happy St. Patrick's Day -- the midway point to Irish 2000!

This year, Irish 2000 is welcoming 19 of the finest Celtic bands on the planet.

Kicking things off on Friday (Sept. 16) is Emish.


Enter the Haggis

Continuing the music will be The Fenians, followed by Gaelic Storm, Carbon Leaf and concluding the evening is the rousing music of Enter the Haggis!

Then on Saturday (Sept. 17) , we kick into higher gear with four stage and music to please every Celtic (or would-be Celtic) heart.

Black 47

Black 47

On the Contemporary Stage, Emish opens followed by Celtic Cross and Carbon Leaf. Next up are The Screaming Orphans and The Fenians. A new addition this year is Shilelagh Law from New York City. As the evening continues, the Glengarry Bhoys take the stage with Black 47.

On the Traditional Stage, opening will be perennial favorites The McKrells. The entertainment continues with Girsa and De Dannon. Joining us this year will be The Clancy Legacy featuring Robie O'Connell, Aoife and Donal Clancy. Then, enjoy the performance of Leahy with the very popular Hair of the Dog the final act on the Trad Stage.

The Pub Stage features Rakish Paddy, Frank Jaklitsch & Friends, Kevin McKrell solo, Girsa, Flynn 529, Emish and Kilrush.

If you've never been to Irish 2000, our 15th annual event will be one to remember. Promise. If you've been with us through the years, we look forward to seeing you again.

In the meantime, enjoy St. Patrick's Day and save the dates: Sept. 16 & 17, when Irish 2000 takes over the Saratoga County Fairgrounds in Ballston Spa for an unforgettable celebration!


Matt Nelligan

I2K Executive Director


Famous Framus here -

Our CD release party is this Sat nite Mar 19 9:00pm @ This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton, ON

w/ special guest Alfie Smith
$5 door & $10 for a copy of the new disc ...on mortal love
We'll be hitting some local media this week to help promote the show so keep your eyes and ears peeled!
Wed Mar 16th on INDI 101.5 @ 4PM on Lou's Control Radio Show!
Thurs Mar 17th The Hamilton Spectator Graham Rockingham's Best Bets of the week!
Thurs Mar 17th Viewmagazine Hamilton Music Notes by Ric Taylor
Fri Mar 18th on CFMU 93.3 @ 7PM on Lullabies In Razorland w/ Ric Taylor
Hope to see you all on Sat nite!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Mar. 27 - Rainbow Bistro (Byward Market), Ottawa, ON

Apr. 2 - Tilley's Smokehouse - Carleton Place, ON

(Keep an ear out for the debut CD release!)


Big Jack Johnson 1940-2011

Legendary Mississippi Blues Man Passes

Contact: Mark Carpentieri

e-mail -

Ph: 631-754-8725


With the heaviest of hearts M.C. Records announces the passing of legendary Mississippi Blues Man Big Jack Johnson. Jack died this morning in a Memphis hospital, he was 70. Our condolences go out to his wife Annette and their many children and grand-children. Also to all the people who loved Big Jack.

To help with expenses, M.C. Records is donating all purchases of Big Jack CDs to his family. You can listen to samples of music, see a selection of recordings and make purchases right here,

by Robert Corwin - 2000

Big Jack was the last surviving member of the influential band The Jelly Roll Kings which included Sam Carr and Frank Frost. Big Jack appeared in the influential 1992 documentary movie "Deep Blues." Big Jack also appeared on CNN’s “World Beat,” PBS’s “The River of Song” and in National Geographic magazine. He has graced the covers of Living Blues, Real Blues and Blues Speak. For a more full bio on Big Jack please go to

The death of Big Jack Johnson is a sad and personal loss to me. It was after seeing Big Jack in Westchester NY that my wife and I decided to formally start M.C. Records. Catherine recalls it very well, I just remember the first time I saw him when we went up to Westchester. How electrifying he was. So powerful and raw but in a good way. Then when we worked with him to see how shy, in a way, he was and his oddball sense of

humor – hokey, but I loved it. That was Jack. Generous, warm, funny, a great family man and played blues as intensely as you would ever witness. I will truly miss him.

From L to R - Wild Child Butler, Mark Carpentieri, Big Jack - 2005 by Dick Waterman

Big Jack - 1999

Between 1996-2002 we would release four recordings by Big Jack. The Oilman started the label in a national and international direction in 1996. He also would get us our first W.C. Handy, AFIM and NAIRD Award nominations. During most of those years Jack worked tirelessly sometimes over 300 gigs per year. By 2005 his touring slowed down considerably and he spent most of his time with family he loved so much. When we stopped working together I would call him to see how he was doing. Usually his wife Annette would answer the phone and get Jack who was usually doing something with one of his kids or Grandchildren. I would ask him how he was doing, he would usually say the same thing, "fishing, enjoying my family, playing once in awhile." That was the perfect balance for Jack. Hopefully you got to see Jack play because they don't make him like that anymore.

Finally, here's a great YouTube clip of Big Jack doing "Catfish Blues."

From left to right - Sam Carr, Kim Wilson & Big Jack. Backstage at BMA Awards.

When the Lord Calls you, you got to go.

Big Jack Johnson from the song, "So Long Frank Frost"


This message was from:

M.C. Productions Inc. | 299 main st | northport, ny 11768



I love dancing and don't mind appearing ridiculous. I love the mind/body connection and the interplay between band and audience. Life at home is awesome with Jane, Chloe and River laughing and playing together like fairies on a lily pad. I am lucky. A new c.d. is brewing. Jane and I are visioning summer music gatherings in gardens. Trusting as the Mystery unfolds.

I like what the Inglis sign on the QEW says:

Give more than what is expected and do it cheerfully.

Here is what is happening this month:

Sundays shows with Jack de Keyzer Band (Mar. 20, 27, Apr. 3*, 10, 17, 24)


Stonewalls Gastro-Pub

339 York Blvd.

Hamilton, ON

L8R 3K5


Note: * April 3rd will be Jack de Keyzer and Band.

Spring Equinox Celebration

Saturday, March 19th, 330p.m.-630p.m.

The Rex

194 Queen St. West

Toronto, ON

M5V 1Z1


Jerome Godboo Band w/Shawn Kellerman, Alec Fraser, Chuck Keeping

Saturday, March 26th, 10p.m.

Roc n Docs Live Music Grill

105 Lakeshore Rd. East

Mississauga, ON

L5G 1E2


Jerome Godboo Band w/Eric Schenkman, Steve Pelletier, Danny Lockwood

Saturday, April 16th, 330p.m.-630p.m.

The Street Tap & Eatery

547 Ontario St.

St. Catherines, ON

L2N 4N4


w/Odyssey Blues Band

Thursday, April 21st, 9p.m.-1a.m.

Monarchs Pub

Delta Chelsea Hotel

33 Gerrard St. West

Toronto, ON


Jerome Godboo Band w/Shawn Kellerman, Alec Fraser, Gary Craig

Jerome Godboo

Facebook fan page: