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The Wild Rhododendrons will be celebrating Mardi Gras with 2 performances.

Let The Good Times Roll!

Saturday, February 2 - 6:30-10:30 PM

Washington Blues Society Joint Membership Drive
Guest Performers: The Wild Rhododendrons

Salmon Bay Eagles
5216 20th Ave NW
Ballard, WA

Mardi Gras Fremont

Saturday, Feb. 2 - 11:30 PM - 1:00 AM - Free Admission

Theo Chocolate Factory
3400 Phinney Ave N
Fremont, WA

Don't miss the parade at Midnight!

John Marshall - Vocals/Harmonica
Steve Flynn - Keyboards
John Stephan - Guitar
Trouble At Home Horns with Les Clinkingbeard, Craig Flory and Scott Granlund
Charlene Grant - Bass
Cutts Peaslee - Drums
Brian Steiner - Percussion

[Photos from Fremont Mardi Gras 2007 and message forwarded by Charlene Grant -]



Contact: Mark Carpentieri

M.C. Records is proud to announce that Anders Osborne's Coming Down received a tremendous review in this week's Folkwax. FolkWax is the largest singer-songwriter publication in the world. It is delivered via email to more than 50,000 subscribers around the world each week.

Anders Osborne
Coming Down
M.C. Records

FolkWax rating - 10 out of 10

A Perfect Mix

Every once in a great while a recording comes along that defies being pigeonholed into one genre or category. Whether it is for composition, writing, musicianship, or all of the above, there is just something that keeps you listening time after time. These songs reach down deep into all of us where we can relate to the tale being told. Sometimes it is pain and suffering endured. Sometimes it is the fond memory of a place or time past. Regardless of how, these songs will touch some part of everyone in some way.

Anders Osborne makes no attempt to disguise the depths to which he has fallen, only to rise again. In his own words he has walked the edge more than most. Well traveled since his youth in Stockholm, Sweden, Osborne uses this worldly experience to craft his songs with maturity and profound meaning. Each tells the tale of dues paid, the saving grace of a loving wife, and his fondness for an adopted hometown.

This is the first studio album in five years for Swedish-born, New Orleans resident, Anders Osborne. Coming Down offers the type of storytelling and melody reminiscent of acoustic Springsteen, Billy Joel on Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, early Van Morrison. By comparing Anders Osborne to them, I do not imply that he in any way copies their style. His style is his own, but that style has subtle reminders of these classic songwriters.

Osborne has been traveling to Nashville every month since 1994 to write songs, first for Polygram and then Universal. His song, "Watch the Wind Blow By", was a number one hit for Country superstar Tim McGraw. After his contract with Universal recently ended, he decided to spend more time focusing on his own music and family.

All ten tracks on Coming Down were written by Osborne, whose plaintive vocals only add to the poignancy and emotion of the lyrics. While his guitar and voice are perfectly intertwined into each melody, it is his songwriting that is the cornerstone of this record. The production on Coming Down is sparse and well mixed, with the perfect balance of instrument and voice. Kirk Joseph, formerly of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, adds the only instrument that seems oddly out of place with the normal combination of guitar, piano, bass, and drums. However, his sousaphone lends a unique flavor to the mix, like the file‚ to the gumbo.

Anders will be performing on the syndicated radio program, "Beale Street Caravan", starting the week of Feb. 6. The show is the most widely distributed blues radio program in the world, attracting over 2.4 million listeners a week. To find a station in your area go to

Anders Osborne Tour Dates

* Apr 25 2008 - New Orleans JazzFest - New Orleans, Louisiana
* Apr 27 2008 - New Orleans JazzFest w/ Voice of the Wetlands
* May 3 2008 - dba - New Orleans, Louisiana
* Aug 24 2008 - Fillmore w/ Voice of the Wetlands - Denver, Colorado
* Sep 1 2008 - Voice of the Wetlands - Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you missed Odetta's appearance on "The Tavis Smiley Show", you can check it out via this link,

Blues harmonica master Kim Wilson will be doing some solo dates in the U.S. & Canada.

Kim Wilson Solo Dates

* Saturday Feb. 2 with Marie Knight, Monroe Community College, Monroe, MI
* Saturday Feb 16th @ The Lager House, 1254 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI.

Tickets are $20 advance or $25 at door. Doors at 5pm, showtime is 8pm.

* Friday Feb 22nd@ The Oasis, 7515 Forrest Glade Dr., Windsor, Ont.

Tickets are $15 and showtime is 7:30

* Saturday Feb 23rd @ The Dawg House, 699 Wilkins, London, Ont.

Tickets are $20 and showtime is 8pm

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Mark Carpentieri
M.C. Records


Happy New Years - we’re already almost into February!

We hope you’ll come to our Zaphod’s show on Friday, February 8. Sedrick will be opening for a touring band from Calgary - Jane Vain and the Dark Matter. This is a nice early show. 8-11ish, cover $6. 'Hope to see you there!

Zaphod Beeblebrox
27 York St. (in the Byward Market)
Ottawa, ON

Lillian Studt
Lead Vocalist/Bassist


Aliant Mobility Sounds Fantastic and the Tantramarsh Blues Society (TBS) Present

the Blues Award-Winning HOLMES BROTHERS

Saturday, Feb. 9 - 9 PM

Georges Roadhouse

Sackville, NB

Tickets $14 in advance, $16 at the door

Special Student Price at the door only (ID Required) $10

The spine-tingling harmonies, boundless energy and telepathic musicianship of The Holmes Brothers (bassist/vocalist Sherman Holmes, guitarist/pianist/vocalist Wendell Holmes, drummer/vocalist Popsy Dixon) mix Saturday night’s roadhouse rock with the gospel fervor and harmonies of Sunday’s church service.

As Wendell says about their blend of the secular and the sacred, “Jesus turned water into wine, not wine into water.”

USA Today calls The Holmes Brothers’ vision of American roots music “masterful and convincing.”

Entertainment Weekly says, “The Holmes Brothers are juke-joint vets with a brazenly borderless view of American music.”

Their chilling harmonies resonate with a passion and conviction matched only by their inspired musicianship and their ability to perform sanctified gospel, low-down roadhouse blues, deep soul, Americana/country and pure pop­all in one set. They’ve recorded with Van Morrison, Peter Gabriel, Odetta, Phoebe Snow, Willie Nelson, Rosanne Cash, Levon Helm and Joan Osborne, and have gigged all over the world, ­even performing for former U.S. President Clinton.

They joined the Alligator Records family in 2001, and their label debut, ­the inspirationally stirring Speaking In Tongues (AL 4877)­, amazed and delighted everyone who heard it.

Greg Kot of The Chicago Tribune called it a “joyous, foot-stomping carnival…a gift to the world of music.”

2004’s Simple Truths earned even more acclaim. The Chicago Sun-Times called it, “A breathtaking and heartfelt journey through gospel-drenched soul, blues, funk and country.”

They won the coveted Blues Music Award from the Memphis-based Blues Foundation for Band Of The Year in 2005. Now The Holmes Brothers return with State of Grace, produced by Craig Street (Norah Jones, Chris Whitley, Cassandra Wilson), who also produced Simple Truths.

Noted for their ability to transform songs by legendary writers from The Beatles to Tom Waits to Bob Marley, The Holmes Brothers push that tradition even farther on State of Grace. They expertly reinvent songs by writers as diverse as John Fogerty (Bad Moon Rising), Cheap Trick (I Want You To Want Me), Hank Williams, Sr. (I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You), Nick Lowe (What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love And Understanding?), George Jones (Ain’t It Funny What A Fool Will Do), and Lyle Lovett (God Will, If I Had A Boat), delivering versions that need to be heard to be believed.

For the first time, several of The Holmes Brothers’ star friends add talents to the sessions. Levon Helm, drummer/vocalist from The Band, joined by his daughter Amy Helm, makes his first vocal recording since recovering from throat cancer with a heartfelt lead on I’ve Just Seen The Rock Of Ages.

On the Hank Williams classic I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You, Wendell trades verses with Rosanne Cash in a mesmerizing performance. And old friend, Joan Osborne (who has been touring as a vocalist with The Dead and Phil Lesh & Friends), steps out on a bluesy, storefront church version of Those Memories Of You. The Holmes Brothers' interplay of their voices with their guests’ is simple, musical magic.

As incredible as they are as interpreters (OffBeat calls them “the best interpretive group working today”), The Holmes Brothers are equally talented songwriters. Exceptional originals Gasoline Drawers, Smiling Face Hiding A Weeping Heart, Close The Door and Standing In The Need Of Love showcase the same true-life stories, depth of feeling, heartbreak and humor found in the timeless songs they choose to cover.

With one foot firmly planted in the secular world, The Holmes Brothers layer their songs with rich gospel harmonies and alternately rough-edged and tender vocals, producing what is undoubtedly their richest and most fully realized album.

Rooted in blues and gospel, The Holmes Brothers’ sound is all their own. The rhythmic foundation laid down by Sherman’s bass playing and Popsy’s drumming perfectly complement Wendell’s hard-driving guitar solos. But even more gripping than their instrumental prowess is their amazing three-part harmony singing, mixing Wendell’s gruff and gravelly vocals with Popsy’s soaring falsetto and Sherman’s rich baritone creating a multi-layered and ornately textured sound, bringing the soul of gospel music into everything they perform.

With their deeply soulful singing, spine-tingling harmonies and unsurpassed musicianship, The Holmes Brothers amaze audiences and leave them in a state of utter joy and jaw-dropping disbelief.

Billboard declares, “It seems like The Holmes Brothers get more assured and exciting with each passing year. The Holmes Brothers remain a musical force unto themselves.”

Their non-stop touring brings this force from concert halls to roadhouse bars, leaving their fervent fans in a state of ecstatic joy.


The Holmes Brothers’ website is:

TBS’s website is:

Reviews of the Holmes Brothers’ music can be found at:


For our out-of-town friends, you can book your tickets with a visa card by calling Ducky's at 536-1344. We have a wonderful lineup for you in the winter, and anticipate bringing you some great music with the help we will receive from the Cultural Capital Fund…

Here are some of the details again:

On Friday, March 7, we have our favourite Maritime bluesman Garrett Mason and his band at George's Roadhouse. This year, Garret is coming later than usual for his annual roof and foundation check of the Roadhouse…but we expect nothing less than a thorough check-up of the Blues from one of its finest practitioners in Canada.

For more on Garrett, please visit:

On Friday, April 11, we have one of living legends of the Chicago Blues scene, Jimmy Burns and his band performing at George's Roadhouse. Jimmy has played it all: blues, funk, soul, R&B, and played them with verve and grit for over 50 years. Watch him with his veteran Chicago band as he tours the Maritimes in support of his third release on Delmark Records.

For more on Jimmy, please see:

'hope to see you at the shows.

Tantramarsh Blues Society (TBS) Team
Sackville, NB


Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Weekly Events:

Mondays: Singer/songwriter Roundhouse Series. Hosted by Douglas King & Friends.

Tuesdays: Open Stage. Hosted by The Leavin' Train (Bluegrass).

Wednesdays: Blues Open Jam - 8 p.m. - midnight

Thursdays: Student night, Student prices. Looking for new talent. Free pool.

Sunday: Acoustic open stage - 3-6 p.m.

Concert Appearances:

Friday, Feb. 1: James Cohen Caravan - $7 cover - 9 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 2: Wicked Grin. Opening Band is Double Double. $7 Cover.

Friday, Feb. 8: Leavin' Train - CD release party. $10 ticket or ? at the door.

Sunday: Acoustic open stage - 3-6 p.m.

For more info or bookings, contact Jay Barut at


Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Don’t be SAD – My WinterFlock IV one-night festival is coming Thurs., Feb. 7!

In Iceland they call it ‘skammdegisthunglyndi’, which, according to Dr. Richard Levitan of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto , translates loosely as ‘short day/heavy mood’.” (Skamm-degis // thung-lyndi … it even sounds depressing!) Some people — those who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)— are barely functional this time of year.

But whatever you call it, The Winter Blues is for real this year, as week after week of very little sun (Environment Canada says in December and so far in January we’ve had less than two-thirds the normal hours of shine) and below-zero temperatures are combining to give some of us cabin fever!

But whether you’re SAD, skammdegisthunglyndi-esque or just blue, if you can make it out to Renaissance Café (1938 Danforth Ave., just west of Woodbine Ave. in Toronto) the night of Thurs., Feb. 7, I can guarantee we’ll warm your cockles and get your knickers in a knockin’ mood at my WinterFlock IV one-night festival-in-a-box of over a dozen musical acts.

From 8 p.m. onwards the lineup will include a diverse representation of some of Toronto ’s fine musical talent, many of whom will be familiar names from various festivals and from gigs across the city.

Some of those confirmed to appear for 15 or 20-minute sets include:

veteran Rock guitarist David Wildsmith;
young alt. Pop tyro Eric Fisher;
melodic Pop duo TK;
soulful Pop Rock songwriter James Clark;
Jazz chanteuse and songwriter Valerie Shearman;
Pop Rock ditty duo Fernando Curcione & Nicholas Balkou;
Punk Rock guitarist and trenchant acoustic soloist Ellisa Barclay of Fidget fame;
accomplished four-star Pop songwriter Drew Winters;
Pop/Roots recording artist Signe Miranda;
power-Pop behemoth Ted Rusk;
quirky and captivating multi-instrumentalist Vanessa Hanson;
daringly inventive genre bender Damon Hines;
and enchanting piano/guitar playing Trish Kerr;
I’ll also be doing a set of my own originals.

Other performers are expected to drop by and play a song or two as part of an open stage component to the show, which I’ll be hosting and which will, as always, feature between-set spins of tracks from albums by local artists.

It all costs just $5 to get in, the club is fully licensed with a full bar, including a wide selection of interesting microbrews and imports on tap and in the fridge, and good eatin’ is available at reasonable prices. Children under 12 are admitted free and welcome till 11.

Hope to flock with you Feb. 7!

Gary 17
Publisher & Editor
to-nite magazine

Join my to-nite Yahoo Groups website at: to read all the stories in the current and recent issues.

NOTE: My new phone number: 416-424-1743





Monday, January 28, 2008



Eric Steiner has been appointed as President of the Washington Blues Society (WBS) in Seattle, WA, and musician Mary McPage is now the Editor of the WBS Bluesletter for 2008. Please welcome them in their new positions and sign up for your membership (if you haven't already).



Hello, folks.

The following information is for all performances @ Fat Tony's Pizzeria (Capone's Nightclub) in St. Catherines, ON, for the coming week:

Every Wednesday - 8:00 pm - 12:00 pm:

Open Mic with Andrew Johnson

Every Friday - 10:00 pm - 2:00 pm:

Eastern Bloc

Feb. 2nd:

Brian ‘Colour Blind’ Blain

Feb. 9th:

Josh Gordon & Peter Charles

Feb. 16th:

Mo’ Kauffey

Feb. 23rd:

Shakura S’Aida

Brian Blain's Bio:

Originally from the hills of rural Quebec, now based in Toronto, Brian "Colorblind" Blain has been performing his unique brand of slow-cooked, solid-groove folk blues for more than 40 years - soulful, thoughtful, always entertaining. His current release on NorthernBlues includes four tracks with Michael Jerome Browne and guest appearances by Harry Manx, Paul Reddick, members of Downchild and other Canadian blues luminaries.

Brian is the quintessential 21st century northern bluesman - a study in contradiction, starting with the title of his new album, "Overqualified For The Blues". His guitar style is as authentic and soulful as you will find in any blues - south, east, west or north - but his lyrics reveal a unique, contemporary point of view. His vocals do not sound like some old blues guy, yet he is an old blues guy, with 60 years of life experiences and 40 years writing and singing about them (on the same guitar). His lyrics are thoughtful but he's an entertainer at heart.

Saturday, Feb. 2, 2008 - 3:00pm - 7:00pm

Fat Tony's Pizzeria
131 King St.
St. Catharines, ON

We want to thank all of you who support roots music through attending live performances. You are the sole reason fine artists are presented on Fat Tony's stage. Be sure to introduce yourselves to Jamie and me when you are in the venue. We would love to share with you about the many exciting performances happening throughout the winter and spring of 2008. As importantly, we would like to hear who your favourite roots artists are so that we may present them on Fat Tony's stage.

Best regards,

Bill 'Mojo Willie' Rymer


Sunday, January 27, 2008


Izabelle Steele - Six String Armageddon
Danyell DeVille- Diabolic Screaming
Nick Tops - Arterial Battery
Amy Hell - Subsonic Devastation


Saturday, January 26, 2008


Every Saturday night - 9:30 pm - no cover

This week's featured guest: SAT., JAN. 26 - MARK CLIFFORD

The Anchorage
186 Ricardo St.
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Mark Clifford is an amazing guitarist, a wonderful singer and songster. He's toured with the Langille Bros. Blues Band, Major Hooples Boarding House, Bond, amongst others. Mark was an original member of BIG SQUEEZE (zydeco music) and spent many years with local favourites, THE LOUD SHERTZ. Mark has also been a support player for Dutchie Mason, Rita Chiarelli, Jack De Keyzer and many others. His current full-time commitments are VOX VIOLINS and the R&B Funk band, SHIFT, both of which play somewhere in the NIAGARA REGION every week of the year. Mark has been playing in Niagara-on-the-Lake since the early '70s, when THE AMERICAN and THE RIVERSIDE were the "tang". Mark and drummer Mike Dixon played many, many weekends rockin' those places before NOTL was 'hip'. Mark is a "journeyman" doing his trade with society to co-exist on this small planet of ours called EARTH. His life project is "Music!"

We're very much looking forward to playing Mark's stuff and hanging out with him this Saturday! Check him out at the website below:
More musical improv coming up @ The Anchorage, NOTL

The Niagara Rhythm Section (Goldberger, Grisbrook, Norris, MacKay & Nelson) with special guests:

Feb 2 - Johnny Max

Feb 9 - Accordion Crimes

Feb 16 - Max Cann (singer/songwriter from England on first Canadian tour)

Feb 23 - Maria Aurigema

Mar 1 - Gayle Ackroyd & Ed Kopala

Mar 8 - Lance Anderson

Mar 15 - Mark Rutherford

Mar 22 - Mark Lalama

Mar 29 - Larry Kurtz

April 19 - Danny Marks

April 26 - Chuck Jackson

May 10 - Whiskey Jack


Something new! How crazy is this?

You can now download ringtones of our music at:


OUR NEW CD - Live at the Anchorage 1.0

Our CD's are available at several locations on-line. You can either buy the hard copy (which is what old-timers like me do) or download certain songs or the entire album.

Now available at iTunes, or directly from me at:


Friday, January 25, 2008


Hi, Good People -

It looks like Brokenjoe will continue our regular Tuesday night gig at Grossman's Tavern in Toronto. Why? Because we're having fun and it's casual and we seem to be getting better (looser and tighter that is!).

My new CD, Humdinger, continues to get lots of radio play on blues stations all over the world.
It's really nice to get these postings of radio play pretty much everyday now for the past 3 months.

If you'd like to hear the CD, then go to the C.D. Baby link at the bottom of this email or to my website.

Here's where you can find me LIVE!

Every Tuesday in Feb except Feb.19th

Grossman's Tavern
379 Spadina Ave.
Toronto, ON

Tues., Feb. 19th - Jerome Godboo Band

Slye Fox
4057 New St.
Burlington, ON
905 639-3900

Fri., Feb. 22nd - Jerome Godboo Band

2232 Queen St. E.
Toronto, ON

Sat., Feb. 23rd -Jerome Godboo Band

Kent Street
20 Kent Street South
Simcoe ON

Fri., Feb. 29th - Jerome Godboo Band


66 Brock St. W.
Uxbridge, ON

Jerome Godboo


Thursday, January 24, 2008


I received a discouraging comment recently (and not the first one) about this somewhat unconventional blog, which left me wondering if I am wasting my time and energy in maintaining it. The comment was that I shouldn’t expect any “free trade” (for example, a guest list pass to a bar gig) by musicians/clubs who are promoted here, but that playing these artists, or plugging a nightclub, on my weekly radio show would warrant reciprocal favour. I failed to see what gives one form of promotion so much more credibility over the other, particularly since the blog entails much more work on my part (editing, formatting, etc.) and particularly since the blog is also referred to on-air, and vice-versa.

Although I no longer write journals about events I’ve attended or CDs I’ve heard (see my main website for links to T’Oh-Jam, Hammer-Jam and Great Big Rock Jam), I believe this blog at least offers its readers some information on what is going on in different parts of the world, even if it’s just a band/artist photo and a website link. I’m not going to all this bother for the purpose of getting into gigs for “free” (because I certainly don’t), but I admit the show of appreciation would be nice. In most cases, it leads to additional promotion for the artist, so who is really “giving away” more than their share?

Your comments (anonymous or not) to this posting would be greatly appreciated.

D.D. Rocker
Blogmistress, Rockin’ the Blues from Canada


Our good friend, Nashville-based U.K. songwriter Lorna Flowers was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Like most Nashville songwriters, Lorna doesn't have any medical insurance. She will be undergoing treatment, surgery and recovery, and needs our help.

On Saturday, February 2, there will be a benefit night at the Commodore Sports Lounge in Nashville, TN. The Commodore is located in the Holiday Inn Select on West End Avenue and has long been one of the popular writer's night venues in Music City.

If you are a signed artist and have some autographed merchandise you would like to donate to be auctioned to raise funds, please e-mail Lorna at or Debi Champion at to find out where to send it or drop it off. (Or, you can bring it with you to the benefit on the 2nd at The Commodore.)

To learn where to send checks or donate via paypal to help Lorna, CLICK HERE to visit the current newsletter and get the mailing information.

[Message forwarded by Music News Nashville.]


Odetta To Appear on Tavis Smiley - Jan. 25

Marie Knight on "Wood Songs Radio Hour", with Larry Campbell and Janis Ian

Anders Osborne on "Beale Street Caravan"

Contact: Mark Carpentieri

M.C. Records is proud to announce that Odetta will be the only guest on the Tavis Smiley Show, Friday January 25.

The show broadcasts on your local PBS statio.

To find out more go to,

Odetta will be making a rare concert apperance in southern California this weekend.

Don't miss either!

Odetta Tour Dates

01/25 & 1/26 - Santa Monica, CA - McCabe's Guitar Shop

03/01/08 - Portsmouth, VA - TBA

Marie Knight

Marie Knight will be recording a live performance for "The Woodsongs Radio Hour" on Monday, February 4, with Larry Campbell on guitar, Janis Ian on bass & guitar and yours truly [Mark Carpentieri] on drums. If you will be in Lexington that night, you can purchase tickets for the show or you can check out the performance as it happens via Woodsongs webcast,

The show will broadcast later this winter on XM and via the hundreds of radio stations around the world that carry the show.

Marie Knight Tour Dates

02/02/08 - Monroe, MI - Monroe County Community College (with special guest Kim Wilson)

02/03/08 - Lexington, KY - Woodsongs Radio Hour Performance

03/08/08 -Suffolk, VA - Center For The Arts

05/23/08 - Albuquerque, NM - Outpost Perf. Space

05/24/08 - Las Cruces, NM - Rio Grande Theater

05/25/08 - Silver City, NM - TBA

This past summer, Marie released her first recording in over 20 years, Let Us Get Together, A Tribute To Rev. Gary Davis. The recording was produced by Larry Campbell, who recently co- produced the new Levon Helm recording, as well as touring with Levon and Phil Lesh.

Anders Osborne will be performing on the syndicated radio show, "Beale Street Caravan", starting the week of Feb. 6. The show is the most widely distributed blues radio program in the world, attracting over 2.4 million listeners a week. To find a station in your area, go to

Look for more Anders tour dates in the spring.

Anders released his first recording in five years and has consistently received great reviews and outstanding A3, folk and blues play. In fact, Coming Down this past week was the No. 1 CD on Bluesville on XM.

The great blues/folk singer songwriter Eric Bibb will be touring North America through April. M.C. Records released his first ever live CD in September to critical acclaim. His release, An Evening With Eric Bibb, has been a mainstay on many blues and folk radio programs throughout North America. In fact, this past week it was the no. 3 CD on Bluesville on XM.

Eric Bibb Tour Dates

25.Jan.2008 - Whitefish, MT - O'Shaughnessy Center
26.Jan.2008 - Sand Point, ID - Di Luna's Cafe
27.Jan.2008 - Helena, MT - Myrna Loy Centre
31.Jan.2008 - W. Lafayette, IN - Purdue University, Loeb Playhouse
01.Feb.2008 - Farmington, NM - San Juan College, Henderson Fine Arts Center
02.Feb.2008 - Albuquerque, NM - South Broadway Cultural Center
16.Mar.2008 - Santa Monica, CA - McCabe's
20.Mar.2008 - Berkeley, CA - Freight & Salvage
27.Mar.2008 - Norfolk, VA - Attucks Theatre
28.Mar.2008 - Rockland- Strand Theatre
29.Mar.2008 - Lebanon, NH - Lebanon Opera House
30.Mar.2008 - Brownfield, ME - The Stone Mountain Arts Center
02.Apr.2008 - Rochester, NY - The German House

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Mark Carpentieri
M.C. Records



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 23, 2008

Mother Earth Productions Presents


2261 Dundas St. W.
Toronto, ON

TUESDAY, APRIL 1 - 8:30 pm

$18 adv / $20 door

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Lee Oskar Harmonicas, Lee Oskar will be touring and leading a band of national and international players in Ontario and Quebec from March 28th to April 13th. The tour will be an eclectic collaboration with touring artists Michael Pickett, David Rotundo, and European-based guitarist Enrico Crivellaro. These dynamic world-class musicians will be serving up some of the most exciting and entertaining music of today, as well as showcasing the versatility of the instrument that has become synonymous with Lee's name.


3/28.....Innisfil / Lions Hall / Peter's Players 8pm
3/29.....Belleville / Loyalist College / Harmonica workshop 5-7pm / show 9pm
4/1.......Toronto / Hugh's Room 8pm
4/3.......St-Hyacinthe / Le Zaricot 8pm
4/4.......Ottawa /Rainbow Room with Steve Mariner 9pm
4/5.......Ottawa / Harmonica Workshop / Ottawa Folklore Center / 2-5pm
4/ 5......Kingston / Portuguese Cultural Hall 8pm
4/ 8......North Bay / Harmonica Workshop / Music City 6pm
4/ 9......North Bay / 100 Georges4/10.....Sudbury / Navy League Hall 9pm / Harmonica Workshop (time tba)
4/11.....Peterborough / Dobro Restaurant & Bar
4/12.....Toronto / TBS Harmonica Workshop / The Silver Dollar 2-5 pm
4/12.....Stratford / The Festival Inn 9pm
4/13.....Port Credit / Roc n Docs with Chuck Jackson

Gig Details at

Mother Earth Productions


Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Hello, everybody.
Just to remind you and let you know the Stellar Cast Blues Showcase will now begin at 9 pm and go till 12:30. This week (Jan. 24), guitarist Robert Farrell ( will be co-hosting the gig. Thanks to all the patrons and musicians who appreciate good music and good times.
Mike Ktenas

Dear Friends,

We have a wonderful winter line-up for you:

On Saturday, Feb. 9, we have the fabulous Holmes Brothers from Washington D.C. for a maritime exclusive show at George’s Roadhouse in Sackville, NB. The Holmes Brothers perform a brilliant confabulation of blues, soul and gospel that grabs you in the gut and moves you one step closer to heaven…or, at the very least, to the dance floor. Help us celebrate Black History Month with one of the most storied names in the blues. For more on the band, please visit:

On Friday, March 8, we have our favourite Maritime bluesman Garrett Mason (son of Dutch) and his band at George’s Roadhouse. This year, Garret is coming later than usual for his annual roof and foundation check of the Roadhouse…but we expect nothing less than a thorough check-up of the Blues from one of its finest practitioners in Canada. For more on Garrett, please visit:

On Friday, April 11, we have one of living legends of the Chicago Blues scene, Jimmy Burns and his band performing at George’s Roadhouse. Jimmy has played it all: blues, funk, soul, R&B, and played them with verve and grit for over 50 years. Watch him with his veteran Chicago band as he tours the Maritimes in support of his third release on Delmark Records. For more on Jimmy, please see:

'hope to see you at all the shows.

The TBS Team
R. Majithia
Department of Philosophy
Mount Allison University
Sackville, New Brunswick
Canada E4L 1G9

Phone: 506 364 2337 Fax: 506 364 2645


Alfred John Smith in concert with Bluesafire on Saturday, January 26, at 3:00 pm.

Alfred John Smith in concert with Bluesafire - Steeltown's own 'Buckshot Boy'; hard edged, acoustic resophonic roots music performing cuts from his latest album, Brass & Steel!

Fat Tony's Blues and Soul Concert Series

Saturday, January 26 at 3:00pm
Fat Tony's Pizzeria (Capone's Nightclub)
131 King St.
St. Catharines, ON

Alfie Smith is a true modern day Blues Man, blending hard edged Rock & Roll, Gospel, Folk and Jazz with 'Pure Primal Blues' to create his own unique sound. He is adept at many instruments, including 7- string slide guitar, banjo, guitar, 12-string and lap steel.

Alfie’s musicianship has earned him endorsements with Composite Acoustics, Eastwood, Stonebridge and Johnson Resonators. First and foremost, Alfie is a singer with a deep passionate brooding baritone vocal style in the tradition of the old Blues shouters.

Brass and Steel is Alfie’s 5th CD, released in October 2007. It has 21 tracks and features Alfie Smith and his band, The Hard Cases, on six of the songs. The Hard Cases are: Bob Doidge on trumpet & bass and James Richards on drums. Alfie is at ease playing solo or with his band. This is Alfie’s 1st release with Busted Flat Records.

Alfie has been a featured performer at Mariposa, Festival of Friends, Home County, Eaglewood, Mill Race, Red Rock, Brampton, Niagara Blues Festival, Harbourfront Blues Festival, Octoberfolk, Orillia Spring Blues, Barriefolk and Orangeville Blues & Jazz festival.

Alfie was selected for official showcases at the O.C.F.F. and the 2005 Blues Summit II. His new CD, Brass & Steel, has just been nominated for Best Blues Recording and his slide and guitar playing has earned him a nomination for Guitarist of the year at the 2007 Hamilton Music Awards.

Last year, Flesh & Bone, his 4th CD, was nominated for Best Blues Album at the 2006 Hamilton Music Awards as well.


Mojo Willie Rymer





Hello to all.

Many of you expressed interest about my upcoming gigs and releases and asked that I let you know when I'm in the area. Here are good opportunities to check out Tracy K and her Right Hand Band:

Feb 14th

Brandee's, Kingston

Feb 15th


Feb 16th

Trudeau's Park Resort, Tweed

Feb 18th

Tracy K in performance for a special "Bandwidth" & "Canada Reads" concert at CBC Ottawa studios.

There are details on my website and myspace.

Please do reply for more information.

Thanx so much!

I do hope to see you at the shows.


Tracy K
2006 HARMONICA PLAYER of the Year
2006 FEMALE VOCALIST of the Year
2007 Toronto Blues Society Talent Search First Runner Up
2007 Ontario Independent Music Award "BEST BLUES"
2006 ELECTRIC ACT of the Year nominee

listen to a sample mp3 clip


Hi, folks.

I want to congratulate all MBA nominees & winners. Last night's [Jan. 21] gala was more fun and had more upsets than a hockey game - unpredictable and entertaining! Colin James garnered his fair share of kudos last night, and Downchild Blues Band won an astounding 5 awards in each respective category of its sidemen - unbelievable! Who would of thunk it?! Fitz, Fonf, Chuck, Pat and most importantly Gary; I love you guys, all of you richly deserve your awards.

As many of you may know, I borrow Donnie's guys for many of the performances that I book and host down in Niagara. I owe a great debt of thanks to Donnie Walsh and his sidemen. I consider them all to be dear friends and they are, to a man, avid supporters, purveyors and producers of roots music in Canada & beyond. Next year I heartily encourage those of you who have influence in choosing nominees to recognize Donnie's undisputed and lasting contribution to the international blues scene.

Hearty congrats also to Harry Manx, Dawn Tyler Watson, Big Dave McLean, Jack de Keyzer, David Rotundo, Watermelon Slim, Colin Linden, Ian Angus and Thom Swift. What a treat to hear many of you perform with Gary's superb MBA band. All of your performances sparkled with sincerity and soul backed by a houseband comprised of the finest sidemen in the country. I can hardly wait to hear the CBC's recording of the event, as it was something that needed to be captured for posterity. We owe the CBC and our national CBC Saturday Night Blues radio host, Holger Peterson, a great debt of thanks for heightening awareness of roots music in Canada.

Dawn was the consummate hostess, Garret Mason's 'Bo Diddley' groove gave shave and hair cut two bits completely new meaning, Jack de K's solo was like listening to a waterfall of glistening notes, and the tribute to Richard Bell, Rod Phillips, Doug Riley, and Oscar Peterson was, for me at least, perhaps the high water mark of the evening. Bill King, Fonf, Lance Anderson, as well as, Mako Funasaka's film tribute, brilliantly conveyed the deep sense of grief and loss we all must feel.

The debt of thanks owed to the Toronto Blues Society is enormous for leading the way to creating this national event and for being such gracious hosts. Special thanks to Brain Slack (Zeb Productions), Mark Neveu (Field Holler Productions), The Montreal Blues Society & Cordova Bay Records for making their presence felt at this years awards and for hosting the best pre and after parties a feller and his gal could wish to receive invitations to attend. You were wonderful and gracious hosts & hostesses too.

The continued and increased involvement of other blues societies, producers and presenters is integral to developing a truly representative and national voice for the MBA's. Kudos to all of you dear folks who, at no small expense to yourselves, have shown great dedication to creating a voice for the blues & its artists that are representative of a cross section of our nation, coast to coast.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that a total of around 2,000 votes nation wide decided this year's winners. I am confident that there are a great deal more folks in Canada who have an abiding interest in roots music whose input we need to garner. Let us all do our part to involve others we whom know that share our common passion.

Sincerest regards,

Bill 'Mojo Willie' Rymer



Hey, everybody.

Happy 2008!

'Hope you’re all doing well. I just wanted to let you know about a few things going on.

First off, I just received John M. Borack’s book, Shake Some Action - The Ultimate Power Pop Guide. It’s a great read and it includes a power pop rarities CD with people such as Mark Johnson and Chris von Sneidern. I perform on an unreleased track entitled, "Folk Hero", with The Rooks. If you’re interested in it you can pick one up at

I’d also like to let you know about Kate Schrock’s new single, "Why", from her new release, Invocation. Look for this song on your local radio station any day [CKCU 93.1 FM has already played it, in December '06]. This CD also features a song that Kate and I wrote while on tour together called "Carolina Hurricane". She has a number of shows lined up as well. You can get more details at her site at

Another season of Connecticut’s rapidly growing "Small Town Concert Series" is soon upon us, starting with 2 shows in February, with "Kiss of Fire - Songs of Love and Romance", with a variety of performers including Lauren Agnelli, Lara Herskovitz, Rodney Maxwell, Forest Harlow, The Sawtelles, Chris Listorti, George Morgio, Olivia Male, Samantha Mckenna and The Big House Band. Matthew Male and Lauren have been a doing an amazing job organizing these sold-out shows. I’ll be performing and also acting as the MC for the first series. Check out more at

As of tomorrow [Jan. 23], I’ll be in Europe for the next two weeks with Ralph Alfonso of Bongo Beat Records. We start off in Paris and then to Cannes for the MIDEM International Music Conference. From there it’s off to England where we’ll be in Liverpool and London and where Ralph and I will be hitting the old BBC airwaves. My record with Mark McCarron, In The Blue Of My Dreams, is being released over there, and Ralph and I are there to promote it.

More news when I get back.

Take care.



Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Robbie Laws Bigger Band - Photos from Sunbanks Blues Festival 2007

Mike Tooley, Greg Lyons, Mike West, Robbie Laws (photo by Phil Chestnut)

Frank Holman, Robbie Laws (Photo by Tom Hunnewell)

Steve Sarkowsky (Photo by Tom Hunnewell)

Charlene Grant (Photo by Tom Hunnewell)

Robbie Laws Bigger Blues Band back at 'cha at Highway 99 Blues Club in Seattle, WA, this Saturday, January 26. Band starts at 9 pm. Get there early for a good spot or call (206) 382-2171 for reservations!

Robbie Laws - Guitar/Vocals

Mike West - Tenor Sax

Greg Lyons - Trumpet

Mike Tooley - Trombone

Frank “Hot Rod” Holman – B3 and Keyboards

Charlene Grant - Bass

Steve Sarkowsky - Drums

Listen to Robbie Laws Bigger Blues Band Live!

Okie Dokie Stomp

I'd Rather Be Blind, Crippled and Crazy


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Mother Earth Productions Presents

2x JUNO nomineeMulti Awards ~ EMI Recording Artist

MICHAEL PICKETT~ unplugged / no borders ~


3878 Erie Rd. (corner of Ridgeway and Erie)
Crystal Beach, ON

Exquisite Menu
Full Bar
Specialty Teas, Lattes, Cappuccinos
Warm and Friendly Staff

"Pickett's performances are compelling and brilliant - an eclectic and captivating storyteller - Delta Blues, Country, Folk, Americana. A songwriter with a deep moral conscience." Gritz Magazine (Alabama, USA)

His three-plus decade history of fronting bands ranging from four to 15 musicians earned him countless awards and nominations. Currently, his reputation as an uncompromising powerhouse of solo acoustic roots music extends throughout North America, the UK, and Europe.

Pickett has elicited standing ovations in prestigious venues like Toronto's Massey Hall, The Washington Center for the Performing Arts in Olympia, WA and, more recently, in Marbella, Spain.

He has shared the stage with Big Mama Thornton, John Lee Hooker, James Cotton, Jeff Healey, Bo Diddley, Koko Taylor, Downchild Blues Band, John Hammond, Matt 'Guitar' Murphy, Doug Kershaw, Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith, Snooky Pryor, Sunnyland Slim, Lazy Lester, Tom Rush, Josh White Jr., Rory Block, Matt Minglewood, T.Graham Brown, Kentucky Headhunters, Hubert Sumlin, Taj Mahal, Muddy Waters, Son Seals, Big Bill Morganfield, Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, Jon Cleary, Tea Party, Gary Nicholson, Whitey Johnson, The Players, Fortunate Sons, Colin Linden, Brian Stoltz, George Porter Jr., Rev. Billy C. Wirtz, The Nighthawks, Lee Oskar, Jerry Portnoy, Watermelon Slim, and more...

"One of the finest harmonica players of all time." Lee Oskar
"I had a vision that he was gonna be one of the best. In my book he is." Hubert Sumlin
"An artist who breathes new life into the Blues with energy and charisma." Downeast (USA)
"His [songs] transcend the urban Blues idiom." Billboard
"He's got it folks! A real student of the Blues." Sing Out! (USA)
"One of Canada's top acoustic Blues artists." Blues Revue (USA)
"Gives good chase to John Hammond on guitar and leaves him behind on harp!" Blues Matters! (UK)
"Occupying center stage is Pickett whose talents on harmonica and resophonic guitar shine throughout." Performing Songwriter (USA)


This week Straight Shot is at Engel’s in downtown Edmonds [WA] on Wed., Jan. 16, and at the Salmon Bay Eagles in Ballard [WA] on Thurs., Jan. 17, for their 18th anniversary of blues. A special invitation is extended to musicians to come on down and do some playing.

On Saturday, Jan. 19, we’re at the 909 club in Burien, WA. A great place for dinner and listening to good music.

See for details.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008






Photo by The Sheriff (



Every Saturday night from 9:30 pm - no cover

This week's featured guest: Sat., Jan. 19 - NEIL CHAPMAN

The Anchorage
186 Ricardo St.
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

I'm very pleased to say that we've been getting great turnouts at the Anchorage lately. And I thought we were NOTL's best kept secret!

This week we continue our "Guitars that ate yo' momma" series and welcome back Neil Chapman - an amazing guitarist and personality. He's known for his work with Buffy St. Marie, the Pukka Orchestra, Ian Thomas, Leonard Cohen, The Sattalites, Dan Hill, Rough Trade, Alannah Miles, Bill King and Robert Priest, to name a few...It's always a riot when we pair up Chapman and Grisbrook!

For more on Neil, visit

More musical improv coming up @ The Anchorage, NOTL

Niagara Rhythm Section (Goldberger, Grisbrook, Norris, MacKay & Nelson)
with special guests:

Jan 26 - Mark Clifford
Feb 2- Lance Anderson
Feb 9 - Martin Alex Aucoin
Feb 16 - Max Cann (singer/songwriter from England on first Canadian tour)
Feb 23 - Maria Aurigema
Mar 1 - Gayle Ackroyd
Mar 8 - Johnny Max
Mar 15 - Mark Rutherford
Mar 22 - Mark Lalama
Mar 29 - Larry Kurtz
April 19 - Danny Marks
May 10 - Whiskey Jack


Hey, Everyone!

Our disc, BIG CITY BLUES, has been garnering an armload of awards and accolades, and KSER DJ Clancy Dunnigan has just added another one. In his annual list of the top ten blues discs, Clancy has honored the Daddies!' new disc with a number six place on his prestigious "best of" list. You can catch Clancy's Bar & Grill (FM 90.7) show on Thursday nights from 8-10 p.m. Thanks, Clancy!

This award is in addition to a NW Recording of The Year award from the Inland Empire Blues Society and a sterling review in the January issue of Blues Revue magazine. By the way...the Washington Blues Society sent out their "Best of the Blues" (BB) award nominations for 2007 in the most recent issue (January) of their monthly Bluesletter. The nomination form is on the back page. Please take the time to nominate your favorite, band, cd, musician, club, etc.

Thank you SOOOO much for your support and encouragement last year!

Peace out,

BS & her boys
Becki Sue & her Big Rockin’ Daddies!


Hi, All.

I hope your New Year is starting off in a real positive note and that you are looking forward to a great 2008.

I am having a wonderful year. It is leaving me very busy, and that is good, but I really enjoy visiting and catching up whenever I can.

Please try to come out and see me on one of the dates that I have listed. I especially would love to see you at the new San Francisco Yoshi's. I am looking forward to performing with these legendary International Bay Area Resident vocalists (see below). That will be a show that you won't want to miss.

Take time for yourselves and take care of yourselves and know that I love you and want a great 2008 for you all.




Biscuits & Blues
Sun., Jan. 20, 2008
2 shows 8 & 10 PM with Legendary Guitarist Lloyd Gregory
401 Mason St.
San Francisco, CA 94102

Cetrella Bistro and Cafe
Fri., Feb. 1, 2008
8:00 PM until 11:30 PM
845 Main Street
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
(650) 726-4090

Interview with Afrikahn Jahmal Dayvs on
KKUP 91.5 FM radio
Tues., Feb. 5, 2008
4PM until 6PM

Interview with "Sir" Doug Edwards on
KPFA 94.5 radio
Wed., Feb. 6, 2008
10AM until 11AM

Interview with Melanie Berzon on
91.1 KCSM FM radio
Thurs., Feb. 7, 2008
3PM until 4PM

Interview with Avotcja on
KPOO 89.5 FM radio
Fri., Feb. 8, 2008
12PM until 3PM

Yoshi's Jazz House
Mon., Feb. 11, 2008
With the group, Sepia
(Faye Carol, Denise Perrier, Lady Mem'fis & Frankye Kelly)
Singing music of the Black Diaspora
2 shows 8 & 10 PM
1330 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, CA
(415) 655-5600

Main Street Station
Downtown Guerneville
Fri., Feb.15 & Sun., Feb. 17, 2008
6:30 PM until 10:30 PM
16280 Main Street
Guerneville, CA 95446
(707) 869-0501

Vocal intensive workshop in Guerneville
Sat., Feb. 16, thru Mon., Feb. 18, 2008
For more information contact Frankye@

Sat., Mar. 1, thru Mon., Jun. 30, 2008
Frankye will be the resident jazz vocalist
At the beautiful Oriental Mandarin Hotel in the
Bamboo Lounge in Bangkok, Thailand


Monday, January 14, 2008


I know it's a schoo/work night, but if you can make it out, of course I'd love to see you! Also, it's an early start at 8:00 pm., 'cuz we all have to get up early the next day!

The Moonshine Cafe
137 Kerr St.
Oakville, ON

***8 pm start****

Lori Yates & David Baxter



The following information is for all performances @ Fat Tony’s Pizzeria (Capone’s Nightclub) for the coming week (Jan. 14-19):

Open Mic with:

Andrew Johnson - Every Wednesday - 8:00 pm - 12:00 midnight

Eastern Bloc - Every Friday - 10:00 pm - 2:00 am


Jan. 19 - Johnny Ferreira in concert with Bluesafire

Johnny Ferreira Bio:

International touring and recording artist Johnny Ferreira combines style and boundless energy in his performances throughout Europe, the United States and Canada. Born in Portugal, his family immigrated to Vancouver, Canada, in 1963. Music had a calling for him in late youth when he picked up the accordian at 11 years of age. His infatuation with the saxophone began late in high school when he was 17.

“It was the sound that attracted me”, he recalls. “It’s the instrument that closest resembles the human voice.” By 19, he was wailing on the sax. “I was impatient to get a good sound, and two years seems like a long time when you’re a kid”, he reflects.

In the early '80s, while still in college, Johnny was very active in his local Vancouver music scene, playing the clubs, casual gigs, and joining The Pointed Sticks, who were recording and touring nationally at the time. They came from Vancouver's Punk scene, so Johnny was asked by many of the bands to record with them, most notably DOA.

"I'd be playing at a Portuguese or Italian wedding one night and the next night doing a show with DOA. I was all over the place in those days."

His music education continued at the University of British Columbia where he pursued a music degree but withdrew a year early, as he hooked up with still-unknown blues rocker Colin James.

“I felt more comfortable on stage than in a classroom”.

Ferreira was recruited as an original member of James’ band, a featured soloist on stage and in the studio and co-arranging the swingin’ “Little Big Band sessions”. A whirlwind 11 years passed quickly, touring with some of history’s most profound rock names, including The Rolling Stones, Steve Winwood, Robert Plant, ZZ Top, Keith Richards, Little Feat, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. He left Colin in 1998 to pursue his solo career, discovering new fans and excitement while fronting his own band, which was in demand constantly.

Touring and recording continues and his 4th CD, Rock & Roll Saxophonist, was released in May 2006. Many of Ferreira’s songs have weaved themselves into movies and television. His unmistakable sax sound is featured on many other CDs besides his own, many of which have reached gold and platinum status. He stays rooted to his sax, flirting with many sounds from swing to rock to pop. He continues to write, sing and perform, carving out soulful songs that grab the listener from deep within. Infectious melodies and grooves infuse his sound with emotion and passion.

Saturday, January 19, 2008 - 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Fat Tony's Pizzeria
131 King St.
Saint Catharines, ON

Thank you for your kind attention to this. We want to thank all of you media folks, who are such an integral part of getting the word out about the fine performances presented on Fat Tony’s stage.

For those of you who wish to attend our performances as our honoured guests, please tell the person working the door you are from the media and then introduce yourselves to Jamie and me. We would love to share with you the many exciting performances happening throughout the winter and spring of 2008.

Best regards,

Bill ‘Mojo Willie’ Rymer