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You can also vote for her composition/recording, "That Man Drives Me Mad", in the "best song" section of the Blues category in the Vox Pop Awards portion of the Independent Music Awards:


The Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne’ Show at Viree Blues Boreale at Le Petit Chicago, on June 1st, is the world launching of his all new album, An Old Rock on a Roll. It’s the date that this new opus will become available worldwide.

Gatineau, May 26th, 2011

World premier CD launch celebrated with a highly colored show
to wrap up the 13th edition of Viree Blues Boreale

For a few years now, Viree Blues Boreale
’s producers have wanted to treat you and themselves to this Star of the Blues. He is now starting a world tour to promote his new CD, An Old Rock on a Roll, an album produced by none other than the famous Duke Robillard, co-founder of the Roomful of Blues Band and a member of The Fabulous Thunderbirds. The “Blues Boss” will stop over in the region for one night only, on June 1st, at Viree Blues Boreale. So, you will be the very first in the world to whom the "Blues Boss" in person will present his new opus. After his recent week-long performance at the famous Jazz Club of the hotel Meridien Etoile in Paris, France, this pianist emeritus, multiple nominee and recipient of Juno and Maple Blues Awards, always resplendent in a brightly colored, French custom-tailored stage suit, will demonstrate again to a likely full room why he’s "one of the true 'missing links' between the past (Memphis Slim, Champion Jack Dupree, Fats Domino...) and modern-day blues piano players ... !

Kenneth Wayne Spruell, aka Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, was born in Spokane, Washington, in 1944, and spent his early years in New Orleans with his Louisiana-born parents. He was eight, and already a child prodigy on piano, when he moved with his family to San Francisco and then to Los Angeles. Since the '80s, he’s been based in Vancouver, B.C. Encouraged by his preacher father, the Reverend Matthew Spruell, to play gospel music, he was also secretly introduced to the radically more exciting boogie-woogie by an uncle.

By his early teen years, in the late '50s, Kenny Wayne was playing dozens of gigs, notably at the legendary Alpha Bowling Club with the great Jimmy Reed, among others. In those years, in the crowded, smoky, alcohol-fueled clubs, as it also was in Hull’s “Little Chicago”, vicious brawls could erupt with blood-spraying fights with broken bottles. Those tough situations pretty well ended his blues career for some 20 years. It didn’t stop his music, however. By the end of the '60s, he was onstage with the cream of the Los Angeles soul and R&B scene, playing with Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett, Billy Preston and members of Sly & The Family Stone and the Doobie Brothers.

After seeing the world from Texas to Hawaii and from Peoria to Paris, it’s on various stages of British Columbia and the Prairies that he rediscovered his own blues roots and officially turned into Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, from the title of Amos Milburn’s Motown comeback album.

His fresh approach to classic Blues styles shines in his original self-penned compositions inspired by legendary musicians such as Amos Milburn and Bill Doggett. Those names were indeed too fast forgotten and need to be rediscovered by present-day blues fans. His compositions earned him recognition in Canada. In the 90s, he toured in Europe. Then as now, the love of the fans for virtuoso piano playing sends the Gentleman of the Boogie Woogie’s career into overdrive, to international stardom.

The charismatic artist with the inexhaustible energy has recorded some ten albums where he pounds the 88 notes of his piano with a seldom seen conviction. We find ourselves transported back to the barrel houses and boogie-woogie joints of the 20s in America but with a touch of New Orleans and Kansas City. As he says: “Just give me a piano and an audience, and everybody’s gonna have some serious fun!”

You are thus invited by Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne himself; he’ll be here with his piano to meet you and launch his new CD, on Wednesday, June 1st, 2011, at 8h00 p.m, at Viree Blues Boreale, as usual in Le Petit Chicago, 50 Promenade du Portage, in the Old Hull sector.

For inquiries or interviews, please contact Alexandre Petit at: You can find further information on our guest at: or at:

Furthermore, you should visit our own site, which provides you with links to all of our guests sites and lots of other highly interesting information, at:


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Have you bought your ticket to the First Annual Fringe Gala yet? Well, don't delay! For every gala ticket purchased before Friday, June 3rd, you get entered in a draw to win a VIP PASS TO THE 2011 OTTAWA FRINGE FESTIVAL!

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the link below and support your favourite festival in the nation's capital!

MediaStyle & ZenKitchen are proud to present:

First Annual Fringe Gala: Playing with Fire

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 - 7:00 pm

Zen Kitchen
634 Somerset Street West
Ottawa, ON


$50.00 for students/unwaged (there are a limited number available)

*includes one drink on arrival + one toast during the evening*


This year is The Ottawa Fringe Theatre & Arts Festival’s 15th Anniversary, and to spice it up MediaStyle is hosting an evening like you've never seen before.

Taking place at the innovative and delicious ZenKitchen, the gala will feature live performances, a prestigious live auction, photo booth, the launch of the Fringe Souvenir Book and much more!

Join us for a hot night of exciting entertainment & extraordinary encounters while sipping the special sizzling fire spritzer and supporting the love of Ottawa arts and culture.

If you wish to pay for your ticket in cash, please visit the Fringe Office at 2 Daly Ave, Suite 100, Mon-Fri, 9-5.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Fringe Office at 613-232-6162.

For tickets, visit


Jim Tubman Chevrolet


A bike can change a life ...

Give your old bike a new life in the hands of a healthcare worker. Bicycles for Humanity (B4H) are looking for adult-sized bikes in working condition that will be shipped to Malawi, Africa, for use in rural communities.

Drop off your bicycle donation at Jim Tubman Chevrolet- 1770 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON - from May 30 - June 4.

For more info, call 613-733-4050.


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HOUR 1 (2:00-3:00)

JW-Jones (with Hubert Sumlin) (Midnight Memphis Sun) – “Born Operator” (4:15)

James Rogers (Red Light Party) – “All Meant to Be” (4:01)

Mike Hall (Have Guitarz…Will Travel) – “Trailer Park Blues” (4:05)

The Blazers (Red Hot Rhythm & Blues) – “The King’s Highway” (3:44)

Buzz Thompson and the Honeybees (It’s Yesterday Once More)

– “Waitin’s Killin Time” (3:35)

Andre Bisson (Rhythm and Blues Experience) – “Free Ride Blues” (3:04)

Coldsweat (Coldsweat EP) – “Me and My Guitar” (2:33)

Coldsweat (Corporate Slave) – “Junkyard Dog” (3:13)

Chris Antonik (Chris Antonik) – “She’s a Burglar” (3:39)

David Rotundo Band (No Looking Back) – “Shake It Down” (3:05)

Southside Steve Marriner (Going Up) – “Plaything” (4:02)

MonkeyJunk (Tiger in Your Tank) – “Leave the Rest to You” (4:15)

Brian Brazil [indie mp3] – “Treat Her Right” (2:30)

David Brewer & The Intimidators (Absolutely…) – “I Told You So” (5:33)

David Brewer (Bad Habits) – “Bad Habits” (4:06)

HOUR 2 (3:00-4:00)

Joe Bonamassa (Sloe Gin) – “Black Night” (4:22)

Isaac Scott (Posthumous Blues Live) – “Rocking Chair Blues” (10:04)

Rita Chiarelli (Music from the Big House Soundtrack) – “These Four Walls” (4:30)

Peter Karp (Shadows and Cracks) – “I Understand” (3:53)

Scott Bradbury (a.k.a. Badboy Scotty) (Callin’ All Blues) – “Clybourn Avenue” (3:18)

Dylan Wickens Project (Highwayaudiofire) – “Backwoods Mojo” (2:51)

Dylan Wickens & The Grand Naturals (Tattoo Black) – “The Same Thing” (5:26)

Julian Fauth (Songs of Vice and Sorrow) – “Caving In” (3:44)

Tom Boyle (with Led Jaxson) (T-Boy’s Blues – 1987-2002) – “Love in the Morning” (3:36)

Terry Blersh (Terry Blersh) – “Tryin’” (4:36)

Jimi Bott (with Junior Watson) (Live Volume 1 – Cheap Thrills) – “Sing Sing Sing (with a Swing)” (3:58)

The Mahones (The Black Irish) – “Give It All You Got (or Forget About It)” (3:59)

Boom Creek (Boom Creek) – “Only Flower in Hell” (2:15)

HOUR 3 (4:00-5:00)

La Loge [indie mp3] – “Beard of Bees” (4:19)

John Mellencamp (No Better Than This) – “Thinking About You” (3:28)

Ryan Laird (I’m Your Man) – “I’m Your Man” (3:05)

Reid [indie mp3] – “John Lennon’s Ghost” (3:48)

Anthony Salvatore (The Peace Within) – “Music, Love and God” (4:34)

Robert Plant (Band of Joy) – “Silver Rider” (6:06)

James McCartney (Available Light) – “My Friend” (3:31)

Uriah Heep (Into the Wild) – “Trail of Diamonds” (6:38)

Uriah Heep (Into the Wild) – “Into the Wild” (4:31)

Uriah Heep (Into the Wild) – “Lost” (5:03)

Claudio Minotti (Liturgy of War) – “Liturgy of War” (5:22)

HOUR 4 (5:00-6:00)

Victor Nesrallah (Hallways) – “Working for Play” (3:42)

Miles Johnson (with Raoul Bhaneja) (The Legendary Miles Johnson)

– “Blood on My Hands” (2:31)

Raoul & The Big Time (Big Time Blues) – “Bad Things” (5:51)

Boobie Browne & The Onions (Birth of the Chickenpick) – “Precious” (2:54)

Paul Fenton (Judgement Day) – “Red Tele Raga” (3:00)

Paul Fenton (Judgement Day) – “Memphis Queen” (1:43)

Paul Fenton (Judgement Day) – “Desert Island Girl” (4:14)

John-Alex Mason (Juke Joint Thunderclap) – “Delta Bound (Prologue)” (3:02)

Harry Manx and Kevin Breit (Absolutely Whatever) – “Dance with Delilah” (3:56)

Harry Manx and Kevin Breit (Absolutely Whatever) – “Hippy Trippy” (3:56)

Harry Manx and Kevin Breit (Absolutely Whatever) – “Little Ukelele” (2:30)

MonkeyJunk (To Behold) – “Mother’s Crying” (4:37)

Erin Gannon Simms [indie mp3] – “Live and Let Loose” (3:34)

HOUR 5 (6:00-7:00)


Bignac (Rain Down on Me) – “Living on the Edge” (4:49)

Bignac (Rain Down on Me) – “Whispers in the Dark” (3:17)

Bignac (Rain Down on Me) – “Love You, Fight You” (4:20)

Bignac [Live performance] – “Rain Down on Me”

Bignac [Live performance] – “Hollywood”

Bignac [Live performance] – “Undone”

Bignac [Live performance] – “What Would You Do”

Bignac (Rain Down on Me) – “Gets Me High” (3:28)

Normann (Life in Love) – “Gets Me High” (3:34)

Teddy Presberg (Outcries from a Sea of Red) – “Naturally” (1:28)

Teddy Presberg (Outcries from a Sea of Red) – “Beyond Busted” [partial airing]

Michael Jerome Browne (Drive On) – “No No Blues” (2:34)

Ken Baird (w/Susan Fraser & Jacob Moon) (Martin Road) – “Victoria Day” (4:31)


Sunday, May 22, 2011


Stay awake with me (I dare ya!) for this five-hour Sunday overnight (a.k.a. Monday, 2-7 AM Eastern Standard Time) Victoria Day Music Marathon on CKCU 93.1 FM!

Highlights include an in-studio interview with, and live performance by, Ottawa's Dan Gignac (of Normann) at approx. 6 AM. Gignac, under the name of Bignac, will soon be releasing his solo debut CD, entitled RAIN DOWN ON ME. I'll also be playing tracks from Uriah Heep, Teddy Presberg, Erin Gannon-Simms, Victor Nesrallah, David Brewer, MonkeyJunk, Dylan Wickens & The Grand Naturals, John-Alex Mason, Harry Manx & Kevin Breit, Paul Fenton, Ryan Laird, Too Slim and the Taildraggers, and much more.


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Hallelujah Video & Tour Dates Announced

Looking for full-on, heart-stopping, soul pounding funk…..? Obviously!
Listen here

Hailing from the burbs of Rainham, Houka Monks are a law unto themselves. Their passion and enthusiasm explode through your speakers with no remorse. They have taken the best elements of their biggest influences, took them on a funk odyssey and alchemised them to create something completely wild and unique.

Houka Monks have become a huge hit in Chelmsford, and it’s only a matter of time until their Steel Town Funk spreads across the whole of the United Kingdom and takes over the world (just ask Japan). The cynical lyrics of a misfit, interlaced between jangly guitars, retro beats and thumping bass lines are going to reverberate around your mind and have you singing along.

But don’t take my word for it the band are currently on tour, so why not see what all the fuss is about by seeing them live for yourself at the Venues below.

See the Houka Monks Live at the Dublin Castle

Tour Dates Announced

On May 17th the Houka Monks will be taking the stage at the prestigious Dublin Castle, Camden. This will be the first of many shows following the duo inking a deal with London's best live music promoter, BugBear.

June 10th - The Bitter End - Romford
July 8th - The Constitution - Camden
July 21st - The Hope & Anchor - Camden

Checkout the latest Video - "Hallelujah"

Watch the Houka Monks latest music video for "Hallelujah" here.
Copyright © 2011 Houka Monks, All rights reserved.
We Are Houka Monks


OTTAWA – WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 2011 – The Canadian Folk Music Awards (CFMAs) announced today that submissions are now open for the 2011 edition of this prestigious event which will be held at the Isabel Bader Theatre, Victoria College, University of Toronto on Sunday, December 4th. For more information please visit or .

The SEVENTH ANNUAL CFMAs invites all Canadian folk, roots and world musicians to submit now for the 2011 awards. Featuring this year’s theme “Celebrating Festivals,” CFMAs activities will include various workshops at Victoria College with the support and assistance of the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals (OCFF); a special nominee showcase taking place at Hugh’s Room on Saturday, December 3rd; and the evening gala, which will be held at the Isabel Bader Theatre, Victoria College, University of Toronto on Sunday, December 4th – celebrating excellence in the Canadian folk music scene today. Canadian artists who have released recordings between June 15, 2010 and June 14, 2011 are eligible to submit their work. For complete details on eligibility, applications and criteria, please visit

ARTISTS WISHING TO SUBMIT can apply directly online or by downloading the submissions form at and each artist can apply to multiple categories appropriate to their music. There are nineteen categories altogether, which includes conventional titles such as Traditional Album of the Year and Solo Artist of the Year, as well as two categories for world music, French, English and Aboriginal Songwriter of the Year awards, a Children’s Album of the Year Award and for the more adventurous musicians out there…the Pushing the Boundaries Award.

The CFMAs have also announced that this year they will be adding the new “UNSUNG HERO / TRAVAILLEUR DE L'OMBRE” award in recognition of the exceptional contribution of an individual, group, or organization to the Canadian folk music scene. The recipient will be selected by a separate five-member jury, from the region where the 2011 awards will take place – in this case, Central Canada, which includes Ontario, Quebec and Nunavut. For further details please visit

SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE is Thursday, June 30th, 2011.

EARLY BIRD SUBMISSION RATE until Sunday, May 22, 2011.

Sound integrity is important for the selection process and since current online listening is sonically inferior in many cases, the CFMA jurors prefer to listen to the CD tracks straight from the CD. This way they will get the full impact of the immense effort applied to the music as well as the artwork and packaging as a whole.


The mission of the Canadian Folk Music Awards is to celebrate and promote Canadian Folk Music in all its forms. Until their creation in 2005, there existed no awards to celebrate the breadth and depth of folk music in Canada. Awards such as the Junos, East Coast Music Awards or the Western Canada Music Awards include a few categories that apply to folk and roots music, but without as broad a view of the genre. The judging process is similar to that of the two-stage elimination model used by the Junos via a randomly selected jury drawn from the folk music community.


For more information, photos, interviews, please contact:

Media Contact: Beverly Kreller



Canadian Folk Music Awards

1111 Bank Street

Ottawa, Ontario K1S 3X4



Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Wednesday April 26 – For Immediate Release

Saturday June 4 and Sunday June 5 the Friends of Richard Newell, The Hamilton Spectator, Oldies 1150 and View Magazine present the 9th annual “Blues With a Feeling” Concert and Blues Cruise. The shows pay tribute to the late Richard Newell a.k.a. King Biscuit Boy and proceeds fund the Richard Newell Scholarship in the music department of Mohawk College.

The Saturday night concert at the Leander Boat Club in Hamilton is like a one day Blues Festival with four headlining acts. Jack DeKeyzer has long been associated with Richard Newell and was prominently featured on a number of King Biscuit Boy recordings. His latest CD recorded at the Corktown Tavern in Hamilton garnered Jack his second Juno for Blues Album of the Year. He is also the winner of multiple Maple Blues Awards. This is his much anticipated first appearance at Blues With a Feeling. Fathead headlined the show in 2006 and are back by popular demand. They are also two time Juno winners and hold a trunkload of Maple Blues Awards individually and as a group. The Cameo Blues Band are legends on the southern Ontario rockin’ blues scene. Formed in the 1970’s by Crowbar keyboard player Ray “Rabbit” Harrison and Downchild Blues Band vocalist “Hock” Walsh they are named for their long stint as the house band in the Cameo Lounge of the Hotel Isabella in Toronto. For over thirty years they have been bringing down the house with their own brand of boogie. Finally Danny Lockwood’s Favourite Grooves are also back after their sensational debut at Blues With a Feeling 2009. They’re an indescribable gumbo of jazz, blues, latin music, reggae and a large dose of Hamilton soul. Led by drummer Danny Lockwood they are an aggregation that includes some of the most respected players on the scene today. As always Eddie Cookie (Ronnie Copple), an original member of Richard Newell’s Chessmen band of the 1960’s will be there to musically greet everyone. The concert begins at 8 PM and doors open at 7:30. Admission is $25.

The party continues on Sunday with Trickbag’s Blues Cruise of the Hammer – a three hour boat ride/ blues concert on Hamilton Bay. The popular Hamilton band, which backed King Biscuit Boy for a number of years, will be joined by a few special guests including another King Biscuit veteran Sonny Del Rio on sax and one of Canada’s most respected keyboard players Denis Keldie. The $35 admission price for this licensed event also includes food. The party casts off at 6 PM

Tickets for the Leander concert go on sale April 29 at Chedoke Flowers, The Hamilton Spectator, Dr. Disc, Picks and Sticks, Stardust Records, and Looney Tunes (in Burlington). Blues Cruise tickets are only available at Chedoke Flowers. For more information, contact Rob Platsko at .


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Raising The Curtain To Reveal The World
2011.2012 Season Announced

As part of its commitment to present the finest performing artists to the broadest possible audiences, Dan Brambilla, CEO of the Sony Centre, proudly announced today the details of the 2011.2012 season.

“We are always on the lookout for the most exciting spectacles from our own backyard, and around the world, in order to represent the more than 200 cultures that co-exist in Toronto”, said Brambilla. “The power of live performance is its ability to transcend boundaries. The Sony Centre’s 51st season is a veritable round-the-world-trip with stops in Argentina, China, Cuba, India, Japan, Russia, Sarajevo, South Africa and Ukraine.”

Highlights of the season include:

The RUSSIAN Alexandrov Red Army Choir and Ensemble – RUSSIA

THE RUSSIAN ALEXANDROV RED ARMY CHOIR AND ENSEMBLE, the official army choir of the Russian armed forces, will perform with 125 musicians, singers and dancers, accompanied by a full orchestra performing with a mixed composition of Russian traditional and Western instruments, including the balalaika, the domra, the bayan, the double bass, woodwinds, brass and percussion. With breathtaking precision, their pure, harmonically rich sound brings to life a wide range of repertoire from Russian folk tunes to church hymns, operatic arias and popular music.

Thursday, September 8, 2011 @ 8PM

Tickets as low as $62


In a new live production, Koba Entertainment presents the theatrical debut of Canada’s latest sensations, Toopy and Binoo, in TOOPY AND BINOO AND THE MARSHMALLOW MOON. Preparing for his stage debut, Toopy has to find the perfect song to sing, and the perfect place to sing it! As Toopy and Binoo embark on their most important musical adventure ever, they encounter a Blue Cat Blues Band, a Loud Mouth Crooner Fish, some Rock n’ Roll Sheep, a pair of Love Struck Dragons and many other zany characters along the way.

Saturday, September 24, 2011 @ 1pm

Tickets as low as $26.10


Koba Entertainment’s smash hit THE BACKYARDIGANS: QUEST FOR THE EXTRA ORDINARY ALIENS is an out-of-this-world theatrical production with the whole Backyardigans gang – Pablo the penguin, Tyrone the moose, Uniqua the purple- spotted creature, Tasha the hippo, and Austin the kangaroo, five high-spirited friends on another epic adventure! Tag along with the gang and their extra ordinary host as they travel to shivering Frozen Toes Mountain, the blistering Hot Footsy Desert, and the volcanic Lost Pirate Island – singing and dancing the whole way!

Saturday, October 15, 2011 @ 1pm

Tickets as low as $26.10


With his roots in the Balkans, and his head in the 21st century, the charismatic GORAN BREGOVIC has combined a Serbian gypsy band, a classical string ensemble, an orthodox male choir and two Bulgarian female vocalists to create HIS WEDDING & FUNERAL ORCHESTRA. Born in Sarajevo of a Serbian mother and a Croatian father, Bregovic, a composer, musician and rock star, has created a new music genre of exuberant, cathartic symphonic mayhem. Bregovic last appeared in Toronto in 2009, where he played to a packed-out Yonge-Dundas Square for Luminato, followed by another standing-room only concert at The Guvernment–the same week!
Friday, October 21, 2011 @ 8pm

Tickets as low as $50


An explosion of high voltage salsa and sexy choreography, THE SALSA KINGS is Cuba’s hottest
new export! Backed by a live onstage band, this international sensation pays homage to the classics; Mambo, Rumba and Cha Cha Cha, while adding a cool, contemporary twist from Havana’s street salsa and hip hop scene.

Saturday, October 22, 2011 @ 8pm

Tickets as low as $45


BHARATI is a live music and dance spectacle which journeys through the colours, scents and flavours of India. It tells the story of a young man, raised in America, who returns home cynical of all things Indian. In spite of his contempt, he becomes attracted to the mysterious and elusive Bharati. As she re-introduces him to the wonders of India, he discovers himself and the true meaning of love in a powerful story of homecoming and identity.

Tuesday, October 25 – Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tuesday-Saturday @ 8pm, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday @ 2pm

Tickets as low as $39


David Mirvish presents Alberta Ballet’s LOVE LIES BLEEDING, inspired by and featuring the music of Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Alberta Ballet’s internationally acclaimed Artistic Director and Choreographer Jean Grand-Maître has created “a three-ring circus à la Elton John,” and as one would expect, there is plenty of spectacle including aerialists, dancers on spinning turntables, and fire-emitting roller skates. Set to 14 classic songs composed by Sir Elton and Bernie Taupin, the ballet is an examination of the cult of celebrity and the triumphs and challenges of superstardom.

“The screams of appreciation started early and came often during the debut performance of Love Lies Bleeding.” – Paula Citron, The Globe & Mail

November 8-10, 2011 @ 7:30pm, November 11 & 12, 2011 @ 8pm,

November 12, 2011@ 3pm, November 13, 2011 @ 2pm

Tickets as low as $33.10


SHUMKA at 50! is a celebration of the Edmonton-based company that has created a unique hybrid of the rich Ukrainian dance heritage and a contemporary Canadian dance dynamic, recognized as distinctively Shumka-style. SHUMKA AT 50!, a two-act evening of mixed repertoire, includes a 50th anniversary Hopak featuring the trademark Shumka whirlwind!

Friday, November 25 and Saturday, November 26, 2011 @ 8pm

Tickets as low as $35


A tribute band backed by the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, CLASSICAL MYSTERY TOUR is a note-for-note live reincarnation of The Beatles. The show presents 30 tunes – from the beginning of The Beatles through the solo years – sung, played, and performed exactly as they were written: "Penny Lane" with a live trumpet section; "Yesterday" with an acoustic guitar and string quartet; and "I Am the Walrus" with George Martin’s original orchestral accompaniment.

Thursday February 9, 2012 @ 8pm

Tickets as low as $45


Twenty-one years ago, Tango Argentino revitalized Tango the world over with its triumph on Broadway. Now, the same producers, with choreographer Hector Zaraspe, former friend and private teacher of Nureyev, and current faculty member of The Juilliard School, present TANGO PASIÓN.

Featuring the world’s greatest tango dancers and a live orchestra, TANGO PASIÓN weaves together a variety of exhilarating tango stories representing the full diversity of Argentine society.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tickets as low as $45


The SOWETO GOSPEL CHOIR, formed to share the joy of faith through the inspirational power of African Gospel music, has amassed a world wide fan base that includes Oprah Winfrey, Nelson Mandela, Carlos Santana, Peter Gabriel, Diana Ross, U2 and Celine Dion. Charting a meteoric rise to international fame in less than ten years, the two-time Grammy Award-winning, 52-strong choir of young and dynamic singers, dancers and musicians, delivers a flawless performance of traditional and contemporary songs infused with the irrepressible spirit of Africa.

Friday, February 24 and Saturday, February 25, 2012 @ 8pm

Tickets as low as $38


TAO is a company of martial arts drummers trained in traditional Japanese percussion who use their entire body to express the music they create. The drumming ensemble, made up of 13 men and women, work, train and live together – a cross between the ancient monks and an elite army boot camp. Created by a former punk drummer who was inspired by Cirque du Soleil’s integration of Japanese taiko drumming into circus arts, TAO also draws on other sources such as Korean dancing and drumming, Indonesian bamboo marimba, and New Zealand’s Maori people to create a raucous contemporary, combative concert.

Friday, March 30, 2012 @ 8pm

Tickets as low as $35


Back by popular demand, DISTANT WORLDS: MUSIC FROM FINAL FANTASY features award-winning music from the record-breaking video game series “Final Fantasy”. The 71-member Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, conducted by Grammy Award-winning conductor, composer, and record producer Arnie Roth, perform live to the games most memorable sequences on a massive 22’ wide video screen. Since its 1987 debut the “Final Fantasy” franchise has sold over 100 million copies worldwide and become the most recognized role playing game in the world.

Saturday, March 31, 2012 @ 8pm

Tickets as low as $30


Visually stunning, the NATIONAL CHINESE ACROBATS join the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony in an unforgettable performance featuring daring maneuvers, feats of strength, gymnastics, balancing and more. Featuring traditional Chinese instruments along with western orchestral instruments, the acrobats will mesmerize and mystify with its stunning displays of the best in Chinese martial arts, illusion, acrobatics, music, dance, and drama in a thrilling display of artistry and daredevil acts.

Saturday, May 12, 2012 @ 2:30pm and 7:30pm

Tickets as low as $38


The Bolshoi Ballet returns to Toronto with the most revered of classical ballets, SWAN LAKE, a perennial dance favourite about sorcery and royalty. Based on Russian folk tales, SWAN LAKE, which the Bolshoi premiered in 1877, is the haunting story of Odette, a beautiful maiden turned swan by an evil sorcerer. A tragic love story, Odette’s romance with Prince Siegfried is doomed by a curse which leaves him to wander endlessly on the empty banks of the lake of his dreams. Today, the Bolshoi Ballet remains one of the world’s most famous ballet companies, even Lady Gaga is a fan, and has performed with them!

Tuesday, May 15 – Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tuesday-Thursday @ 7:30pm, Friday & Saturday @ 8pm, Saturday @ 2pm

Tickets as low as $71

The newly refurbished Sony Centre reopened for its 50th anniversary on October 1, 2010, after being closed for two years of renovations. In the eight months since, the Sony Centre has seen more than 200,000 ticket holders go through the refinished bronze doors for such shows as: Robert Lepage’s Eonagatta, The Merchants of Bollywood and Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical; high profile acts like Gene Simmons, Robert Plant and Janet Jackson; corporate events for Rolex, OLG and Stikeman Elliott LLP; and to visit the Sony Centre Gallery – currently hosting an extensive exhibition of the work of painter/muralist R. York Wilson who is also responsible for The Seven Lively Arts, the stunning 15’ X 100’ panorama mural of the arts through the ages – and the high tech Sony Store.

Partnering with Sodexo, a world leader in food services, the Sony Centre is offering an international culinary experience that reflects and compliments the diversity of the onstage performances. For example, Executive Chef Stephen Lee created un menu délicieux français to set the stage for turn-of-the-century Paris for Moulin Rouge – The Ballet. The prix fixes menu included Smoked Duck, Baked Brie, Coquilles St. Jacques and Crème Brûlée. All prix fixes menus are $39 (taxes and gratuities extra) and include an appetizer, entrée, dessert, one glass of wine or beer or unlimited soft drinks, and coffee or tea. Alternatively, arrive leisurely and enjoy the hot and cold food concessions in the main lobby. Menus change frequently and are always themed to the presentation on stage.

SONY CENTRE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS, Toronto’s first performing arts centre, has played a defining role in the cultural life of Toronto for more than 50 years. Today, the newly renovated Sony Centre is home to a roster of national and international artists that reflect the diversity and sophistication of 21st century Toronto. In addition, the Sony Centre is dedicated to developing Toronto’s younger audiences through family programming, workshops targeted towards school-aged audiences, an under-30 membership program, and other community initiatives including an international culinary experience.

1 Front Street East, Toronto

For more information visit

Tickets can be purchased in person at the Sony Centre box office,
over the phone at 1-855-872-SONY (7669) or online at

Tickets available to the General Public beginning May 20, 2011

American Express brings you to the Front Of The Line
for information on advance ticket purchasing from May 12-19, 2011

Groups 8+ can call THE Group Tix Company 647-438-5559, toll free at 1-866-447-7849
or visit for discounts.

Media Contact:

FLIP Publicity & Promotions Inc.,, 416.533.7710
Carrie Sager, X224, or
Amy Orfanakos, X232,

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Jon Knight and The Soulstack
News and Upcoming Performances May 2011
Recently back to blues and roots music forms, here are the gritty swamp-roots group of Jon Knight and The Soulstack. Featuring Jon Knight, the multiple award winning frontman, singer and songwriter of former band Wickens-Knight.

A prolific song-writer, soulful singer and accomplished guitarist, Knight has garnered multiple awards for contributions to contemporary blues music, including winning the Toronto Blues Society's 2005 "National Talent Search" with the popular band Wickens-Knight and nominations for Maple Blues Awards.

Jon Knight and The Soulstack are currently recording a new album featuring a tight line-up of musicians including Mark Wessenger on hammond organ and piano, Josh Knight on Bass, and Andre Tellier on Drums.

Upcoming Performances:
May 5
The Boathouse
57 Jubilee Drive, Victoria Park,
Kitchener, ON
Free admission - Jon Knight and The Soulstack

May 6
Highway 61 BBQ
1620 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON
8:00PM - 11:00PM
LIVE RECORDING - Free admission - Jon Knight w/ Tom Bona & Terry Wilkins

May 7
The Old Winery
Niagara-on-the-lake, ON
Free admission - Special Guest with the Niagara Rhythm Section

May 12
Delta Chelsea Hotel - Monarchs Pub - Blues Series
33 Gerrard Street West
Toronto, ON
Free admission - Jon Knight and The Soulstack

May 13
Fat Cats
101 Hazelglen Drive
Kitchener, ON
Free admission - Jon Knight and The Soulstack

May 14
Aquila Restaurant
347 Keele St
Toronto, ON
4:30PM - 40 Min set
Free Admission - Jon Knight & Mark Wessenger (DUO)

May 19
The Boathouse
57 Jubilee Drive, Victoria Park,
Kitchener, ON
Free admission - Jon Knight and The Soulstack

May 21
The Street Tap & Eatery
‎547 Ontario Street,
St. Catharines, ON
3:30PM - 6:30PM
Free admission - Jon Knight special guest with Terra Firma

May 26
The Boathouse
57 Jubilee Drive, Victoria Park,
Kitchener, ON
Free admission - Jon Knight and The Soulstack

May 28
The Pour House
1115 Fennell Ave E
Hamilton, ON
4:00PM -8:00PM
Free admission - Special Guest with Mike "Shrimp Daddy" Reid

May 29
Cheryl's County Cookhouse
550 Ontario St S
Milton, ON
4:00PM -8:00PM
Free Admission - Special Guest with Mike "Shrimp Daddy" Reid

Photo: Mako Funasaka - Talking Blues Media

Sarah French Publicity | 416-566-4188 |


Monday, May 09, 2011


Rita Chiarelli News…

MUSIC FROM THE BIG HOUSE….soundtrack….!!! Hey everybody I haven’t sent a news letter out for a long while a long while…not that there has not been news…!

The soundtrack to this riveting documentary is now available and a few ‘extras’ have been added. Check it out and if you’d like to order …it is available in stores (Outside Distribution in Canada, Burnside in the USA) available on iTunes and or snail mail right from my site,

Here are the latest reviews for “MUSIC FROM THE BIG HOUSE” soundtrack:

"Music From The Big House" consists of 13 Tracks that have no problem giving you the feel that you are sitting right there with the inmates, goose bumps running up and down your spine as Rita and the other performers sing the music which resonates loud and clear... "Music From The Big House" enthusiastically gets my Highest Rating of 5*****. Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyed. John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

"...begins with a song that alone is worth the price of the CD: “These Four Walls...With that song as a breathtaking introduction, the Angola concert begins and the talent shown in these songs will amaze you." John Valenteyn (John's Blues Picks), Toronto Blues Society

"...Rita Chiarelli shares the stage, singing her gutsy 10-to-life wail to and with musician-prisoners on triumphing church music, dancing-shoes funk and, on These Four Walls, is despairing acoustic blues. 3 out of 4 Stars." Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail And reviews for the film "(FOUR STARS) Highest Rating.

Music from the Big House is a compelling and unique documentary, worth your time and attention. A sure-fire conversation-starter!" Todd David Schwartz, CurveWire

“(FOUR STARS) Highest Rating. There's no doubt that Big House will stay with you.” Mel Priestly, Vue Weekly Edmonton

“Excuse me for gushing, but documentary filmmaking does not get any better than this. This is one of those documentaries that deserve to be seen by… everyone.” Don Schwartz, Cine Source Magazine

“Near perfect movie” Tony King, CKUA host of ‘Albert Morning’

"Music from the Big House deserves broad distribution, and blues fans can insure that it is at least considered by local and regional film distributors. Blues fans and blues societies worldwide can – and should – make it happen." Lou Novacheck, BC (Blogcritics)

"(FOUR STARS) No matter where you stand on these issues, you won’t be the same once you’ve seen it. Like the blues itself, the film is all about truth, conviction and belief." Barry Hammond, See Magazine

Thank you for listening; we will be coming to your ‘neck of the woods’ soon…’til then..



ProgramROCKIN' THE BLUES FROM CANADA: Blues/Rock/Fusions
Hosted ByD.D. Rocker/Misty Blue 1955
DateMay. 9th, 2011

Final segment of "Iron Maidens" - subsequent segments of "Rockin' the Blues from Canada" will incorporate female musicians into the general music stream.

Artist Album Track
Cee Cee James Low Down Where the Snakes Crawl Low Down Where the Snakes Crawl (Station ID)
Muddy Waters Hard Again The Blues Had a Baby and They Named It Rock and Roll (Show Promo)
Sue Orfield Band Bonk! Badd Buzz
Sue Orfield Band Bonk! Two Cats Named Bob
Sue Orfield Band Bonk! Sway
Tempa and the Tantrums Voodoo & Angels Voodoo
Sophie Milman Make Someone Happy So Long, You Fool
Maggie Mayall Dig This - An Anthology, 1986-2001 Superman Man
Maggie Mayall Dig This - An Anthology, 1986-2001 Good Rockin' Daddy
Shirley Jackson and her Good Rockin' Daddies Comfort Food Three Things Worth Doing
Shirley Jackson and Her Good Rockin' Daddies Comfort Food Mellow Saxophone
Becki Sue and her Big Rockin' Daddies! Big City Blues You're Killing Me
Beckie Sue & her Big Rockin' Daddies! Big City Blues Cut You Loose
Too Slim and the Taildraggers (with Duffy Bishop) Shiver Shiver
Rory Block Shake 'em on Down - Tribute to Mississippi Fred McDowell Steady Freddy
The Sidecats Makin' Tracks Jack's Beanstalk
The Sidecats Makin' Tracks Bean Me Up
Sass Jordan From Dusk 'til Dawn Awake
Sass Jordan From Dusk 'til Dawn Home Again
The 24th Street Wailers Dirty Little Young'uns Two Timin' Woman
The 24th Street Wailers Dirty Little Young'uns Dirty Little Young'un
The Jesse Greene Band The Jesse Greene Band Mojo Man
The Jesse Greene Band The Jesse Greene Band Sweet Thing
Stacy Jones Band Long Time Comin' Turn to the Blues
Stacy Jones Band Long Time Comin' Waitin' on Love
Stacy Jones Band Long Time Comin' Ain't Too Old
Juliette Lewis Terra Incognita Hard Lovin' Woman
Nicole Fournier and Her 3 Lb Universe Not Forgotten Not Forgotten
Nicole and Her 3 Lb Universe Not Forgotten Tick Tock
Little Birdie Cinematic Way These Days
Little Birdie Cinematic Way The Temple
Evelyn Voigt Dare We? Not in My Name
Sunday Wilde Broken String of Pearls Don't Sit Around Waiting
Sunday Wilde What Man? Oh, THAT Man! That Man Drives Me Mad
Sunday Wilde What Man? Oh, THAT Man! Sunday's Midnight Blues
Bettye LaVette and the Drive-By Truckers Scene of the Crime SomeBody Pick Up My Pieces
Andrea Lake Bender Borderline Addiction
Andrea Lake Bender Isn't It Enough?
Andrea Lake Bender Bender
Monica Del Castillo The Monstrous and the Marvelous Sweet Maria
Nedra Johnson Testify! Get It and Feel Good
Ellen McIlwaine (with Cassius Khan) Mystic Bridge We the People
Dawn Langstroth No Mercy Dark and Twisted
Dawn Langstroth No Mercy New York
LiLa Young LiLa Young Tonight's the Night
LiLa Young LiLa Young Listen to Me
Pretenders Last of the Independents I'm a Mother
Pretenders Last of the Independents Hollywood Perfume
Cyndi Lauper She's So Unusual Money Changes Everything
Cyndi Lauper She's So Unusual She Bop
Cee Cee James Seriously Raw - Live at Sunbanks Nutbush
Tina Turner Private Dancer Let's Stay Together
Tina Turner Private Dancer Better Be Good to Me
Tina Turner Private Dancer Private Dancer
Ann Rabson Music Makin' Mama Snatchin' and Grabbin'
Ann Rabson Music Makin' Mama Another You
The Sugar Dames Sirens of the Broken Heart She Wore Red
The Sugar Dames Sirens of the Broken Heart Bang Bang
Alison Krauss and Union Station Paper Airplane Paper Airplane
Clela Errington Lace Curtains Country Squall
Clela Errington (f. Curtis Dreidger) Lace Curtains Klezmer Blues
Ndidi Onukwulu No, I Never Hush
Ndidi Onukwulu No, I Never Wicked Lady
Ndidi Onukwulu No, I Never Long Way Home
Sue Orfield Band Nobody's Lookin' No Cash Value
Sue Orfield Band Nobody's Lookin' White Collar Kink
Heaven's Radio Rendez-Vous Theme
Canadian content New release