Thursday, May 20, 2010


Nesrallah Fans will Enjoy Original "We'll Be As One" Lineup this Saturday

Please note that the lineup this Saturday evening, May 22, at Irene's Pub (Bank & Fifth Street, Ottawa, ON) is Victor Nesrallah (guitars, vocals), Bruce Wittet (drums), and Ken Kanwisher (bass, possibly cello).

This represents a reunion of the studio team that cut many Nesrallah tracks, including the radio hit, "We'll Be As One", recorded at Nesrallah's Kemptville facility. That song garnered heavy rotation on the now defunct adult-oriented FM Q101 and affiliates.

There have been reports that the "We'll Be As One" lyrics and snappy melody, buoyed by a brisk march tempo, found favor among oppressed monks in the northern reaches of India and beyond, who pressed their own version on mini-disk and cassette as a means of rallying support across Asia.

True story or ripping yarn, the tale will put a different spin on Victor's rendering of "We'll Be As One". Victor will be accompanied by the original session team in a live performance of similarly dignified tunes this Saturday, May 22, at jovial Irene's Pub, Bank Street, Ottawa, Canada.

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