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Programmed and Hosted by D.D. Rocker/Misty Blue 1955

HOUR 1 (2:00 – 3:00) – Cee Cee James – Station ID + Muddy Waters Theme Song
Blues Alliance (f. Doug Skoog & Laurie Johnson) – “It’s 2 AM”
Georgette Fry (Let Me Drive) – “Gifted Hands”
Burrito Deluxe (Disciples of the Truth) – “Wrong Side of Town”
John Pippus (This City) – “This City”
Harry Manx (Dog My Cat) – “Bring That Thing”
Ian Siegal (Swagger) – “Mortal Coil Shuffle”
Velvet Underground with Lou Reed (Velvet Underground Live) – “Heroin”
Chris Antonik (Chris Antonik) – “Almost Free”
Terry Blersh (Terry Blersh) – “Walkin’”
James Rogers (Red Light Party) – “Bull Jive”
James Rogers (Red Light Party) – “I Won’t Ever Come Home”

HOUR 2 (3:00-4:00)

James Rogers (Red Light Party) – “All Meant to Be”
Ann Rabson (Struttin’ My Stuff) – “Careless Boogie”
Lin Duffy (Lin Duffy) – “Call Me”
Mike Aiken (Mike Aiken) – “Jump Up”
Saint Mad (Waiting to Start) – “Not for a Long Time”
Saint Mad (Waiting to Start) – “Can’t Let Go”
Jamie Browning Band (Immoral of the Story) – “Come What May”
JP Riemens (Redneck Lullaby) – “Speed and Gasoline”
Exene Cervenka (Somewhere Gone) – “Sound of Coming Down”
Greg Zlap (w/Ian Siegal) (Road Movie(s)) – “Now I Am the Blues”
Guitar Shorty (Watch Your Back) – “A Little Less Conversation”
Mark Riley (Confessions of a Madman) – “Sing the Blues”
The Steph Pappas Experience (Not on the Map)
– “Got the Feeling to Take to the Highway”
Steph Pappas Experience (Not on the Map) – “The Lombard Street Rendition”
The Steph Pappas Experience (Not on the Map) – “Trouble Trouble”

HOUR 3 (4:00-5:00)

Riot & His Rhythm Devils (Riot & His Rhythm Devils) – “Finding the Blues”
Riot & His R. Devils (Riot & His Rhythm Devils) – “I’ll Make It Somehow”
Roy Orbison (The Last Concert) – “Mean Woman Blues”
The Jays (The Jays) – “Keys to the Highway”
Terry Gillespie (Big Money) – “Big Money”
Denis Parker (Snowman Blues) – “All I Want is to Travel”
Denis Parker (Snowman Blues) – “I Done Got Over It”
Denis Parker (Snowman Blues) – “Snowman Blues”
Murray McLauchlan (Best of: Songs from…) – “Down by The Henry Moore”
Robin Rogers (Treat Me Right) – “Drunkards Alley”
Robin Rogers (Treat Me Right) – “Moan”
Robin Rogers (Treat Me Right) – “Dark Love”
Robin Rogers (Treat Me Right) – “Ain’t No Use”
Mark Riley (Confessions of a Madman) – “Steel Blues”

HOUR 4 (5:00-6:00)

Guy Del Villano [indie mp3, from “Making Necrophiliac”] – “Bad Actor Blues”
Guy Del Villano [indie mp3, from “Making Necrophiliac”] – “Desiree’s Song”
Ray Materick (Hamilton Hometown Christmas) – “Santa’s Lament”
Sonny Del-Rio (Hamilton Hometown Christmas) – “The Christmas Song”
Ron Sexsmith (A Niagara Falls Christmas Tapestry) – “I Heard the Bells”
Madhatters and Saint Michael Celestial Singers (A Niagara Falls Christmas Tapestry)
– “O Holy Night”
Rick Richardson (w/Stevie Skreebs & Greg Fraser of Brighton Rock)
(A Niagara Falls Christmas Tapestry) – “Greensleeves”
Razorbacks (w/Dave Wanless of Svengali) (A Niagara Falls Christmas Tapestry)
– “We Three Kings”
Treblaires (A Niagara Falls Christmas Tapestry) – “Holly and the Ivy”
The Caverners (A Niagara Falls Christmas Tapestry) – “Frosty the Snowman”
Moe V. (A Niagara Falls Christmas Tapestry) – “Jingle Bell Rock”
The Ants (A Niagara Falls Christmas Tapestry) – “Deck the Halls”
Jerome Godboo (Humdinger) – “Wounded Healer”
Jerome Godboo (Rooting Out My Devils) – “7th Day”
Jerome Godboo (Humdinger) – “Xmas Storm”


HOUR 5 (6:00-7:00)

Triumph (Just a Game) – “Suitcase Blues”
Matt Andersen (Spirit of Christmas) – “The Lonely Shepherd”
Matt Andersen (Spirit of Christmas) – “Little Toy Trains”
Matt Andersen (Spirit of Christmas) – “Hobo Christmas Train”
Matt Andersen (Spirit of Christmas) – “Country Christmas Blues”
Marty Grebb (Luna Chica Christmas) – “The Very Best Christmas”
Jesse & Noah Bellamy (Luna Chica Christmas) – “I Want Texas for Christmas”
RJ Moneypenney [1617 Virtual Christmas] – “Reason for the Season”
RJ Moneypenney [1617 Virtual Christmas] – “Two Thousand Years Ago”
Audra Raulyns (Audra Raulyns) – “Santa Baby”
The Sidecats [Indie mp3] – “Santa’s Back”
The Sidecats (Makin’ Tracks) – “Cow Cat”
The Sidecats (Makin’ Tracks) – “Bean Me Up”
Big Chill (A Chill in the Air) – “Wine”
John Mayall (Back to the Roots) – “Goodbye December”


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