Saturday, March 26, 2011


Can-Go Afar 4th Fundraising Event

Sunday, March 27th , 2011, at 5:00pm

Centurian Conference & Events Centre
170 Colonnade Rd, Ottawa, Ontario

The Can-Go Afar Foundation is cordially inviting our friends, our supporters and members of the public to join us in an unforgettable evening of African music, traditional Afar food and sword tribal dancing.

The word Africa stems from the Afar people whose language is just being recorded. The Afar are nomadic, herders of goats, cattle and camels, and transporters of salt. They live an ancient, traditional lifestyle.

The Afar triangle in Ethiopia encompasses the Danakil Depression, the hottest, lowest and most barren place on earth. The 2005 National Geographic Magazine cover story described it as one of the World’s cruelest places, where temperatures often reach 50 degrees. The Afar triangle is also the home of Lucy, one of the oldest humanoid fossils yet discovered (3.2 million years old).

The Can-Go Afar Foundation is a Canadian humanitarian organization working to raise funds, deliver worthy projects and advocate for the Afar people. Can-Go Afar works closely with the Afar community in Canada, as well as local NGOs in Ethiopia. Can-Go Afar has successfully implemented a pilot project to provide BioSand water filters (a Canadian technology) in the Afar Region. The project has been expanded to Phase II. The Foundation also funds primary education for orphaned and vulnerable children. It also provides post-secondary education bursaries for Afar students and delivers emergency aid to refugees and internally displaced Afar. Since its launch, Can-Go Afar has partnered with many individual supporters and business leaders in Canada as well as with local implementing partners in the Afar Region, Ethiopia. To read more about us and our projects please visit:

Last year Can-Go Afar, with the help if its friends and supporters in Canada, raised $50,000. Our goal this year is to raise $55,000, which will be used to continue to help the Afar People build a sustainable future by providing access to education, clean-water, and refugee and humanitarian aid.

Please join us in this special evening, where you will be treated to an eclectic mixture of authentic Afar cuisine cooked traditionally by Afar women from the Ottawa Afar community and served in the traditional manner on tribal carpets. Auction items shall include a guided humanitarian trip imbedded amongst the Afar tribe to the Afar Region in Ethiopia, tribal swords, authentic Afar artifacts, collectables and more. We need and appreciate your support.

Tickets are $100 each and a tax receipt will be provided for $75.

To order tickets, contact Anita at:


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