Monday, June 01, 2015


It is with great pleasure that I introduce my latest release, "Press On!" (2015)

Over 3 years in the making, my best foot forward, a synthesis of over 25 years of creating, performing and producing Blues music.
Many tracks didn’t make it, no fillers. I wanted something I could be proud of, that would truly move people and stand the test of time.
With guest artists like Paul Walter Daly playing harmonica on “Press On!,” and John Wilson on upright bass known for his work with Dave Hole’s release of Short Fuse Blues in 1990, there is a vibe here that I am very pleased to present to you.
The album's theme is all about being positive in a world that at times seems oppressive. Seizing the moment, taking responsibility for your actions and using the power of affirmation and belief in oneself to attain that higher ground.
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All the best!

Mike de Velta

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