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Fifth Annual "Feed the Homeless" Fundraiser

Wednesday, November 25th

Zaphod Beeblebrox (a.k.a. Zaphod's)

26 York Street, in the Byward Market (Ottawa, ON)

Feed the Homeless 5, starring:





After-Party with ex Zapdhod's DJ’s Kerri and Arun.

Hosted by Much Music VJ contestant Coby Dobie.

Early start 8PM, runs to 12 midnight

***Your 5 dollar admission pays for 3 homeless to eat dinner on Christmas Day.***

It’s that time year again; get ready for the Fifth Annual "Feed the Homeless" Christmas Extravaganza.

It’s THE way to kick off the holiday season with your friends- staring Huntley Slim, Arms of the Girl, Jill Zmud, and hosted by Much Music VJ contestant Coby Dobie.

Capping off the evening in style will be Kerri and Arun, legendary Zaphod/CHUO DJs, returning once again this year to spin tunes for the one-hour after party.

This is a not-to-be-missed event, which, as long as 200 folks hear about it and come out, will pay for 500 homeless to eat dinner at Christmas again.

It’s always a good time, for a great cause. So c’mon out! Don’t forget, as usual, folks can get their picture taken with Santa, too.

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Jill Zmud

A bit of a late bloomer [??], Jill began writing and playing music in her early 20’s. Despite this, she is simply awe-inspiring to hear live.

Also lucky for her fans from her live shows, she is just about to launch her first full-length recording, as we quietly drive by.

Jill alternates between keyboards (a new love), acoustic guitar, and a late 1960s Fender Telecaster that belonged to her Uncle Eddy (a member of the band, Witness Inc., in the '60s and '70s). This fine music pedigree may explain why she become so good, so quickly.

Huntley Slim and the Suburban Cowboys

Hailing from Ottawa, Huntley Slim and the Suburban Cowboys are an alt band playing traditional America instruments. Their unique blend of traditional music with restructured lyrics and song structures borrows from the hills of Appalachia as much as it does the gritty streets of today.

C’mon out and enjoy their high energy live show.

Arms of the Girl

Arms of the Girl is currently made up of Carolyn’s powerful lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Sammy Jo’s intricate guitar riffs, Afton’s inventive bass lines and Chris’s slick beat. They are really worth seeing live.

Luckily for their many fans they are about the release their new album, We Surrender, very shortly. This is the highly anticipated follow-up to Recipe for Living.

DJs Kerri and Arun

Back in the day, Kerri and Arun were highly popular resident DJs at Zaphod’s. This is their second comeback set for charity. Not to be missed by fans old and new.

Coby Dobie, MC *Contestant in the Much Music VJ Search

Music VJ Search. It was recently announced that he is a finalist in the top 16 — out of 4,000 applications the contest received.

Santa Claus is played by Yuk’s Yuk’s signed comedian Trevor Thompson, who plays
regularly across this great nation.

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