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Dear Radio Stations that are spinning my tunes:

Below is my monthly newsletter and info. on my new website.

I have put your stations information on my Links page under Radio. Please check to be sure I have listed your website information, call letters and radio information correctly.

Send me any updates. As well, for some of you I do not have website info. So if you have that available, please send it along.

And thanks again for supporting my music!

Cee Cee's Good Blues News
Latest Happenin's

I must tell you November is my favorite month of all time cause it's my birthday month!
Ya hoo! I'm a late November Baby.

So that makes me one of those crazy happy-go-lucky fire signs
that shoots
flaming arrows!
The Sagittarius!

AND... this year and last year have been especially sweet because last year at this time
And now, a year later our re-vamped website is ready to debut!

It's jam packed full of the latest news, show calendar, photos, videos, music, history, a journal, press quotes, EPK materials, gushing fan quotes, links, contact info., and a link about a brand new product I have developed called Blues Jam!

So please check it out, surf around and enjoy! And if you have a website and want to be added to my Friends Links, please let me know. If I didn't list you and we are friends, I apologize in advance. My brain has been totally fried from putting this together for the last 3 weeks!!!

Continuing Magic

I'm STILL being played on XM 74 BB Kings Bluesville!
Continue to request the two songs
Love Makes Change and I'll Ask The Questions, You Tell The Lies

The XM Request link is on my NEW Home Page under NEWS at

Let's get to Number One!!!


November Show Schedule

Another low calorie Month due to Thanksgiving

~ ~ ~
November 11th - Engles Pub - Edmonds, WA
November 14th - Summit Pub - Puyallup, WA - (OUR FIRST TIME THERE!)
November 18th - The Central - Kirkland, WA

~ ~ ~

- - for more info!


Journey to Memphis Donations Update

Now... I'm looking for $10 Spots or $5 Spot Donations to help us get to Memphis!

I have a WHY DONATE Journal Entry on my site at

The PayPal Donation Button is on the homepage.

I also still have the fabulous Donation Packages available for those interested.

AS WELL, don't forget I'm accepting goods and services for our upcoming benefit shows in December and January - more info. to come on that!!!

CURRENT DONATIONS TOTAL: $330.00 (toward our $3000 goal!)
Thanks to the following Wonderous Souls:

Carlin Comm
Joseph Lazenka
Paul Sigmon
George Sigler
Caroline Dietrick
Von Greiff
Eve Maler
Merri Sutton
John Violette
Shirley Sanders
Mona Newbauer
Edison Shaw
Phillip Groff
David Nicols


So until next time...
Come on out to a show or send me an email!

And.. happy birthday to me!!!

Hugs to you all!

Cee Cee James - NEW SITE!!!
“My thing is... in all my writing, singing and performance is to make the songs come alive for people. To open up the mind, heart and soul with the fire of an intense gut wrenching performance full of vulnerability, honesty and truth. What else am I up on that stage for?" - Cee Cee James

FWG Records


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