Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Hosted by D.D. Rocker/Misty Blue 1955

OPENING THEME – Muddy Waters (Hard Again) –

“Blues Had a Baby and They Named It Rock and Roll”

Ian Siegal (Swagger) - “Groundhog Blues”

Ian Siegal (Swagger) – “Who’s Gonna Take My Damn Soul?”

Big Daddy Blues (Big Daddy Blues) – “Drinkin’ My Blues Away”

Big Daddy Blues (Big Daddy Blues) – “You Never Hurt Me”

Jordan Cook Band (Transitions EP) – “Help Me”

Jordan Cook Band (Transitions EP) – “Dreaming”

Too Slim & The Taildraggers (Free Your Mind) – “Last Train”

Too Slim & The Taildraggers (f. Lauren Evans) (Free Your Mind) – “The Light”

David Rotundo (No Looking Back) – “Don’t Lie to Me”

David Rotundo (No Looking Back) – “Thinking and Drinking”

Nick Vigarino (Temptation Road) – “What You Do”

Nick Vigarino (Temptation Road) – “Temptation Road

Gary Kendall (Feels Real Strong) – “That Thing”

Gary Kendall (Feels Real Strong) – “Sugaree”

Charlie A’Court (Alone) – “Alone”

Charlie A’Court (Colour Me Gone) – “Bridges to Burn”

Charlie A’Court (Bring on the Storm) – “Isolation Blues”

Raoul Bhaneja & Tanvir Alum (The Legendary Miles Johnson) – “Blood on My Hands”

Raoul Bhaneja, Melissa Stylianou, Graham Guest & Terry Wilkins (The Legendary

Miles Johnson) – “How Mutual Can This Be”

Graham Guest, Raoul Bhaneja & Terry Wilkins (The Legendary Miles Johnson)

– “Bacon and Egg”

Raoul Bhaneja & Graham Guest (The Legendary Miles Johnson) – “Beartrap Kind”

The Vibra Kings (Crown This) – “Blues in E”

Ann Rabson (Struttin’ My Stuff) – “Hassle Attack”

Karyn Oliver (Hurricane) – “No Rest”

Chris Beard (Live Wire) – “It’s About Time”

Savoy Brown (The Millenium Collection) – “I’m Tired”

Savoy Brown (The Millenium Collection) – “Tell Mama”

Chris Beard (Live Wire) – “Lock My Dreams”

Boz Scaggs (Dig) – “Miss Riddle”

Boz Scaggs (Dig) – “I Just Go”

Boz Scaggs (w/Monet) (Dig) – “King of El Paso

Hybrid Kids – “D’Ya Think I’m Sexy”

Straycats (Best of Stray Cats) – “Rock This Town”

Straycats (Best of Stray Cats) – “Gene and Eddie”

Blue Oyster Cult (Blue Oyster Cult) – “Good to Feel Hungry”

Jamie Vernon (Time Enough at Last) – “Time Enough at Last”

Jamie Vernon (Time Enough at Last) – “You’ve Done It This Time”

Jamie Vernon (Time Enough at Last) – “Give Me Your Hand”

(featuring Danielle Benson-Vernon)

Velvet Hammer (Somebody Else’s Life) – “Somebody Else’s Life”

Velvet Hammer (Somebody Else’s Life) – “Only Women Bleed”

Juliette & The Licks (Four on the Floor) – “Smash and Grab”

Juliette & The Licks (Four on the Floor) – “Hot Kiss”

Nazareth – “Silver Dollar Forger”

Nazareth – “Glad When You’re Gone”

Anthony Salvatore (The Peace Within) – “Jolene”

Anthony Salvatore (The Peace Within) – “Big Star”

Anthony Salvatore (The Peace Within) – “Shine”

Big Brother & the Holding Company (Cheap Thrills) – “I Need a Man to Love”

Rod Cook & Toast (Troublemaker) – “Beautiful Delilah”

Rod Cook & Toast (Troublemaker) – “Come Together”

Morgen (Morgen) – “Purple”

Morgan (Morgen) – “She’s The Nite”

Morgen (Morgen) – “Love”

Headbounce (Kickstarter) – “Headbounce”

Headbounce (Kickstarter) – “Kickstarter”

Headbounce (Kickstarter) – “Love Machine”

Headbounce (Kickstarter) – “Mr. Psycho”

Big Jeezus Truck (Mechanicsville) – “Gettin’ Away with Murder”

Big Jeezus Truck (Mechanicsville) – “Runway”

Kingmakers, The (Tupelo to Memphis) – “Hot Rod Girl”

Mike Hall (Have Guitarz…Will Travel) – “Hide That Cookie”

Mike Hall (Have Guitarz…Will Travel) – “Play It Like Chuck”

Mike Hall (Have Guitarz…Will Travel) – “I Quit Lovin’ You, Baby”

Blue Room (Everything But the Blues) – “Everything But the Blues”

Blue Room (Everything But the Blues) – “1001 Reasons”

Rolling Stones (Black and Blue) – “Hot Stuff”

CLOSING THEME – John Mayall (Back to the Roots) – “Boogie Albert”



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