Monday, May 09, 2011


Rita Chiarelli News…

MUSIC FROM THE BIG HOUSE….soundtrack….!!! Hey everybody I haven’t sent a news letter out for a long while a long while…not that there has not been news…!

The soundtrack to this riveting documentary is now available and a few ‘extras’ have been added. Check it out and if you’d like to order …it is available in stores (Outside Distribution in Canada, Burnside in the USA) available on iTunes and or snail mail right from my site,

Here are the latest reviews for “MUSIC FROM THE BIG HOUSE” soundtrack:

"Music From The Big House" consists of 13 Tracks that have no problem giving you the feel that you are sitting right there with the inmates, goose bumps running up and down your spine as Rita and the other performers sing the music which resonates loud and clear... "Music From The Big House" enthusiastically gets my Highest Rating of 5*****. Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyed. John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

"...begins with a song that alone is worth the price of the CD: “These Four Walls...With that song as a breathtaking introduction, the Angola concert begins and the talent shown in these songs will amaze you." John Valenteyn (John's Blues Picks), Toronto Blues Society

"...Rita Chiarelli shares the stage, singing her gutsy 10-to-life wail to and with musician-prisoners on triumphing church music, dancing-shoes funk and, on These Four Walls, is despairing acoustic blues. 3 out of 4 Stars." Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail And reviews for the film "(FOUR STARS) Highest Rating.

Music from the Big House is a compelling and unique documentary, worth your time and attention. A sure-fire conversation-starter!" Todd David Schwartz, CurveWire

“(FOUR STARS) Highest Rating. There's no doubt that Big House will stay with you.” Mel Priestly, Vue Weekly Edmonton

“Excuse me for gushing, but documentary filmmaking does not get any better than this. This is one of those documentaries that deserve to be seen by… everyone.” Don Schwartz, Cine Source Magazine

“Near perfect movie” Tony King, CKUA host of ‘Albert Morning’

"Music from the Big House deserves broad distribution, and blues fans can insure that it is at least considered by local and regional film distributors. Blues fans and blues societies worldwide can – and should – make it happen." Lou Novacheck, BC (Blogcritics)

"(FOUR STARS) No matter where you stand on these issues, you won’t be the same once you’ve seen it. Like the blues itself, the film is all about truth, conviction and belief." Barry Hammond, See Magazine

Thank you for listening; we will be coming to your ‘neck of the woods’ soon…’til then..



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