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Welcome summer with Marie-Josée Houle and John Pippus at the Elmdale Tavern in Ottawa, ON, on Thursday, June 23, at 9 p.m.

A lot happens in a year. Ottawa-based, fire-haired accordion diva knows a thing or two about that. Since the summer of 2010, Marie-Josee Houle has taken a step back from her incessant touring schedule, and music career in general, to focus on her other love - addressing Ottawa's dire need for affordable housing. As a development consultant and project manager for Sound Advice Consulting Co-op, she has had her accordion-tinkling fingers in many other pies, including a phase II for a non-profit and a few francophone and seniors' housing co-ops in Ottawa and in Thunder Bay. She is also working on starting a family. Consequently, the past year has been dotted with the odd musical appearance in Ottawa, Edmonton and Toronto (where she opened for Seattle's amazing Jason Webley). Despite her work schedule, she even managed to break new ground in Halifax and get herself into the studio to start a new album. But, her hair is no longer fire-coloured. In fact, by her standards, it's quite tame. And she shakes her head as she looks at her last entry on her website dating back to June 2010. The new album is going slowly and it's been impossible to decide on a release date.

Yes, it's been a busy year. Despite the grueling work schedule, the passion that many show-goers have witnessed when seeing Marie-Josee Houle live on stage has not subsided. Songs about heartache, weather-induced tragedies and weddings still bubble to the surface, busy schedule or not. Once a musician, always a musician.

On Thursday, June 23, backed by Steve Tippet (My Tiny Circus) on piano, Marie-Josee Houle and Vancouver-based John Pippus (originally of Winnipeg) are getting together to celebrate the onset of summer with a show at the Elmdale House Tavern.

Marie-Josée Houle and John Pippus

Elmdale House Tavern

1084 Wellington


Cover: $10

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