Sunday, August 21, 2011


Peter and the Wolves August 2011

New Songs

I'm going in to Dave Poulin's Studio Nine with Tom McMahon [bass] and Pete Beaudoin [drums] later this month to record beds for some new songs and re-arrangements of some old ones. I'm anxious for you to hear these new tunes.

A Rare Live Show

We don't play many live gigs [see our "Peter and the Wolves Live Performance Manifesto" next month], but we've been playing at the Ottawa and District Labour Council's Labour Day Picnic for quite a few years now. It's outdoors at McNab Park [corner of Bronson and Gladstone] on Monday, September 5, and admission is free. Sneezy Waters plays at 1:00, and we're on at 2:30. With me are Tom and Pete, as well as Rene Fortier [Latin percussion], Mark Ferguson [keys], Brian Asselin [tenor sax] and Dave Arthur [trombone and vocals].

For The Guitar/Theory Geek

Most of you familiar with our CD, Love/Hate Thing, are aware of the influence of Steely Dan on our music. I've always liked the slick chord progressions/voicings that Becker and Fagan apply to their songs. There's one chord, in particular, that appears in almost everything they've written, which they've dubbed the "mu major" chord. The voicings for this chord can be challenging to a guitar player, so I've published a couple of articles hoping to shed some light on the subject. They are:,-Part-One&id=6164430,-Part-Two&id=6165165

See you next month! - Peter


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