Thursday, October 27, 2011


(FILL-IN SHOW – OCT. 24/11)

Programmed and hosted by D.D. Rocker (a.k.a. Misty Blue 1955)

HOUR 1 (2:00-3:00)

Chris Murphy (Hotwired) – "Tain't No Church Song"

(w/ Teddy Leonard on guitar and Lance Anderson on organ)

Matt Andersen (Coal Mining Blues) – "Coal Mining Blues"

Eric Clapton (Journeyman) – "Old Love"

Bill Johnson (Still Blue) – "Half the Man"

Rob Moitoza (Blues State) – "Blue State Blues"

Stevie Paige (Welcome to the Big Time) – "The Best of Me"

Colin Linden (From the Water) – "From the Water"

Too Slim and the Taildraggers (Shiver) – "Workin'"

The Sidecats (Makin' Traces) – "Goin' Back to California"

J.B. Ritchie (Power Blues) – "Rocket 88"

The Kat Kings (The Winning Hand) – "Got Some Dough"

HOUR 2 (3:00 – 4:00)

Pinetop Perkins (w/ Deborah Coleman) (Ladies Man) – "Meanest Women"

Eden Brent (Mississippi Number One) – "Why Don't You Do Right?"

Aylie Sparkes (Beautiful & Deranged) – "Joanne's Reel"

Peter Karp & Sue Foley (He Said, She Said) – "Rules of Engagement"

Stacey Jones Band (Long Time Comin') – "(Your Love Lifted Me) Higher and Higher"

Tim Gibbons (Shylingo) – "Angel Red"

Alice Stuart & The Formerlys (Freedom) – "Freedom"

The Sue Orfield Band (Bonk!) – "After the Fall" (5:06)

Danny Brooks (Soulsville – Rock This House) – "Stand Up" (3:33)

Brian Brazil & Dynamics (Brian Brazil & The Dyn.) – "Hell's Kitchen"

Richie Sambora (Stranger in This Town) – "Ballad of Youth"

Nick Vigarino (Temptation Road) – "Cut Me Off"

HOUR 3 (4:00 – 5:00)

Captain Beyond (Crystal Clear) – "Night Train Calling (Crystal Clear)"

Yes (Fly from Here) – "Into the Storm"

Claudio (Liturgy of War) – "Promised Land"

Crash Diet (Generation Wild) – "Down with the Dust"

Claudia (Claudia) – "Breathe"

Elyssa Mahoney (Pull Me In) – "Melting"

The Steph Pappas Experience (Not on the Map) – "Blues/Punk"

Sister Hyde (Sister Hyde) - "Corporate Guru"

The Kingmakers (Tupelo to Memphis) – "Stuttering Cindy and Stammering Sue"

J.P. Riemens (Dirty Sunset) – "Waiting for the Boom"

David Allan Coe (w/Dimebag Darrell) (Rebel Meets Rebel) – "Nothin' to Lose"

Eric Burdon & The Animals (Classic Rock '60s) – "Monterey"

Anthony Salvatore (The Peace Within) – "What Are You Good For"

Terry Gillespie (Big Money) – "Monkey Hunger"

HOUR 4 (5:00 – 6:00)

Rita Chiarelli (Sweet Paradise) – "French Kiss"

Rick L. Blues (Back to the Roots with Friends) – "A Place to Be"

John Pippus (Wrapped Up in the Blues) – "Airplane Woman"

Robert Farrell (Freedom for My Soul) – "Church of the Electric Soul"

David Gogo (Soul-Bender) – "Please Find My Baby"

MonkeyJunk (To Behold) – "Mother's Crying" (4:37)

Coldsweat (Corporate Slave) – "Junkyard Dog"

Rounder (Rounder) – "Sleeping Like a Vampire"

JW-Jones (with Hubert Sumlin) (Midnight Memphis Sun) – "Born Operator"

The Jeff Healey Band (Live at Grossman's – 1994) – "Yer Blues"

David Rotundo (No Looking Back) – "I Don't Need Nobody"

HOUR 5 (6:00 – 7:00)

Rick Gunn [Live Performance at CFMU in Hamilton] – "Run for Your Life"

Son Roberts (Tell That Story) – "Brakeman"

Sunday Wilde (What Man? Oh, THAT Man!) – "Trouble Coming at Me"

Louise Laurier (Out of the Blues–Sortie des Blues) – "Dream It Want It Do It"

Cee Cee James (Low Down Where the Snakes Crawl) – "I'll Ask the Questions, You Tell the Lies"

Chris Antonik (Chris Antonik) - "Roll with It"

Peter Karp (Shadows and Cracks) – "Dirty Weather"

Hotcha! (Dust Bowl Roots – Songs for the New Depression) – "Fois Gras

(Dance of the Fatted Ducks)"

Dawn Langstroth (No Mercy) – "New York"

Hip Shakin' Mama (Reclaim Your Land) – "Devious (Scheming Little Thief)"

The 24th Street Wailers (Dirty Little Young'uns) – "Dirty Little Young'uns"

Jesse Green Band (Jesse Greene Band) – "Mojo Man"

Harry Manx & Kevin Breit (Strictly Whatever) – "Hippy Trippy"

Paul James (It's Halloween EP) – "Trick or Treat"


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