Saturday, July 28, 2012


Programmed and Hosted by Honey Girl

Emma Ninel (Upstairs Inside Beyond) – “Waves” (4:18)
Emma Ninel (Upstairs Inside Beyond) – “One Little Spark” (2:07)
Linq [2-song EP] – “Change the Picture” (3:14)
Linq [2-song EP] – “George Orwell, Where Are You?” (3:30)
Rick Fines and Suzie Vinnick (Nothing Halfway) – “He’ll Never Know” (4:29)
Suzie Vinnick (Me ‘n’ Mabel) – “Save Me for Later” (3:26)
Hip Shakin’ Mama & Leg Men (Reclaim Your Land) – “Reclaim Your Land” (5:10)
Hip Shakin’ Mama (Reclaim Your Land) – “Devious (Scheming Little Liar)” (2:33)

Great Big Rock Jam Report:

Among the extensive and female-heavy line-up for the 2012 Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival are Amelia Curran, Vishten, Danette Eddy, The Rosalines, Qristina and Quinn Bachand, Jenny Gear, w/Sandy Morris & Billy Sutton, Powerhouse, The All-Stars, Emily Andrews, Valerie Hewson, Allen Byrne & Holly Hogan, The Violin Femmes, and Bowline (a trio comprised of Charlotte-Anne Malischewski, Fergus Brown-O’Byrne, and Duncan Cameron).  Bowline will, in fact, be coming into the on-air studios here at CHMR around 9 a.m. this morning for a chat and/or live performance during the broadcasting of “Rockin’ the Blues from Canada”, so I hope you can stay tuned in for that.  For a complete listing of scheduled performances, visit

New female Canadian music releases include Rebecca Lappa’s Myths and Monsters; Muneshine’s There Is Only Today; Michelle Simpson’s On the Road Again; Sherry Ryan’s Sister of Mine; Rose Cousins’ We Have Made a Spark, and Alexa D’Entremont’s Edge of Gone.  You can check out a more extensive listing of recent releases by both male and female Maritime artists at, as well as at  If you are situated in St. John’s and would like to join the newly-created and very informal St. John’s Antisocial Blues Conspiracy, visit

I’m Honey Girl and I’ll be right back with more music from selected “Iron Maidens”.
Velvet Hammer (Somebody Else’s Life) – “Only Women Bleed” (5:53)
Velvet Hammer (Somebody Else’s Life) – “Giant” (4:00)
CC Bronson (Bluesarella) – “I Can’t Deal” (3:18)
CC Bronson (Bluesarella) – “I’ll Be Okay” (4:16)


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