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David Vest (f. Paul James) (East Meets West) – “Boogie Woogie Baby” (3:07)
David Vest (East Meets West) – “Black Dress” (4:39)
JW-Jones (Seventh Hour) – “So Long, I’m Gone” (2:34)
JW-Jones (Seventh Hour) – “Heartbreaker” (3:03)
JW-Jones (Seventh Hour) – “In a Song” (4:05)
JW-Jones (Seventh Hour) – “Do for You” (4:15)

D.D.’s Blue Notes

I’ve got to say that, since moving back to St. John’s at the end of April, I’ve been missing all of the matinee music shows that take place on the weekends in Ottawa, historically renowned for being very blues-friendly.  If you happen to be planning a trip to Canada’s capital, I recommend you check out the Atomic Rooster, The Rainbow Bistro, or Irene’s Pub, all of whom host live Saturday afternoon blues music, with the Rooster and the Rainbow also hosting Sunday blues matinees, as well.  My favourite gig to attend was at Irene’s, though, on Thursday evenings, when members of Heaven’s Radio host a weekly blues night, with special guest players, such as JW-Jones, Terry Gillespie (himself a co-founder of Heaven’s Radio), and Tony D, Steve Marriner, and/or Matt Sobb, of the hugely successful blues trio known as MonkeyJunk.

Speaking of The Rainbow, Jack de Keyzer, double Juno award-winning jazz-blues guitarist and producer for dozens of musicians, including The Blazers and Tracy K, will be playing there on Friday, August 24.  I know that Jack has toured in the Maritimes, but I’m not sure if he has ever made it to The Rock.  I first knew him as a rockabilly guitarist with The Bopcats, and he has also played with Robert Gordon, a somewhat famous rockabilly dude himself, but, like the late Jeff Healey, De Keyzer’s true love is jazz music.  In the meantime, he’s got a number of blues festival dates lined up right into autumn, before heading over to Europe in November.

Festival by the Marsh and Tantramarsh Blues Society are presenting Garrett Mason (son of Dutch) and the Keith Hallet Band tonight at 8 PM at George’s Roadhouse in Sackville, NB.  It’s an early show since Garrett also has a gig at the Dutch Mason Blues Festival, now on in Truro, NS, which brings us to the East Coast Blues Society in Halifax.  They have a recently revamped website at

I’ve been trying to start some sort of informal blues music “conspiracy” here in St. John’s for about a month, but so far have been met with complete indifference, apart from one local jazz musician I never heard back from after his initial query.  Ah, well, as Janis Joplin once sang, “I Guess I Got-ta Try…Just a Little Bit Harder”.  If anyone is interested, the barebones website is at

I’m D.D. Rocker (a.k.a. Misty Blue 1955) and you’re listening to “Rockin’ the Blues from Canada” on CHMR 93.5 FM.  Stay tuned for more tunes.

Marc Blackwell (Bring Me Trouble) – “Bring Me Trouble” (3:22)
The Some X Six Band (The Hoodoo Shake) – “The Hoodoo Shake” (3:59)
Paul McCartney & Wings (RAM) – “Monkberry Moon Delight” (5:25)
Secret Illusion (Turn Back Time EP) – “Silent Voices” (5:56)
Jason Loughlin (Peach Crate) – “Peach Crate” (2:53)
Heaven’s Radio (Rendez-Vous – Active) – “Theme” (2:10)

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