Saturday, August 11, 2012


Programmed and Hosted by Honey Girl

Yanah (The Girl in the Picture) – “Where the Sad Winds Blow” (4:10)
Madison Violet (The Good in Goodbye – “Fallen by the Wayside” (3:26)
Gena Perala (This Ain’t Pretty) – “Homeless” (3:57)
Stevie Paige (Welcome to the Big Time) – “If You Don’t Love Me” (4:46)
Charlene Grant (That Would Be Me) – “Train Wreck” (3:09)
Sidney York (Apocalyptic Radio Cynic) – “Roll with Me” (2:59)
Soma (Soma) – “En Garde…Touche” (3:51)

Great Big Rock Jam Report

In current and upcoming events in St. John’s:

The Tuckamore Festival – Chamber Music in Newfoundland – is currently celebrating its 12th season, and continues until August 19.  There are two performances by young artists tonight at Petro Canada Hall, one at 7 p.m., featuring original composers, and the other at 8 p.m., with players performing classical pieces in chamber music and solo repertoire.  Included in the line-up of upcoming performances next week is Montreal-based Janina Fialkowska, who will be performing pieces by Schubert and Chopin on piano on Wed., Aug. 15, at 8 p.m., at DF Cook Recital Hall. 

The Craft Council Gallery, at 59 Duckworth St., is now celebrating its 40th year of operation, and today is the last day you can glimpse a display of work from across the province.  Beginning on August 25, the Craft Council Gallery, and its Annex Gallery, will be featuring the quilt work of Heidi Wagner, the hooked rugs of Sarah Feltham, and mixed-media sculptures by Nicole Russell-Pitcher. 

If you are into some outdoor fun, Le Centre Scolaire et Communautaire  des Grands-Vents at 65 Ridge Road, is having its BBQ Feast of Acadia tomorrow, Sunday, Aug. 12, from 12:30 to 3:00 p.m. 

For those of you who are interested in learning about famous women of Newfoundland and Labrador, visit, click on “Society, Economy & Culture”, and you’ll find a further link leading you to St. John’s Women’s History Walking Tour.  There are several tours that take place in different areas of the city, so you can select those that most appeal to you.

If you are situated anywhere in the province of NL and are interested in joining the very informal St. John’s Antisocial Blues Conspiracy, visit 

I’m Honey Girl, and I’ll be right back with more “Iron Maidens”, a program comprised of music composed and/or recorded by women determined to succeed in the industry alongside their male peers.  Playlist selections include male-female duos or band comprised of both genders.

Zabeth Dkos (Unsigned, Undefined, Unapologetic) – “Slave” (4:30)
Thread (Thread) – “Falling” (2:58)
Nadine Stern (Nadine Stern) – “Yes, I Can” (3:04)
Doll (Inside the Dollhouse) – “Sally Lost Her Shoe Laces” (3:52)
Sedrick [indie mp3] – “The Furies” (1:13)
Mae Moore (Bohemia) – “Ophelia” (4:57)
Chantel McGregor (Like No Other) – “Cat Song” (2:16)


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