Saturday, October 20, 2012


Programmed and Hosted by Honey Girl

1) Maria Muldaur (First Came Memphis Minnie) – “Tricks Ain’t Walkin’” (4:34)
2) Phoebe Snow (First Came Memphis Minnie) – “In My Girlish Days” (4:48)
3) Bonnie Raitt (First Came Memphis Minnie) – “Ain’t Nothin’ in Ramblin’” (3:43)
4) Rory Block (First Came Memphis Minnie) – “When You Love Me” (3:21)
5) Blues Duo [Tracy K and Jamie Steinhoff] (Canned Heat) – “Chauffeur Blues” (3:11)
6) CC Bronson (Bluesarella) – “Intangible Blues” (5:03)
7) Ann Rabson (Music Makin’ Mama) – “Music Makin’ Mama” (3:15)
8) Cee Cee James (Seriously Raw – Live at Sunbanks) – “Gimme Back My Wig” (4:35)


This just in – blueswoman Sunday Wilde of Atikokan, ON, has just become engaged – congratulations, girl!

Here are just a few mentions of new releases from Canadian female musicians:

Guelph, Ontario, blueswoman Gayle Ackroyd Gibson, recording simply under the name, Gayle Ackroyd, has a new CD out, called Give It All You Got.  I’ll be playing a track from that – a Neville Brothers’ tune entitled “Yellow Moon”, on next week’s show.

For jazz music-lovers, Toronto-based Donna Greenberg has released a multilingual (mainly English, French and Spanish) selection of material entitled Song in the Wind.

Lindi Ortega, also of Toronto, but rumoured to be hanging out somewhere in Tennessee these days, has just released Cigarettes & Truckstops.  She’s currently on tour, hitting the Metropolis in Montreal on the 23rd of this month, the Roseland Ballroom in NYC on the 26th, and gradually heading south to Atlanta, Chattanooga, and San Antonio.

Toronto-based Lily Frost has just released a new CD, as well, entitled Do What You Love.  That release is now also in CHMR’s humongous music library, and hopefully I will get a chance to play something from it in the near future.  There has actually been a ton of new releases added to the library since I started back here at the end of June, but as I usually program my shows in advance using my own ever-increasing music collection, playlist selections taken from the library tend to be quite rare.  It’s simply not practical for me.

The new-generation blues music collective known as The 24th Street Wailers, hot on the 2012 release of Unshakeable, is set to record a live album at Bearly’s House of Blues and Ribs in Halifax, NS, on November 9.  Speaking of Halifax, it is the home of the East Coast Blues Society.  The organization welcomes musicians from the province of NL, so check them out at

I’m Honey Girl, and I’ll be right back with more “Iron Maidens”, a program comprised of music composed and/or recorded by women determined to succeed in the industry alongside their male peers.  Playlist selections include male-female duos or ensembles comprised of both genders.

9) Zabeth Dkos (Unsigned, Undefined, Unapologetic) – “Pages” (3:18)
10) Dream Aria (Transcend) – “The Rhythm of Now” (4:08)
11) El Fuego (The Riddle) – “Down” (4:01)
12) Chantel McGregor (Like No Other) – “Cat Song” (2:15)


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