Saturday, January 05, 2013


Programmed by D.D. Rocker/Misty Blue 1955

Muddy Waters (Hard Again) – “Blues Had a Baby and They Named It Rock and Roll” (Intro Clip)

1) Atlas B Salvesen (Smoke Signals) – “Faith Will Leave You” (3:34)
2) Ivo Soares (Ivo Soares) – “Last Song I Write About You” (3:19)
3) Mark Sepic (Blue Mantra) – “Sweet Forbidden Love” (2:09)
4) The Nylons (Skin Tight) – “They Just Can’t Stop It” (4:08)
5) David Vest (East Meets Vest) – “Wish Me Well” (4:22)
6) Stockholm Stoner (Stockholm Stoner) – “Broken Wing Angel” (4:11)
7) Ian Siegal (The Skinny) – “The Skinny” (4:51)

In Ottawa music news, Ian Boyd, of Compact Disc music store, advises that there will be new CDs/vinyl from The Fiftymen, The Hilotrons, Lynn Miles, and Riot Police, all before the end of March.
Toronto musician and radio show host Danny Marks is very pleased to have won for the 2012 “Best Electric Blues CD” vote by Wasser-Prawda music magazine in Germany for his latest release, A Good Friend in the Blues.
Toronto-based Blues Element's new album has been overly-delayed, partly due to a consignment deal that went sour.  Vocalist and co-songwriter Jamie Browning had decided to sell off her vintage costumes from her days as the frontwoman for Toronto punk band Daphne’s Purple Closet in order to finance the new Blues Element CD.  However, the consignment shop owner, Eva by name, is refusing to return any unsold garments and has not reimbursed Jamie for any of her items that were already purchased.  Buyer (and seller) beware – dishonest people are out there, everywhere.
Dylan Wickens & The Grand Naturals are also trying to finance the production of their newest CD, entitled Love & Lust.  They have a fundraising campaign on the go at  Depending on the amount of your donation, you could conceivably obtain an autographed copy of the CD, have your name listed on the album credits, be added to the guest list for any live performances by the band throughout 2013, have an intimate one-hour concert by the band at your home, and/or receive an autographed instrument that was used in the production of the CD.  For more information, visit
Brad Curtis of Vancouver’s Some X Six Band tells me that The Hoodoo Shake CD was picked by The Blues Underground as "Most Unique and Original Album Of The Year 2012” for the Editor’s Choice Award – well done, lads.
Debby White, owner of 99 Matrix Records and sweetTmusic in Nashville, TN, reports that her roster artists Keith Youngster, with his “Superman” single, and Van Preston, with her single, “My Heart Craves Him”, will both be featured in upcoming issues of Europe's Maverick Magazine and will be featured in the Covermount CD, to be released in Europe, this month and next.
If you’re a blues music junkie who enjoys taking in the festival circuit year-round, the 7th annual Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival takes place in Boquete, Panama, from Feb. 28 to Mar. 3, 2013.  The line-up of performers hasn’t been finalized yet, but on the bill so far are Chicago’s Tail Dragger (a.k.a. James Yancy Jones) and Bob Corritore, Panamanian saxophonist Carlos Ubarte, The Randy Oxford Band, out of Seattle, WA, The Rigoberto Coba of David, Chiriqui, Boquete, and his 18-piece big band, California’s Ron Hacker & The Hacksaws, Venezuelan Jazz Diva Maria Rivas & Band, the Royal J’s from New Orleans, and, of course, the one and only Boquete Blues Band B3.

8) The Blue Voodoo (Outside Looking In) – “Working Man’s Blues” (3:21)
9) The Vegetarians (The Vegetarians) – “U Deserve It” (4:28)
10) Ben Racine Band (One of a Kind) – “Early Times” (3:51)
11) Murderjetz (Tacit) – “Origin” (2:39)
12) Mark Bragg (Your Kiss) – “Carl Ray” (3:23)


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