Sunday, October 31, 2010


George Olliver presents Cafe Bluenote starring George Olliver and Gangbuster featuring the return of Canadian recording artist Bobby Dupont (formerly of Sweet Blindness & The Royals) @ Whistler's, in the gorgeous McNeil Room, Fri., Nov.12, 9pm-1pm.

Whistler's Grill / The McNeil Room
995 Broadview Avenue
East York (Toronto), ON M4K 2S1
(416) 421-1344

Bobby Dupont started at the original Bluenote Club at Yonge and Gerrard in the late '60s as lead singer of The Stattlers. This engagement at the number 1 night spot in the city was very successful. Upon leaving the club, Bobby went out on the circuit and began carving a distinctive name for himself as a well-known Toronto r&b singer. He formed a new band in the early '70s with well-known west end vocalist Donny Meeker, and the very popular group, Sweet Blindness, was born.

Later, with American guitar/vocalist Curtis Lee at his side, Bobby crafted up some amazing trailblazing Canadian r&b records such as "National Party" and "Cowboys to Girls". He recorded many other great r&b originals and covers with the band. Bobby quickly became known as Canada's white Stevie Wonder. Sweet Blindness recorded two very well received chart albums and they continued pumping out great soul music until 1977.

Riding a wave of continued success, Bobby teamed up with former lead singer of the famous The Mandala, George Olliver, and in 1978 they formed the acclaimed Righteous Bros. duet-style band, The Royals. Under Bobby's business direction (another one of his many talents) they fast became the no.1 niteclub band in the GTA.

Domenic Troiano (prominent guitarist for The Mandala and ace record producer) soon got wind of this formidable liaison and promptly engineered a signing to Freedom Records. Troiano proceeded to produce their 1st EP, The Royals, featuring Bobby and George. This record received significant airplay across Canada and won them a European tour in 1980 and a reuniting and return to the new Club Bluenote on Pears Ave. in 1992.

Bobby Dupont retired in 1999 after a remarkable 30 years in Canadian show biz. Then a good thing happened. In 2009 Bobby & George met up again at the Kitchener Blues Festival. George was performing with his gospel band, Caught Away, and Bobby came up to jam. "It rocked." And now after 10 yrs ............... HE'S BACK!!!

Come out and support Bobby at the beautiful Whistler's / McNeil Room and see this talented performer continue to make his way back into the business he knows and loves. This will be Bobby and George's 2nd appearance as The Royals in 5 months. Bobby will be singing some of his former hits. If you missed him last time, don't this time. We guarantee each performance will be better than the last.

$20 in advance or at the door - reserve your seats NOW!! - they are going fast! For reservations call (416) 421-1344 or

Hunter-Hughes Productions
Whitby, ON


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