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Hi, everyone. My name is Chris Lewis Carter, and I have just launched an indiegogo campaign to help fund and promote my new young-adult book series, "Camp Myth." (I've placed the full description below).

If you could spare a moment of your time, it would be so amazingly great if you could visit to view the campaign and show your support. There are some great rewards for becoming a backer, including copies of the first book, t-shirts, and even being featured on an upcoming cover! Even if donating isn't your thing, simply visiting the page to click "Like," "Share," "Tweet," or leave a nice comment - all of those will help my campaign hit the front page of indiegogo and gain more exposure. Please, help a local writer showcase his idea on a world stage, and to create a unique new series with a positive message. Thank you in advance to everyone for your help. I really appreciate it. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
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Camp Myth is a summer camp built to teach young mythological creatures about the cultures and dangers of their amazing world. Minotaurs, Dryads, Merfolk, Centaurs – you name it! For six weeks, these children live and work together in order to earn merit badges and prove their worth to the mythic community.
But for Felix, a mischievous Fae with a knack for getting into trouble, camp means nothing more than a chance to break free from his overprotective parents and enjoy a few weeks without responsibilities. That is, until a series of accidents turn camp life upside-down, and some of the other campers start disappearing from the grounds.
Together with his cabin-mates, Argee – the world's only nerdy Cyclops – and Moxie – an orphaned Kitsune unable to control her shape-shifting powers, Felix will meet learn about mythological creatures, what it really means to grow up, and how friendship can transcend race and culture.

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