Thursday, September 20, 2012


Programmed and hosted by D.D. Rocker/Misty Blue 1955

1) Muddy Waters (Hard Again) – “Blues Had a Baby…” (0:31)
2) Pinetop Perkins (Heaven) – “That’s All Right” (3:40)
3) Denis Parker (Snowman Blues) – “I Done Got Over It” (3:33)
4) Rick Fines (Solar Powered) – “Procrastination” (3:28)
5) Double R Band (Under the Covers) – “Music, Friends & My Guitar” (3:07)
6) The Double R Band (Off the Shelf) – “Rave On” (3:15)
7) Chris Kirby (Wonderizer) – “Wonderizer” (3:33)
8) Chris Kirby (Wonderizer) – “Spell It Out” (3:43)
9) Chris Kirby (Wonderizer) – “Greasy Individual” (3:58)
D.D.’s Blue Notes

If you’re planning on releasing a CD anytime in the near future, you might want to consider sketching a picture of yourself and using that for the cover art.  Using an image that depicts anything or anyone else without providing compensation could now be construed as copyright infringement and litigated as such.  I hope I didn’t just speak any syllables that belong to someone else – a penny for your thoughts?  That being said, apparently the Royal Mint is backing down on its plan to charge Nova Scotia musician Dave Gunning for the depiction of the one-cent coin on his CD cover art.

Chris White, volunteer coordinator and community outreach coordinator from 2011-2012 with CKCU 93.1 FM in Ottawa, received the Helen Verger Award at this year’s Ottawa Folk Festival.  Chris co-founded the festival in 1993 and was its artistic director for 16 years.  Helen was the co-owner and operator of the legendary and much-loved Rasputin’s CafĂ© in our nation’s capital, along with her son, Dean Verger, also with CKCU.  The venue sustained major damage in a suspected case of arson a number of years ago and never re-opened.  The Vergers have roots in Newfoundland and Labrador.

British Columbia punk-rocker and long-time activist Joe Keithley of D.O.A. has thrown his Mohawk into the political ring, seeking to win the NDP vote in his riding of Coquitlam-Burke Mountain.  “Shithead”, as he was known by in musical circles, spoke to a crowd last fall in Confederation Park during the Occupy Ottawa movement.  Oh, and the band recently released a new CD called We Come in Peace.  I had a chance to meet him personally at a gig at Mavericks and found him quite charming.

Rising Star Promotions is proud to announce that ADAM TUCK will be the Special Guest at the 8 BALL AITKEN show at the S.S. MEIGLE show, in Seal Cove, Conception Bay South (CBS, for those of you listening in from Australia, where 8 Ball hails from).  Chris Kirby, whose music I’m going to play shortly after I stop babbling, will be opening for 8 Ball at Distortion on George Street on September 20.  That party’s gonna be a double humdinger!

I’d like to wish an early happy birthday to Shelley Hardinge, a.k.a. Hip Shakin’ Mama.  She’ll be turning 23 tomorrow.  Right, Shelley?  Oh, wait - it’s Jimmy Bowskill who is turning 23 then.  I can’t believe a decade has already passed since I first heard him belting out the blues in Dunnville, ON.

I’m D.D. Rocker (a.k.a. Misty Blue 1955) and you’re listening to “Rockin’ the Blues from Canada” on CHMR 93.5 FM, streaming live online at, on Rogers TV Channel 942 and Bell Aliant Channel 825.  “Iron Maidens”, formerly preceding this show, is now airing immediately afterwards, at 10 o’clock, followed by Converts of Reason with Rory Campbell and Liam O'Keefe.  In the meantime, stay tuned for more tunes.

10) 8 Ball Aitken [indie mp3] – “Outback Booty Call” (2:44)
11) 8 Ball Aitken [indie mp3] – “Yellow Moon” (4:06)

12) KOI [indie mp3] – “Away” (4:01)
13) The Lone Crows (The Lone Crows) – “Lone Crow” (3:34)


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