Saturday, September 01, 2012


Programmed and Hosted by Honey Girl

Vicky Hynes (Vicky Hynes) – “Storm Warning” (3:42)
Tara Holloway (Sins to Confess) – “The Bottom” (4:07)
Catherine MacLellan (w/ Jim Cuddy) (Silhouette) – “Snow Bird” (4:31)
Jamie Browning Band (Jamie Browning Band) – “Till Will Heal” (5:05)
Atlantic Union (The Whole Dance) – “Blackwaterside” (3:26)
Roxanne Potvin (The Way It Feels) – “Say It” (2:31)
The Blue Monday Band (The Blue Monday Band) – “Woman in Blue” (4:04)

Great Big Rock Jam Report

Blueswoman Shelly Hardinge of Hip-Shakin’ Mama and the Leg Men recently had the honour of having one of her ample mammary glands autographed by blues great Charlie Musselwhite.  I guess there wasn’t any paper handy.  I wouldn’t want to be her husband if that was a permanent marker being used on the makeshift canvas…

As mentioned in the preceding show, “Iron Maidens” now follows “Rockin’ the Blues from Canada” rather than preceding it, in order to allow me an extra hour of sleep after a hard week of the old 9-5 routine.  I also mentioned during that show that Canadian ukulele player James Hill, along with his fiancée and long-time music partner, noted East Coast cellist Anne Janelle Davison, will be featured by Borealis Records in a free streaming of a live concert performed in Toronto last year.  You can check it out tomorrow and Monday evening, at 8 PM EST, at

Toronto’s Blues Element is planning to record its third CD at Rogue Studios in Toronto, with James Paul as their recordist, as he prefers to refer to himself.  Blues Element co-songwriter and lead vocalist Jamie Browning simply refers to him as "amazing".

The deadline to submit applications for the MusicNL Week Showcase is September 10, 2012, at 4:30 p.m.  The showcase criteria is as follows:
  • Must be a paid-up member of MusicNL.
  • Must have been a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador for the past year.
  • Repertoire must include at least one original song (previously unreleased).
  • A showcase evaluation committee will jury the submissions. 
Application must include:
  • Stage plot
  • Two-three-song demo or commercially-released CD (mp3's only)
  • Photo of artist or group (jpg's only)
  • 100-word biography of artist or group (I’m not sure if that is an exact amount)
  • List of websites and social media sites
Submit your applications to No paper copies will be accepted.

For more information or to become a member, you can visit them in person or write to MUSICNL, 186 Duckworth Street, St. John’s, NL  A1C 1G5 or call 709.754.2574.

I’m Honey Girl, and I’ll be right back with more “Iron Maidens”, a program comprised of music composed and/or recorded by women determined to succeed in the industry alongside their male peers.  Playlist selections may include male-female duos or bands comprised of both genders.

Rita Chiarelli (Sweet Paradise) – “French Kiss” (3:04)
Dawn Langstroth (No Mercy EP) – “New York” (3:57)
Andrea Lake (Bender) - “Dirty Old Man” (3:06)
Chiwawa (Chimeres) – “Arctic” (4:00) (Also on Extracts – The Singles, 1997-2010)
Chris Ayries (Momentum) – “Gone” (3:02)


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