Friday, June 01, 2007

Dave Rave & A Ravin' Newsletter!

Hey, everybody.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know what’s been happening in this past month… and what a month it’s been!

First off, I want to thank everybody who participated in every way, shape and form to my birthday party at the Casbah (in Hamilton) on the 18th of this month. From the wonderful family and friends who played at the party and came by to wish me well and the generous people who contributed to my surprise gift of a guitar, which I look forward to picking up soon, thanks to you all. I’d also like to thank those of you who sent me birthday greetings from abroad - they meant so much. A special thanks to Lisa Millar and Rick Andrew for organizing the party and to Brodie for donating the club. A great night!

Two days after the party, I took off for Liverpool, UK, along with Rick Andrew, Dave King and Mark Foley, where we played three shows, including 2 amazing shows at the Cavern Club and 1 at Lennon’s. At the first show at the Cavern it was the AC-Milan Cup match and the audience, all revved up for a great cup final, joined the band in a rousing Buddy Holly medley. At that show it was also nice to see fellow Bongobeat artist, Linda McLean, who was on tour with Nick Harper.

The second show we closed the night at the Cavern Club. Highlights of the night included an energetic show by Ari Shine and the Plastic Heroes, along with an amazing reunion of the Diodes, all of whom joined us for a rousing version of “Let’s Shake”, featuring Bongobeat ringleader Ralph Alfonso. Also joining us onstage was Bullseye’s Lisa Millar.

The third show was an afternoon show at Lennon’s - a couple of doors down from the Cavern. At this show Dave King’s friends from the Pete Best band joined us for the encore where Paul, Pete’s bass player, blew us away with an amazing version of Long Tall Sally, and then we took it home with Rick, Paul and I singing the joyous Beatles song, ‘One After 909’.

To cap a wonderful afternoon, we all joined the Diodes onstage for their hit, “I’m Tired Of Waking Up Tired.” Bullseye President Jaimie Vernon was also in the audience filming us for posterity.

Ralph and I were also interviewed that day for BBC-Merseyside by celebrated DJ and legendary British Invasion historian, Spencer Leigh.

On the final day of our trip Dave King and I went to a local Parbold pub and appeared as special guests of Brian Gold - a fine singer from Liverpool. Brian had also joined us onstage at the Cavern for a couple of songs on the second day. This was a very special show because it was the end of the trip and the people from Parbold gave us such a warm reception. What a way to say good-bye. A special thanks to UK friends Brian and Gail Shackley for acting as chauffeurs, hosts and navigators.

I’ve got a new album coming out with Mark McCarron on Bongobeat and lots of shows to look forward to this summer. I’ll keep you posted but in the meantime, check out my website, as it's being updated daily.

In the meantime, here are two of my shows coming up in the next couple of weeks:

Dave Rave with Bill Culp

June 1 - Lightnin’ Jack’s - 230 Main St. - Port Dover, ON. Show starts at 9 pm, 519-583-9719

Dave Rave with Lauren Agnelli & Friends

June 9 - Chester Meeting House - 4 Liberty St. - Chester, CT. Show from 6-9pm

Thanks again for an amazing month, everyone.


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