Monday, June 04, 2007

News Update from Rob Tognoni

Hi, All!
I hope life is good and everything is going your way! I haven't mailed out for a couple of months, so I thought I might update you somewhat.
The European Tour has slowed down a little now, so I have a chance to relax a bit here in Aachen, Germany, where Leonnie & I have a small's really nice, as it looks directly out into a private garden courtyard with no traffic, just the birds tweetin' away...really lovely.
There are some more photos in the "Photo Gallery" if you wish to check them out, plus in the "Links" section (under "New Artists"), I have a few links to take you to some up and coming young blues Artists. If you live in the US, Oli Brown will be touring soon. I spoke to him via email and he has just turned 18. (He tells me it will be much easier getting gigs into the Pubs from now on. You really must give these guys a listen, as their talent is strong....and they are the future of this genre.
Also, I have been asked to do a BBC Session in London on October 1st... very exciting, but young Oli Brown beat me to it at 17 years of age! It should be a lot of fun, and, as I understand, it is where Led Zeppelin used to record, so...COOOOOL!!
I also now have a way for you to purchase select single 192K MP3 from my'll see it there if you visit.
One last thing, hopefully Kevin Borich will tour Europe in the near future (it's rumoured)! He is one of my alltime favorite guitar players and I used to go and see him play in the '70s when he toured Tasmania and in the early '90s when I lived in Melbourne. Check out this live recording by Kevin Borich at the following link:
That's all for now..Take Care!
Kind Regards,

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