Sunday, June 10, 2012



So excited to to be opening for Metallica two nights in a row at the Orion Festival. I'll be playing with Jim Breuer's Heavy Metal Comedy Show, NOT with my country/jazz/twang explosion group. Although, it would be an amazing social experiment. Metal fans like Telecasters right? We are the only band besides Metallica playing both nights. In honor of Kirk Hammett I'll be turning on my wah-wah halfway through every solo.

 For those of you who want to see my country/jazz/twang explosion group, you can catch me later this month at Lucky Dog. I'll be joined by Jay Foote on bass and Andrew Borger on Drum


Jason Loughlin
The Lucky Dog
Sunday, June 17th 3:30-6:30
303 Bedford Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

W/Jim Breuer
The Orion Festival
Saturday, June 23rd and 24th

Alantic City, NJ



 "Jason Loughlin wears his guitar-playing heroes on his sleeve, down his arms and into his fingers, which ties directly back into his soul. Loughlin has chops to burn, but he uses them in tasty, easy-going doses that dance across the ears...we hear an instrumentalist of great range, taste and joy. Add to that a killer rhythm section...and you’ve got a record that packs a wallop. Peach Crate is an impressive debut recording". Downbeat Magazine

 "(FOUR STARS) Wow. All in all, Peach Crate is an excellent debut in a style that you just don't hear enough of nowadays." All Music Guide

 "Uncannily well-constructed launching pads for great picking. A great “guitar” album that could easily sit alongside those of his inspirations." Vintage Guitar Magazine

 "The Brooklyn-ite's debut album wondrously fits the space that had been empty since jazz-country genius Danny Gatton. It's the closest that modern music fans might get to a fretboard meeting between New York City and Nashville." Express Milwaukee

"He possesses that greatness that makes it seem like it’s all very simple for him. I’ve enjoyed this CD probably as much as I enjoy 88 Elmira St(Danny Gatton). and I just can’t figure out a way to be any more complimentary than that!" Buster Fayte's Rockabilly Romp

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