Thursday, June 28, 2012

(Programmed and hosted by Honey Girl)

Leanne Goose (Anywhere) – “Out of My Mind” (4:13)
The Blue Monday Band (Wicked World) – “Too Many Rules” (3:50)
Elyssa Mahoney and Lucas Haneman (Pull Me In) – “Learn to Dance” (3:53)
Gayle Akyroyd (Women Be Wise) – “I’ve Never Felt Blue like This Before” (3:19)
Sinead O’Connor (The Lion and the Cobra) – “Troy” (6:35)
Tasmin Archer (Great Expectations) – “Somebody’s Daughter” (4:17)
Nikka (Domenica) Costa (Pebble to a Pearl) – “Stuck on You” (3:45)
Holly Woods (Live It Up!) – “The Fall” (5:19)
Pat Benatar (Pat Andrzejewski) (Best Shots) – “Outlaw Blues” (4:21)
Pretenders (Get Close) – “Roomful of Mirrors” (4:37)
Ndidi Onukwulu (No I Never) – “Water” (3:04)
Ginger St. James [acoustic solo - indie mp3] – “Boom Boom Room” (2:40)
Lori Yates (The Book of Minerva) – “I’m Breaking Out of Mommy Jail” (3:29)
Little Miss Higgins (Junction City) – “You Ain’t Done Nothin’ to Me” (3:07)
Missy Burgess (Lemon Pie) – “Come On in My Kitchen” (5:11)
Tannis Slimmon (Lucky Blue) – “Spirit House (Revisited)” (3:38)
Norah Jones (Come Away with Me) – “Turn Me On” (2:37)
Shannon Rose and the Thorns (Sing Me a Song) – “Somewhere” (4:18)
Monica Del Castillo (The Monstrous and the Marvelous) – “Woman” (3:33)
Marie-Josee Houle (Our Lady of Broken Souls) – “Garden Raider” (2:03)
Vicky Hynes (Vicky Hynes) – “Dance Me to the End of Love” (4:23)
Becki Sue and her Big Rockin’ Daddies! (Big City Blues) – “Maybe” (3:29)
Maureen Brown (Be Close) – “Temple of Love” (3:18)

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