Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Currently performing this Sunday Feb 11thand every 2nd Sunday of the month at:
Rebel's Rock Irish Pub, 537 King St E. @ Tisdale
Hamilton, Ontario
e-mail: voiceforce@gmail.com
Contact : 905.975.1771
Official Website: www.aaliakesari.com
Born and raised in Montreal, now residing in Hamilton, Ontario, Canadian singer and composer, AaLia Kesari was fortunate enoughto have been surrounded by a family of musicians, singers, songwriters,composers, actors and comedians. AaLia has been inspired by giftedmusicians in her family ever since she can remember.

Her soulful and haunting renditions of the works of classics,contemporary divas and progressive underground artists have shownher lyrical ability as a true song stylist with a dynamic vocal range that issecond to none. Her own compositions exude such warmth, depth and familiaritythat one can easily hear they come straight from the heart.

AaLia has been performing at music festivals in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg,Vancouver, Seattle, L.A., New York, and countless places between.She considers all of these opportunities as inspired challenges,and has been creating a buzz whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Along her journeys, she has won varied contests she randomly entered. In 1999 AaLia performed for an audience of over 2,000 people at Hamilton Placeand brought the house down. She also opened for a modern dance debut at Theatre Aquarius in the year 2001. During her more soulful quests,she sang in Gospel Choirs and in Hindu Ashram Choirs. Her originalcomposition So Blind is on a CD compilation Legends in the Making ,comprised of original artists from across Ontario. AaLia Kesari is currently working on another CD of her own originals.

Her voice is big, and so is her heart...
Paul Wilson, The Hamilton Spectator
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