Tuesday, February 20, 2007

For Immediate Release (February19/07)

Gate Productions Inc. presents.................THE SON ROBERTS BAND - YOU DON'T KNOW YET - an iconic mix of ten original blues infused grooves.

You haven't heard this iconic music before. Inspired by a pre-911 trip to the land where the blues began, The Son Roberts Band's debut recording, You Don't Know Yet captures the stories of travel through the Mississippi Delta and on to Memphis, with pilgrimages to the Lorraine Motel and Graceland. The story continues north to a bus ride down St. Joseph Blvd. in Montreal and a bone yard on a hill. There's anger, politics, sex and, naturally, alcohol and money. It's a Canadian CD, created in Toronto, the world's most multi-influenced city. That influence got into the music. Backbeat, groove, funk, latin, rock, it all finds a pocket to get comfortable in and, always, it's the blues that informs it. That's where the passion is heard. Listeners want to dance when they hear it, sing along and listen to what the songs have to say.

You Don't Know Yet was crafted by Son Roberts, Ed Roth, John Crosby and Sergio Faluotico.

"The most original, exciting and passionate band I've heard in many years." Norman Barker (Juno Award Producer of The Year)

"Sure, the music is inspired by the blues, but it's not that easy to pin down. Bottom line, these guys are good, real good." Phil Nyman (Phil's Original BBQ)

To receive your copy of You Don't Know Yet, please contact Bluestime (416-467-1453) or gken@look.ca (Gary Kendall).

To hear song samples, visit www.sonroberts.ca

The CD can be purchased at www.sonroberts.ca, Sam The Record Man & www.cdbaby.com.

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