Tuesday, February 06, 2007


By D.M. Wells


Liz Dublin’s story is that of a woman whose hunger for independence (coupled with a refusal to Liz Dublin’s story is that of a woman whose hunger for independence (coupled with a refusal to adhere to traditional codes of behaviour) results in recurrent, sensational victimization. Although she had always felt socially alienated, her fascination for live blues and rock music initiated an unseemly habit of frequenting bars unaccompanied. Perpetually naïve and empathetic, she became drawn to these nocturnal people who unscrupulously fed upon her dark side, the self-destructive one just below the surface. In a desperate situation, twenty-odd years ago, Liz married Frank, an abusive man of aboriginal lineage. Shortly after their divorce, she is shocked to learn of his conviction on multiple homosexual murder charges, a conviction resulting in a life sentence of incarceration.Her personal sense of security and faith in the Canadian justice system is abruptly shattered when she learns that Frank, while on parole, has gone at large not once but several times, the most recent duration lasting almost three years before his recapture. Against all odds, Frank is again released, despite his consistent failure in rehabilitating himself, which leaves Liz feeling vulnerable again. Throughout the past few decades, Liz has made her own unwise choices between loyalty and betrayal, forgiveness and vengeance, love and hate, and even birth and death. Here she takes a reluctant glance back on a succession of damaging relationships to try and salvage her own future.Is Liz Dublin a masochist engineering her own disasters or simply a "voodoo child”? Honky-Tonk Blues in Canada is a politically subversive memoir on the psychology of abuse, “scored” with a musical soundscape familiar to rock’n’roll fans around the world.

Interested publishers may contact Ms. Wells at mistyblue1955@hotmail.com.

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