Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hi, All! I hope all is well for you! The tour so far has been magical, a great night last night at the Spirit of '66 in Belgium, also I couldn't have wished for a better response in the UK, it was truly much so a second tour this October was booked in 3 days!!! There are also some UK options in late July and early August, with a possibility of performing at the Edinburgh to Canada for the first time!

Finally! I've just confirmed appearances at the Great Woods Festival in Beausejour, Manitoba, August 9th - 11th. Hopefully this will be the start to touring in North America.

The download CDs are now available again online for those interested. The new Capital Wah CD will also be available in late February / early March in the UK from the Movin' Music website and in Germany from Bärchen Records

Of course, you can always pick up a copy from me at the gigs! Last couple of things...for those of you in Holland, I'll be at the Moulin Blues Festival on May 5th and for those in Sweden, I'll be at the Karlshamn Festival on July 20th...keep an eye on the tour page as it's starting to get busy! One final, final thing...for those of you with Explorer 7, you may have to change your internet settings to view my site, as it loads with javascript..I'm in the process of getting the site changed, but for for now that's how it is.

That's it!

Take care and kind regards


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