Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hello, Minglewood Fans.

We want to thank those of you who were at any of the Birthday Bashes. The shows were awesome, great music, great karma and, best of all, great fans made the nights into one of those special times out.

Now the bad news. I am sending this email to everyone on Matt's email list, even to those of you out of the Maritimes. You never know where the hat may show up. Hate to say it but someone absconded with Matt Minglewood's trademark black hat after the show in Halifax at the Marquee Club. Nice Birthday Present! Matt changed into his baseball hat and put his trademark brimmed black Akubra hat on top of his coat in the dressing room. When he went to get his coat when he finished his gig, the hat was gone. He has had this hat a long time and it's become a signature hat for most of his career. It is not replaceable, so it really put a damper on the night. Anyway, would appreciate it if you hear of anyone with it or happen to see it on anyone to please let us know and pass the word around. You never know, it may show up. It would be pretty well useless to anyone else; they would never be able to wear it, as it is so easily identifiably Matt's. We would just like it returned questions asked. They could simply drop it in the mail to the address below..

Best Regards
Barbara Batherson

Norton Entertainment
Barbara Batherson
757 Main St Glace Bay, NS B1A 4Y7 Canada
Ph: 902 849-5290 Fx: 902 849-1033

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