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Canada's SIMPLY SAUCER may be reckoned to be the single greatest 1970s band to have influenced absolutely no one...
Combining a dense, guitar-heavy surge with a bizarre dose of space-age electronics, Simply Saucer set up a uniquely futuristic sound marked with a lyrical vision of modernity gone very, very wrong. Imagine Hawkwind ditching their Sabbath/Deep Purple tendencies for "Sister Ray," or better yet the Count Five pounding out "Interstellar Overdrive" in the middle of "Psychotic Reaction." This shit definitely kicks out the jams."
For Immediate release:
Simply Saucer sign to Sonic Unyon; new CD "Half Human, Half Live" to be released.
The critically acclaimed Canadian rock group, Simply Saucer, returns to make their first new studio recording since 1978! If you don't know the name, Simply Saucer, please click here (warning: it's a 116-page-long press kit)
Half Human, Half Live is being recorded at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton, Ontario ( under the technical supervision of Stephen Foster.
As the title suggests, the disc will combine studio recordings with live recordings. The material will be drawn from the extensive - and apocryphal - catalogue of the group's history, most of which has never been properly recorded. Some of this material will be featured on-stage at the group's two Toronto shows (their first Toronto appearance since 1979!) @ Ciao Edie's on April 13th & 14th.
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The artwork for the CD, which is slated for release later this year, is attached above. It is the work of J.D. King, a well-respected U.S artist. We are very pleased to be able to feature Mr. King's work!
For further information or for interviews, contact Sean Palmerston @ Sonic Unyon Records, 905 777 1223 or Bruce "e-Mole" Mowat, 905 525 7816
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