Sunday, April 01, 2007

Newsletter from author Rick Mofina

Hi, Everyone.

I know, I know - I had promised some news a while ago. But things were still pretty fluid. Right off, thank you and a big welcome to all of you new subscribers. And thanks to all of you who signed up from the get-go and have stayed with me. I appreciate all of your kind words and support. Now, to the news.

First, my website has been updated and we have posted the cover for my upcoming book, A PERFECT GRAVE, on my home page (and at left). Please have a look and let me know what you think -- it's a bit darker than EVERY FEAR.

We've also updated my appearances. For the first time, my release date has been split between the U.S. and Canada. A Perfect Grave (APG) will be released May 29 in Canada and September 4 in the U.S. Pre-orders have started already online. For those of you outside of Canada, and thanks to my readers who order online and read my in English versions in Turkey, South Korea, South Africa, Iceland, Japan, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, France and Great Britain, if you can't wait, you might want to consider pre-ordering online from a Canadian site (if it's possible) or ask your favourite local store to order for you. And a special thanks to readers in Norway and Sweden, where I am published in Norwegian and Swedish.

I invite everyone to check out my foreign edition covers. We just got the new one for THE DYING HOUR, which comes out in April in Norway. I think it is evocative of the movie poster for The Exorcist, one of my favourite books and movies.

Now you get the big scoop (and for those of you in news I have buried my lead). If you've been enjoying the Jason Wade series, there's further reason to consider ensuring you get APG and the two previous books in the series, THE DYING HOUR and EVERY FEAR. After A PERFECT GRAVE's publication, Jason and his old man will be taking a break.

In 2008, I'll release a stand-alone thriller. It has the working title, HOUR OF DEATH. More on that later.

Will Jason return? Well, I don't want to leave you in suspense, but that's something I'll address in future newsletters. The other news concerns my participation in a new TV show, called "True Pulp Murder", a documentary TV series. Last weekend I was in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside shooting my segments. The show blends elements of fact and fiction. According to the producers, each episode focuses on a true crime, with re-enactments and interviews with the original police investigators, coupled with a crime writer commenting on parallels between the true crime and his or her own writing. Now, it is slated to first appear on Canadian networks later this year, possibly on Global. As for the U.S., UK and others, that is all still in development. That is all I know for now. When I know more, I'll pass it on to you.

Before I sign off, I'll mention that there may be a chance for you to get a sneak peek of the first chapter of A PERFECT GRAVE early in June. Stay tuned for more on that. Now, please feel free to share this newsletter with your chat groups and bookclubs. I love it when you spread the word and introduce new readers to my work or ask your local libraries and book stores to order. I also love it when you drop by the website to let me know how you enjoyed my stories. It may take a while, but I always try to answer every letter I get.

In a few quick months, A PERFECT GRAVE will be unleashed. It's a great little thrill ride. Take care now.

Rick Mofina


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