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Here's the news I got just two days ago:

"After judging many local and regional acts, at various venues and at our recent Klamath Blues Festival in August, the Klamath Blues Society is proud to announce that we have nominated
Cee Cee James to represent the Klamath Blues Society in Memphis in January 2010."

Mark Groshong and the Board of the Klamath Blues Society

Some of you know the story:

I never intended to enter the International Blues Competition regional tryouts this year, for financial reasons, and certainly had no idea I was being judged and voted on by the Klamath Blues Society.

In the big picture of life, when a few of the Washington Blues Society Board Members asked me very passionately, after our show at Club Hollywood in Seattle, to enter the competition, I thought, well, maybe this is a sign that God wants me to go. When I didn't win, I thought, well, that was interesting and just kept on pushing the other irons that are in the fire with my career. Then when the Klamath Blues Society wrote the other day and gave me the news, I was quite shocked and thought "ok.. well, maybe my life is directing me to go."

Now, as you might remember from my previous Good Blues News, winning the International Blues Competition's regional contests with a local blues society gives me the opportunity to travel to Memphis in January 2010 to compete in the world's largest and most prestigious Blues Music Competitions along with over 100 other fantastic blues bands and musicians from around the world! And, as well, to meet and network with many professionals in the blues world.

It's a wonderful opportunity and I'm very grateful to the Washington Blues Society for encouraging me to enter (even though I didn't win with the WBS); and the Klamath Blues Society for giving me the chance to represent them at the 26th Annual International Blues Competition in Memphis in 2010!

Also, I want to thank the Cascade Blues Society in Portland, OR, for all the support that they have given me over the last several years. Portland is my birth town and so it will ALWAYS be special to me.

You can read more about the International Blues Competition and decide if you want to go and party on Beale Street with over 100 stellar blues bands and industry professionals at:

And now for the Fan Request....

Let me just put it out there plain and simple

I desperately need your donations to help us get to Memphis.

$5, $10, $50, $100 - you know.. whatever you can donate! I still need to raise approx. $3,500 for airline tickets, lodging, food, taxi, and airline baggage fees.

I have a donation from one fan already for $200 AND another fan is getting two of our airline tickets - an $800 value.

Here's some incentives:

**PACKAGE ONE - If you donate up to $20, you get a free signed copy of our current CD,
or our upcoming 2010 Spring release!

**PACKAGE TWO - If you donate up to $100, you get every CD I've ever made, (signed)
including the upcoming 2010 Spring release, AND a complete memoribilia package including t-shirt & posters.

**PACKAGE THREE - If you donate $200 you get a private 'in your home' duo acoustic performance in the greater Seattle area.

**PACKAGE FOUR - If you donate $500, you get a full band performance at the personal location of your choice in the greater Seattle area.

**PACKAGE FIVE - If you donate over $1000, you get a full band performance at the personal location of your choice, anywhere south of Seattle down through Portland, OR, and everything included in **PACKAGE TWO

**PACKAGE SIX - If you donate over $1500, you get PACKAGE TWO, THREE, and FIVE.

Or you can just donate to the cause because you believe in the magic of what we do
and how it helps bring joy and happiness to peoples souls. :)

~ ~ ~
Here's the link for a "Secure Donation" Paypal Transaction:

Thanks SO VERY MUCH!!!
~ ~ ~

Now if you just want to donate goods or services like a manicure or haircut, please email me, as I plan to hold raffles at our upcoming shows for the donated goods.


Beyond whether you can donate or not, I appreciate you more than you can ever know. You are the reason I am continuing on with this passion of music and performance in my soul.. your encouragement and applause and kind heart felt comments are the gasoline and fuel for the fire of my journey.

I love you all for hanging in with me all these days, months, and years of my life.



Cee Cee James

“My thing is... in all my writing, singing and performance is to make the songs come alive for people. To open up the mind, heart and soul with the fire of an intense gut wrenching performance full of vulnerability, honesty and truth. What else am I up on that stage for?" - Cee Cee James

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