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Hosted by D.D. Rocker/Misty Blue 1955

OPENING THEME – Muddy Waters (Hard Again) –
“Blues Had a Baby and They Named it Rock and Roll”
Nicole Fournier (From the Beginning) – “You’re Sweet”
Nicole Fournier (From the Beginning) – “Baby Loves Me”
Nicole Fournier (From the Beginning) – “Girlfriend”
Nicole Fournier (Not Forgotten) – “Tick-Tock”
Nicole Fournier (Not Forgotten) – “Old Man on the Corner”
Nicole Fournier (Not Forgotten) – “My Bones”
The Crossroads Band (Bluestown) – “Night Creeper”
The Crossroads Band (Bluestown) – “It Hurts Me Too”
The Crossroads Band (Bluestown) – “Don’t Do It”
The Crossroads Band (Bluestown) – “Mammer Jammer”
Double Cookin’ (F. Rod Cook & James Curley Cook)
– “Will They Let Me Play Some Blues in Heaven?”
Double Cookin’ (F. Rod Cook & James Curley Cook)
– “Hoot-n-Holler”
Double Cookin’ (F. Rod Cook & James Curley Cook)
– “Ginger Man”
The Nationals (Double Slide) – “Lay It On”
The Nationals (Double Slide) – “Nowhere Left to Ride”
The Nationals (Double Slide) – “Only the Lonely Knows”
Kim Deschamps (Take Me Away) – “My Best Advice”
Kim Deschamps (Take Me Away) – “Take Me Away”
Kim Deschamps (Take Me Away) – “Drivin’ in the Moonlight”
Rodger Brunning (Scintilla) – “Miss Cathcart”
Rodger Brunning (Scintilla) - “Don’t Talk About Her Like That”
Rodger Brunning (Scintilla) - “Worst Out in Me”
Tannis Slimmon (Lucky Blue) – “Weathervane”
Hotcha! (D. Bowl Roots – Songs for New Depression) – “Mines Went Down”
Marie-Josee Houle (Monster) – “That Off-Key Blonde”
The Morning Stars (You Can’t Change the World) – “All Coming Down”
Jeff G (Unsigned, Unrefined) – “Innercity Children”
Blackball (Blackball) - "Addicted to More"
Charley Beck (Ottawa.Indie.Vibe) – “Strong”
Steve Gardiner (Ottawa.Indie.Vibe) – “Psychosexual”
Breanne Lawrenson (Ottawa.Indie.Vibe) – “Everyone Told You”
Graham Young (Ottawa.Indie.Vibe) – “Having a Good Time”
Pat Moore (Ottawa.Indie.Vibe) – “Salt Water”
Lori Jean (Ottawa.Indie.Vibe) – “Prairie Train”
Dianisis (Ottawa.Indie.Vibe) – “Dianisis”
Amanda Rheaume (Ottawa.Indie.Vibe) – “Red”
Susan O (Ottawa.Indie.Vibe) – “Protégé”
Mitch Gauzas (Ottawa.Indie.Vibe) – “Brings Me Down”
Kristin McCaig (Ottawa.Indie.Vibe) – “Save Me”
Marlene MacDonald (Ottawa.Indie.Vibe) – “Lonely Evening”
Gordon Gartrell (Ottawa.Indie.Vibe) – “Waste”
Rude Boy (Ottawa.Indie.Vibe) – “G’Wan Wit Ya”
Forbidden Dream (Ottawa.Indie.Vibe) – “Running with Angels”
Lou de Adder (Altered Reality–The Instrs.) – “Randy’s Mushroom Song”
Lou de Adder (Slow Down) – “Comin’ Home”
Lou de Adder (LouD) – “Burn Me Down”
Randy Dawson (D’Nile Blues) – “Singing 4U”
Randy Dawson (D’Nile Blues) – “Maniac Insomniac”
Randy Dawson (D’Nile Blues) – “D’Nile Blues”
Noah Zacharin (Big Daddy) – “Statesboro Blues”
Noah Zacharin (Big Daddy) – “Can’t Wake Up”
Noah Zacharin (Big Daddy) – “Whipping Post”
Noah Zacharin (Big Daddy) – “High Lonesome Sound”
Ryan Schneider (Just a Teaser) – “Outlasting You”
Ryan Schneider (Just a Teaser) – “Déjà Vu”
Maureen Chaume/Guy Del Villano – “Desiree’s Song”
Kinnie Starr (Sun Again) – “Bore Me”
Amanda Strawn (From the Garden) – “C.U.M.E.”
Sedrick – “Party On” [Indie mp3]
Muffler Crunch (Arc Welder) – “Sea of Chaos”
Muffler Crunch (Arc Welder) – [Untitled]
Muffler Crunch (Arc Welder) – “My Name is Legion”
Otis Taylor (Respect the Dead) – “Shaker Woman”
Otis Taylor (Respect the Dead) – “I Like You, But I Don’t Love You”
Otis Taylor (Respect the Dead) – “Jump Jelly Belly”
Otis Taylor (White African) – “Stick on You”
Otis Taylor (White African) – “Hungry People”
Rick L. Blues (Back to the Roots with Friends) – “I Was Blind”
Rick L. Blues (Back to the Roots with Friends) – “A Place to Be”
Rick L. Blues (Back to the Roots with Friends) – “Got So Much”
CLOSING THEME – John Mayall (Back to the Roots) – “Boogie Albert”

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