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Hosted by D.D. Rocker/Misty Blue 1955

OPENING THEME – Muddy Waters (Hard Again) –

“Blues Had a Baby and They Named it Rock and Roll”

Brian Gauci (Guitar Romp) – “Dat Blues”

Brian Gauci (Guitar Romp) – “Space Garden

Brian Gauci (Guitar Romp) – “Blues a la Francaise”

Brian Gauci (Guitar Romp) – “Sunshine Coast

Brian Gauci (Guitar Romp) – “Come Take My Hand”

Brian Gauci (Guitar Romp) – “Black Cat Blues”

D’Arcy Wickham (Dust and Loneliness) – “Underway”

D’Arcy Wickham (Dust and Loneliness) – “Dust and Loneliness”

D’Arcy Wickham (Dust and Loneliness) – “All of Your Faces”

Ronnie Baker Brooks (Take Me Witcha) – “Time Will Tell”

Luther Allison (Bad Love) – “Bad Love”

Michael Burks (I Smell Smoke) – “Let the Door Knob Hit You”

Albert Collins (Collins Mix: The Best of Albert Collins) – “If Trouble Was Money”

Robert Cray (Shame + a Sin) – “I’m Just Lucky That Way”

Allman Brothers (Hittin’ the Note) – “Desdemona”

Jimmy Rogers (J.R. w/ Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters – “Blues in D Natural”

Sugar Ray & The Bluetones (f. Monster Mike Welch) – “Love & Trouble”

Carl Weathersby (Come to Papa) – “Walking the Backstreets and Crying”

Nanette Workman (’94-’04 - 10 Ans de Blues au Québec) – “I’m a Woman”

Guy Bélanger & Claude Fradette (’94-’04 – 10 Ans de Blues…) – “Blues Matin”

S.G. Sinnicks (If You Don’t Want the Genie, Don't Rub the Lamp) – “Tied Down”

S.G. Sinnicks (If You Don’t Want the Genie, Don't Rub the Lamp) – “Bad Night #2”

S.G. Sinnicks (If You Don’t Want the Genie...) – “It Doesn’t Matter to Me”

Dave Gross (You Don’t Love Me) – “Danny’s Boogie”

Dave Gross (You Don’t Love Me) – “I’m Just Your Fool”

John Lee Hooker (Mr. Lucky) – “I Cover the Waterfront”

John Lee Hooker (Mr. Lucky) – “Stripped Me Naked”

John Hiatt (Crossing Muddy Waters) – “Crossing Muddy Waters”

John Hiatt (Crossing Muddy Waters) – “Mr. Stanley”

Lenny Solomon Band (Maybe Today) – “The Great Judgment”

Lenny Solomon Band (Maybe Today) – “The Flood”

ZZ Top (Greatest Hits) – “Rough Boy”

ZZ Top (Greatest Hits) – “My Head’s in Mississippi

Sister Hyde (Sister Hyde) – “The Movers and the Shakers”

Sister Hyde (Sister Hyde) – “Punk is Dead”

The Action (Complete Punk Recordings 1977-1978) – “No Applause/Aryan Love”

T. Rex (Electric Warrior) – “Planet Queen”

T. Rex (Electric Warrior) – “Girl”

T. Rex (Electric Warrior) – “The Motivator”

T. Rex (Electric Warrior) – “Life’s a Gas”

T. Rex (Electric Warrior) – “Rip Off”

The Monks (Bad Habits) – “Johnny Be Rotten”

The Monks (Bad Habits) – “Love in Stereo”

The Monks (Bad Habits) – “Bad Habits”

The Monks (Bad Habits) – “Spotty Face”

The Monks (Bad Habits) – “Dear Jerry”

The Monks (Bad Habits) – “Nice Legs, Shame About Her Face”

The Monks (Bad Habits) – “Inter-City Kitty”

The Monks (Bad Habits) – “Out of Work Musician”

Peter Frampton (Frampton Comes Alive!) – “Lines on My Face”

Peter Frampton (Frampton Comes Alive!) – “Do You Feel Like We Do”

Traffic (The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys) – “Hidden Treasure”

Traffic (The Low Spark of…) – “Low Spark of High Heeled Boys”

Traffic (The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys) – “Light Up or Leave Me Alone”

Steve Winwood (Arc of a Diver) – “Spanish Dancer”

James Gang (Greatest Hits) – “Funk #49”

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