Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hey, Friends.

Last couple of weeks have been very adventurous for us. We've performed on a dock overlooking Balsam Lake in the Kawarthas. We've slummed it up overlooking Lake Ontario at the prestigious Boulevard Club in Toronto while eating sushi and lamb. We've also added a bunch of new material to our sets. We've even picked up a Jesse Labelle original to let you all hear what the little guy has been up to. Our summer has been memorable, to say the least, and we all hope that yours is going as great as ours.

The next month is like the Stanley Cup Playoffs for our band. This is what it's all about ..... Frosh Week.

Watching students completely lose their sh#t. Some having left home for the first time with a pocket full of OSAP and have just one thing in mind....Partying!!!!!!

From the stage it's not uncommon to see people vomiting, fighting, spilling drinks, swaying back and fourth trying to keep their balance, getting it on like they're the only ones in the room, girls falling in puddles of beer only to jump up and continue their sexy dance like nothing happened. Multiply all of this by 10 and you've got frosh week. Just remember that your good friends of Replica are here to guide you through this confusing time.
We'll be kicking off our "Maze of Haze" this Friday, August 24, in Guelph, ON, at Frank N Steins. The place will be packed and the night will be memorable.

Our good friend, Jamie, a promotions coordinator from McMaster University, has asked us to come and perform at their yearly barbecue at Confederation Park in Hamilton on Thursday, September 6. The Mac kids have always been so good to us, so we're ecstatic to rip the park apart for them.

Check out our sites, as we're in Guelph, Hamilton and Toronto throughout the month of Sept. Love to see you all out to a show.

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