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Hi, Heepsters!

URIAH HEEP http://www.uriah-

Upcoming Uriah Heep live dates!

Sept 8 - Cover Festival, Plock, Poland
Sept 30 - Open Air, Sibiu, Romania
Oct 14 - TBA, Oradea, Romania
Oct 15 - TBA, Cluj, Romania
Oct 19 - CCA NAU (Culture Club), Kiev, Ukraine
Oct 20 - CUMT (Theatre), Simferopol, Ukraine
Oct 21 - UCIC (Culture Club), Sevastopol, Ukraine
Oct 24 - Motorpark (with Alice Cooper), Alaharma, Finland
Oct 25 - Icehall (with Alice Cooper), Helsinki, Finland
Oct 26 - Teatria (with Alice Cooper), Oulu, Finland

All details, tickets info, phone numbers: http://www.uriah- newa/livedates. php

The new Uriah Heep Video Songs Contest!!!

If you have a Uriah Heep Tribute Band or a just a band and you would like to do a video of yourselves playing a Uriah Heep song, this contest is for you! If you are a solo artist and wish to join, that's great, we encourage you to enter as well! You have from now through October 31st to get your video(s) ready and entered. Voting will begin November 1st! For all details and to register your video(s) for the contest follow this link: http://www.uriah- newa/UHTributeCo ntest.php.

Any questions can go to video@uriah-

Italian Heepster Simone Parisi pointed us to this great photo and video page showing Uriah Heep live in Italy on July 31st: http://www.thewizpl heep%20a% 20Terracina. htm .

Video time, part 1!***

Two of the weirdest, yet funny "Easy Livin'" cover videos can be watched following these links:http://youtube. com/watch? v=sVFMt04bKjw com/watch? v=gNl6lnQwkkU

Also, thanks to Harrie Hendriksen, http://www.uriahhee pholland. com contains many links to all kinds of Uriah Heep videos or tribute videos, worth checking out.

Trivia time... Another Uriah Heep mention on a story book:

"From this moment it seems unsurprising that her daughter's crying, as she did then, 'Reins! Reins!' becomes her main theme. Years later, having been wrongfully arrested while hitching to a Uriah Heep concert, Lavinia asks her father why they allowed her such freedom. He explains that they want her to have a sense of judgment, to know where to draw the line. 'But I didn't know how to draw my own lines yet,' she says". Check it out here: http://books. guardian. story/0,, 2159864,00. html.

If you have not yet subscribed to the Uriah Heep Official MySpace page please do so by visiting http://www.myspace. com/uheep .


Video time, part 2!***

Phil Lanzon with The Sweet (thanks to Graham Hulme) com/watch? v=9kbZSkdMcM0 com/watch? v=HoDW0m9- AYI

The Dutch sHeepmarket event has just 14 VIP tickets left right now! Do you want to enjoy the whole event, with Lee Kerslake, John Lawton and Circle of Hands? Then you need to act fast! Concert tickets will be available for some time but are quickly vanishing... Check http://www.rentrock .nl/sheepmarket2 007/.

All details for the upcoming Heepvention 2008 in Granada, Spain, are being sorted out. Please check http://www.heepvent for all details, questions, and to subscribe to the event and the Heep Jam!

There are some news on Ken Hensley's upcoming releases and happenings now posted on the News section of http://www.ken- The new tour dates will be posted soon as well, with the first concert to happen on October 26th in Kiev, Ukraine, featuring (for this show only) John Lawton who will do a special 45-minute set within the normal Ken Hensley & Live Fire show! Finally, some songs from "Blood On The Highway" can now be found at Ken's MySpace page: http://www.myspace. com/kenhensleymusic .

For the upcoming John Lawton gigs please refer to or http://www.myspace. com/johnlawtonmusic.

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