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Musical political gadfly Seb Agnello will be doing a rare solo performance on Friday, Sept. 14, at The Black Swan (154 Danforth Ave., Toronto ON, (416) 469-0537), opening for Kevin Bell's "westhillbillies". Cover is only $5.00.

Start times are:

Seb - 10:00 PM (one show)

"westhillbillies" - 11:00 PM (2 shows).

Seb will be previewing songs from his soon-to-be-released new CD, titled Take Your Lumps.
Hope to see you there.

"I’ve never seen anyone turn a venue into his living room with such ease as Seb”.
(Bob Segarini, singer/songwriter and Sirius Radio's '"The IceMan")

Seb Agnello has been a controversial and uncompromising artist since the age of 14. In a move that would define his career, Seb walked out on his band, The Lords Of London, in the midst of the recording of their first album because he refused to make bubble gum music. Seb has built his career on an unwavering commitment to upholding his principles and standing by his beliefs. Through hard work and dedication to his craft, he has gained critical acclaim and wide-spread recognition for his songwriting, musicianship, and abilities as a live performer.

He worked throughout the '70s as a sought-after session player/sideman, but it is as a guitar player where he has gained the most respect for his considerable chops and lightning fast hands. Although, if you ask Seb, he will tell you "the guitar's just a prop" - it is what allows him to get on stage and "shoot his mouth off" because, first and foremost, he is a protest singer. Scathing and often hilarious, his protest songs are edgy and controversial, refusing to be politically correct.
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