Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hi, All.
I hope you are all doing fine! I did a BBC 2 session earlier this month in London (UK) for the Paul Jones's live, it's got warts and it's real......... You can listen to it here:
Just click the "Hear the show" link halfway down on the right hand side of the page. On one track, the producer dragged out and played on an old Hammond organ with us! Cool! You can also listen to two other tracks, plus view some photos of the session. The drummer is Mike Hellier & the bass player is Gary Rackman, both from the Sherman Robertson Band. Gary plays a mean fretless bass & Mr. Hellier (Hell, as I call him) is...Hell on drums!
You can also submit a comment to the BBC if you wish to, as they may be published a little later on the site. (Click "Your Comments", top right hand side).
You can catch a glimpes of the guys here:
It was a little mid-week gig in a bar in Purley, London...there's 3 scary road-worn heads for ya!
ALSO, on the Myspace page, there may be a track or 2 to download that you may not have yet (not sure who's got what!...old age catching up)
If you are in the regional part of Germany for the following gigs this weekend, come and join us!
19 Fri - Deutschland IDAR OBERSTEIN - Dampfschleife
20 Sat - Deutschland RHEDE - New Orleans
That's it for now...take care!
Kind Regards

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