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A few months passed until Urban Tales and their label gathered the decision for a final date to release the so long-awaited album, Diary of a No. So, the official date for the release of the album is:

15 of October for Portugal

22 of October for the Rest of the World

This album is quoted by the members of the band as "a risky work covered of sad songs and many melancholic environments... We hope that Urban Tales' (UT) message fits in with everyone who will listen to this first work".

Named as Diary of a No, we think that this can be the first step for a major career of this young band that, since the beginning, has always tried to show quality and responsibility in every one of its performances.
Produced by Bruno Fingers, Ricardo Espinha e Marcos César, this album will include several guests: Melo D, Johnny Icon (Icon and the Black Roses), André Brito (Spinous), Tiago Hollow (witchbreed), Jon Van Dave (Shadowsphere), Luís (Enchantya), Marina Cldas (journalist of RTP2 and RTPN), Claúdia Dias, among many others.

This Portuguese band now joins its strengths to the worldwide label, Burning Star Records (with distribution in all the world: USA, Turkey, France, Japan, UK, etc., etc), while in Portugal the album will be delivered by three different labels : Zona Musica (one of the biggest mainstream labels in Portugal, Recital Records (the biggest metal label in Portugal) and for the Azores Island PJ's Management.

Diary of a No's first luxury edition will have 1 CD and a DVD (containing a documentary, 2 clips, more than 300 photos and lots of comic things). The second and normal edition also will count with a great surprise for all UT fans and friends.

Stay tuned with this band named as "the revelation band of 2006" already with airplay in national and international radio, TV, and embraced by all Media. Urban Tales have many surprises for you.


15 September Live @ Midas Rock Fest (PT)

22 September Live @ Transylvania Bar (IT)

2 November Sporting The Old Dead Tree(FR)

Live @ Blá Blá Club (PT)

3November Sporting The Old Dead Tree(FR)

Live @ Music Box Club (PT)

30 November Live @ Milan (TBA) (IT)

1 December Live @ Lisbon (TBA) (PT)

January Gig Live @ Spain (TBA)***Urban Tales First Album coming soon 15 October.***

Feel Free to add any date.

Add Urban Tales for support acts too.

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