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Roots music performers have gone largely ignored by the media for too long. Now music magazine publisher Dave King launches a press release distribution site exclusively for blues/jazz/folk and roots musicians.

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Feb 11, 2008 – The activities of roots musicians have gone largely ignored by the major media for too long. Now the publishers of online music publication Cross Harp Chronicles would like to change that. They have launched a press release distribution site/publicity firm exclusively for roots musicians and roots music industry professionals. This would include, but is not limited to, Blues/Jazz/Folk/World and Roots Rock musicians.

"We became aware of exactly how little press Blues musicians received about two years ago when we found the only press that the second-largest event in Blues music received appeared as a short article in the daily newspaper where this event was held; this, although the event generates over $1.5 million dollars in revenue for this city every year and has grown every year over the twenty-four years since its inception", says publisher Dave King.

"Although these musical genres are covered largely by niche magazines, they get little coverage by the major media. When they do, it is largely localized. We knew something had to be done. So, identifying and following the coverage that roots musicians did receive over the following two years, Dave King created a database of media contacts, including daily/weekly/underground newspapers; blogs, websites and forums; and radio and television stations worldwide, and identified the journalists, bloggers, webcasters, etc., that covered each genre. This was no small task, as this database now includes thousands of sources.

"We knew that the journalists who had reported on different genres would be more than likely to do the same again. As they were already warm to the idea and in many instances were fans of the genres on which they would write, we were careful to note each and of what musical genres they wrote. We then categorized each. Although there is definitely some overlapping in the media contacts, we see little good in sending all press releases to the same contacts."

So, the result is a publicity firm that caters exclusively to roots musicians. King brings with him almost thirty five years of experience working with the media as a journalist/publisher/ promoter. Although Just Roots PR will distribute properly formatted press releases without charge, it offers affordable assistance to those needing help in creating press releases.

For more information, contact:

Dave King
Just Roots PR
P. O. Box 6283
Jackson, MI 49204
Phone: (517) 569-2615
Fax: (517) 569-2615

Website: http://www.justrootspr.com


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