Monday, February 25, 2008


Seb Agnello - "Take Your Lumps" CD Release Party!!!!

Fri., Feb. 29 - 9:30 PM

$10.00 cover (includes CD)

The Black Swan
154 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, ON
416 469-0537

With special guests:

Mike Van Steinburg
Trevor Huggett
Alec Fraser

Kim Doolittle
Peter Verity
Drew Winters

Shawn Sage
Herb Dale


PRESS RELEASE - February 2008

For Immediate Release:

Singer/songwriter Sebastian Agnello releases Take Your Lumps

Even veteran Sebastian fans have a little trouble figuring out what this feisty fixture of Canadian anti-culture is going to throw at them next. The uninitiated haven’t a chance. So before you fire up Take Your Lumps, Seb’s latest collection of headline news, radical views and his own dyspeptic muse, have a glance at the back liner panel - some notable quotes from a few of Seb’s favourite pundits and philosophers. "Contrary? Yes. Contentious? Certainly. But sensible? Absolutely! Welcome to Sebastian’s worldview. And if it doesn’t follow the path of 'conventional wisdom', it’s because convention ain’t got nuthin’ to do with wisdom.”

Take Your Lumps, Seb’s ninth self-produced CD, presents 11 new songs from the man the politically correct love to hate. It jumps musical borders from country to punk to folk and rock without sacrificing a shred of credibility. Listen to the lead-in track, “I’m Uma Pemmaraju”. Here Sebastian takes the newscaster’s top stories and dumps them into a jaunty, guitar-driven romp that belies the awful weight of the nightly headlines. At a time when a "protester"’ ought to close ranks with the popular tide of opinion, Seb tells us to "Stop Picking On America" ("and America will stop picking on you").

“Me & God” suggests that God sides with a humble country picker and if He had His druthers He’ d be playing a Gibson like He intended decent people ought to. What the hell?

We get vignettes of girl troubles (“T.O. Girl Of My Youth”), family troubles (“I Love My TV”), politician’s troubles (“Government Policy”), neighbours’ troubles (“Neighbours”), political bigotry troubles (“Liberal Myths, Conservative Lies”) and the trouble we all have figuring out a troubling world. It’d be bad news all ’round without Seb’s disarming wit and wry sense of fair play that mirrors life’s magnificent ironies.

“Take Your Lumps” is vintage Agnello. Seb is not deliberately controversial; it’s just the way he’s made.

James Marck

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