Monday, March 03, 2008


hey gang, long time no see for some of you. let's remedy that - shall we?

"well how do we do that, Cecilia?"

i'm glad you asked, here's how:

come out to the Sky Dragon this Friday nite (Mar. 7) to witness a true sharing of the stage, as Dave Gould, Conrad Sichler (a.k.a. Riot Nrrd) and myself sit side by side, as we did in days of old and let the music take us where it wants to go. not a bad way to spend an evening. it's a pay what you can (

"but Cecilia that just won't be enough - we'll want more".

awh, shucks - in that case:

over at the Freeway Coffee House on Fri., Mar. 14, i'll be figuratively sharing the stage with Trevor Howard and Christopher Clause for a Freeway Fundraiser/Silent Auction night.

i don't have a link, but i'll let you know that i've signed up for myspace again (yay). there aren't any tracks up or anything terribly interesting just yet, but if any of you on myspace would like to link up in the meantime, please do.

you can find me at:

hope to see you soon,

Cecilia Rose


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