Thursday, March 27, 2008


Capricorn and Cancer may be polar opposites on the chart but they have more in common than you might think. "Just like Jerome and me!" says Danny Marks. "We do have a lot in common" says Godboo. "We're both born in the year of the Tiger", adding hastily, "Many years apart!". "Not as many as you think!", counters Marks. Both men appear to glow and grow in the spotlight and both men have the rare performer's instinct to seize the day. "Similar momentum keeps us on separate paths, both preaching the moment". Danny ponders. Jerome Godboo nods in agreement. He remembers the first time they sparred at the Hotel Isabella. Danny was not always the congenial host we know today. "I couldn't quite understand why he wouldn't welcome a wide eyed kid from the sticks and I vowed I'd never be like that", he sighs. "And I never did quite figure out how my picture got punched in at Grossman's" laughs Danny."I guess it's better that way." And so it goes between these two titans of Toronto's ever evolving club scene. They've performed together on stages from here to Helsinki and back. There's always the feeling that as individuals, they are reaching out, growing. It keeps them on their toes. "There's no question we both feed off each other when we're together up there", grins Godboo, happily looking forward to the occasion. "Yeah" says Danny smiling back, "Crank up the tunes and let's dance!"


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